Shayla has helped her own personal development – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Shayla, and I’m part of the Empire Circle. We had a couple of salons, And we were trying to work out where to go, How to step out of our salons to be able to open more salons. And yeah, joining the Empire Circle has been amazing. It’s really shown us what direction we’re going on, Made us find out more about ourselves and where we’re going, And it’s helped us with our business dramatically. We have opened up 4 more businesses, We have hired more staff, We have helped our own personal development, We’re back within our family and as a partner. Yeah, it’s endless opportunities that we’ve grown so much in such a short time. Growing my own mind, And realizing that there’s so much more available. So I’ve gone out of our own little box of what we were doing. It’s endless, there’s so many opportunities available, And what we can see and just grow with.