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Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an EMPIRE.

Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist and International Best-Selling Author. Previous Nominee For Australian Of The Year 2017 & Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016. With over 100 Million people reached from 150 countries, Aaron Sansoni teaches what he does and does what he teaches – Build Empires


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Find the power to get what you want out of life – Aaron Sansoni Review 

I know everybody needs a mentor, and sometimes we actually get ourselves stuck in the rut. We need someone to actually guide us. So I think this is a great opportunity to have somebody on your side and hold your hand. Coming here, always gives you a little bit of an “AHA” moment. Which can then change your life. Also, the other thing I found is that, in life, you actually constantly keep going, keep going, and then if you hit a bottom, you need someone to actually give you the power to get yourself up again. So that’s what the Empire Mastery has done for me, I feel like I have the power!

Lisa sees a 35% markup in her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Lisa and I’m at Empire Mastery. You learn new things all the time, depending on where you are in business. If it wasn’t for the value that I receive when I come here every time, I would not be here. When we first came we were sitting at 18 percent markup. In one year with Aaron’s help, we went to a 35 percent markup! Empire Mastery will change your life, it will change your perspective on everything,
and will open up your whole world. You’re empowered, encouraged, and you’re shown things that you never knew were possible.


Kane comes back for another round of breakthroughs – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hey, my name’s Kane, I’m at Empire Mastery. The first time I did Empire Mastery I made a lot of changes in my life and business. I learnt a lot, so since all that stuff has been implemented, I think I was due for another round of breakthroughs and epiphanies, and education really.
That’s why I came back. I think anyone coming here with the right intention and a passion and just a will to learn, there’s no way they can’t benefit from this. There’s no way they can’t.

Ignatius has a life-transforming experience – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Ignatius and I’m from Sydney. I’m doing the Empire Mastery. It’s very great, I’m learning so many things from Aaron.
Learning will be a process we all know now. I will implement most of the things that I have learned and understood from her. But again, I will come back, I will learn more, and I will implement that again. Anyone who is hesitant should definitely come over because there is a lot to learn. The life of any person will be transformed when they come here and experience this.

Alina finds clarity and confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alina, I’m on day three of Empire Mastery. Today it’s scale day, so I’m really excited to be here. I think of just how much it’s going to help me with my business. I think anyone that’s thinking to come to this, do it! Take action! I think the way I got really good at what I’m doing is because I asked so many questions. I learned from people that have experience, because sometimes I don’t know things, and I might get them wrong. But when I come here I get so much more clarity, and I know more, and feel more confident and empowered to do things, and get them right the first time.

Beth finds value and saves time – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Beth and I’m doing Empire Mastery. Oh, it’s definitely worth it, definitely worth it. For me it’s the information, it’s getting all the information in four days, at a price, rather than trying to find all the information myself over the next six months.

Ivonne feels uplifted and inspired – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Ivonne and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s very informative, very uplifting, and very empowering. I would say that if anyone intends on furthering their businesses or studying, or taking on more than one business, Then this is a very good experience. It’s a live experience, an educational one, and Aaron is very inspiring.

Clarissa feels empowered and gains insights and knowledge – Aaron Sansoni Review  

Hi, my name is Clarissa from Sydney. It’s been really great, it’s been amazingly really great. I didn’t expect it to be this good, and then the first day was just really amazing. Pack full of information. It is really empowering me and giving me so much insight and knowledge and skills about something that I never knew before. If you are thinking about coming here I think you should definitely be coming because it is just a different level and it’s a different experience, you have to come here and experience it yourself!

Emma has great fun and finds networking opportunities – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Emma, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s amazing! It’s a lot of information to take in and we’re only at the start of the visit. So I haven’t started a business, but I do have plans. Yeah, it’s really good. You’ll enjoy it, you’ll meet lots of people, it’s great for networking and yeah, you’ll have fun at the same time!

Scott finds the knowledge he needed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Scott, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s given me the knowledge and the words that I need to know. Definitely do it, yeah. One hundred percent just do it, say yes and work it out later.

Alina gets a lot out of her experience – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Alina, I’m at Empire Mastery. I’ve gotten a lot out of it. It’s been pretty full on and it’s a lot to take in. But I can’t wait to get more out of the experience. If you’re thinking of coming to Empire Mastery, I’d say definitely give it a go. It’s an amazing experience, I’ve gotten so much out of it!

Rod sees a change in how he views his business – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Rod, I’m at Empire Mastery today. I think that if yesterday was all that I did, I would still think that I got extreme value, it was really really good. So the fact that I’ve got another 3 days to go! I’m really looking forward to seeing what I’ve got to learn. But what I’ve done so far has been really really good. It’s already made a big difference in how I think about my business and where I’m going to be headed going forward. I’d say don’t hesitate. Aaron is the real deal. He’s not only a very good teacher and a good motivator, but he’s also a very accomplished businessman in his own right, So you can actually learn from someone who’s actually been there, and done that. He applies everything that he teaches to his own businesses and it really comes through in the classes as well.

Revon finds great value and has an eye-opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Revon, I’m from South Australia and  I’m attending the 4-day Empire Mastery. It’s been a great experience. Really eye-opening. Great value, the knowledge that Aaron has and that he shares, you can take and apply it to build your own business. Really puts confidence in you, gives you good guidelines, and just lays out the pathway for you quite clearly.

Helen has an “AHA” moment – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Helen and I’m in the Empire Mastery. So far it’s been wonderful and today is one of the days where you actually have the life “AHA” moment. I think this morning I really really did feel like I had the “AHA” moment. I think that it’s probably really really going to kick off for the better for my business, for sure. I think if you don’t come to the Empire Mastery, you don’t know what you’ll miss out on.
And then also you won’t have the “AHA” moment that just might change your life!

Fabio has a new experience every visit – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Fabio, I am in Empire Mastery today. What brought me back? Every time that I come here I get new information, I get new ideas to apply and every time I am here I grow always positively. Don’t think about it, just come over and do it!

Morgan begins his journey to start a business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Morgan and I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m here to be able to start my business on the right foot, not make all these mistakes and then have to seek help. My goal is to have a business and start moving in the right direction. Even if you’re not certain on why you want to be here, you’ll definitely leave getting something out of it. I don’t have all these businesses, I’m not a businessman or anything like that, but being here and growing my confidence has helped me a ton.

Kate finds a new sense of self-belief – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m absolutely loving it. All of it. It’s really really opening up my mind to things I never would have thought of or believed I could do. I would say to somebody wanting to do something like this that you really need to step outside your comfort zone and you need to just do as much as you can, to begin with. So go for it.

Sharyn finds new systems within her business – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name is Sharyn, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s incredible! I’m learning a lot. Everyone needs to do this. It would mean growth, it would mean new ideas, it would mean innovation, and potentially even creating new systems within the business that don’t exist yet. You definitely need to do it, I think everyone does. You will only grow, you’re not going to lose anything by coming. You’ll only learn, grow, and get bigger and better.

Carissa finds a change in her energy – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Carissa and I’m at Empire Mastery. It has been amazing. Really good vibes, love the content, and just love everything about the day. A huge turnaround in terms of my energy, my strategy, and my implementation to get better results and more money.

Breaking through and taking action right now! – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m doing the Empire Mastery today with Aaron Sansoni. It’s amazing actually, it’s actually a lot deeper than I thought it was going to be.
You know going through all the fears and all the underlying issues. With this course, I feel like you take action right now and not leave it for later. Don’t even think about it. Just do it!

Scarlette finds the confidence to move forwards – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Scarlette, I’m in Empire Mastery. I guess I really wanted to see what my options are, I want to see what kind of strategies I can use before I go into business. I guess this is helping me feel more confident in what I’m doing and where I’m going to go. I would definitely recommend it, it’s a good time, good people, and lots of fun.

Matt finds value beyond just business – Arron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Matt and I am here for Empire Mastery. They cover a lot of aspects. How I view myself as a business runner. How I sell my products, how I connect with people and how I connect my products to those people. So it’s not just, oh I don’t have a business, or I’ve already scaled my business. It kind of covers a lot of areas that would be helpful for anyone.

Farrah has a life-changing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Farrah, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s amazing, it’s actually life-changing as well. A lot of knowledge, the energy in the room is really out there. Networking, meeting new people, and just the support as well. A hundred percent sign up and do it. It’s worth it!

Rob has an eye-opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review  

Hi, I’m Rob, I’m attending Empire Mastery. It’s been really good actually. It’s opened my eyes up for myself. I haven’t been in business before and now I’m working with my wife, so that’s really good. Definitely do it, yeah. You’re learning more for yourself, and if you learn more about yourself then the more you’ll achieve going forward.

Angelina uncovers better ways of business – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Angelina, I’m at Empire Mastery. Yeah, it’s really good! I’ve just realized I’ve got a lot to learn. If you’re unsure, I would actually do it and keep yourself very open to it because there’s lots to learn. When you think you know something, and then you realize you can do things better.

Natalie learns the finer points of business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Natalie, I’m at Empire Mastery. Aaron is full of lots of information, he’s very dynamic, and I like how he’s also about money-making activities. Which is like getting to the fine points of business, and what to be on track with. It’s really good.

Allesandro finds his push toward his goals – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Allesandro, I’m from Italy. I’m living here in Australia for about seven years right now. It’s quite amazing actually, quite amazing. It is so mind-blowing, so much information packed in one day. Right now it’s day one, I can’t imagine the next few days. If you’re thinking of coming, do it, if you want to grow, if you’re stuck like me right now, then I think it’s a good push toward your goals and whatever you want to do and achieve in your life or in your business.

Jake finds something new every time – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Jake, here at Empire Mastery. I don’t know if you’ve been but every time it’s something new! And even the clarity, It really got me thinking this time. What real business I am? It helps me out a lot in my business and what next step I need to take. To anyone thinking about coming? I would say to them, come now. It’s not too late. Activate M.A.I.A.

New clarity in business for Dwayne – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Dwayne, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s really helped me with planning, and just making sure that we are following our numbers and doing things in the right process in business. Yeah, come along, you learn heaps, and come often because it’s a great experience every time!

Motivating, Exciting & a Wealth of knowledge – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Kim from Empire Mastery. Everything has been great so far, it’s brilliant! Very motivating & exciting. Really a lot of information and definitely worth it if you’re in business, you wanted wealth creation or you want to work smarter then definitely come along. There’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s just the beginning. I’ve seen a lot in my time and this is one of the best and I highly recommend it.

Rocki’s mindset is changing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Rocki, I’m at Empire Circle. I run a restaurant business, I’m from New Castle. Before the Empire Circle I was in just one restaurant in New Castle. Building to now, our number 2, and we built the structure from a thing we learned from Aaron. We hired staff, we structured our company To create structure that leads to creative freedom in the future. To be number 3. To detach yourself from the business. You’re not in business all the time. Because I was the person in the business all the time, But what he said during the Empire Mastery, Your mindset is changing, it’s changed since then. And you want to be number 3, and to be on your business.

Shayla has helped her own personal development – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Shayla, and I’m part of the Empire Circle. We had a couple of salons, And we were trying to work out where to go, How to step out of our salons to be able to open more salons. And yeah, joining the Empire Circle has been amazing. It’s really shown us what direction we’re going on, Made us find out more about ourselves and where we’re going, And it’s helped us with our business dramatically. We have opened up 4 more businesses, We have hired more staff, We have helped our own personal development, We’re back within our family and as a partner. Yeah, it’s endless opportunities that we’ve grown so much in such a short time. Growing my own mind, And realizing that there’s so much more available. So I’ve gone out of our own little box of what we were doing. It’s endless, there’s so many opportunities available, And what we can see and just grow with.

Tara’s possibilities have grown – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Tara and I’m a part of the Empire Circle. So I’m a business owner of three hospitality venues on the central coast, And I’ve been in business for about 10 years, And I’ve just always felt like I was going around and around in circles And where my successes and everything were And I just needed a little bit of help on how to move forward And go onto the next level. I believe that my thinking has expanded, My possibilities have grown, And I really feel mostly like I’ve got more support than I ever have. From the people in the Empire Circle, and from you guys as well. So it’s only been a short journey for us so far, But the biggest impact for me has literally been the support. Sort of knowing that I’m not on my own, And if I have any doubts, Or any ideas, or wins or losses, I’ve got a community of people that I can come to And they can either celebrate them, Or help me work out how to get through.

Adam has a clear direction on the future – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Adam, I’m from the Empire Circle. Running in circles to be honest, with different businesses we own, Yeah just going into a cycle whichever one falls into, And then only being in Empire Circle for now just a bit over a week and a half, And already we got new systems in place, We’ve already got new investments coming online, And people coming to us about buying into our businesses. Everything from leadership, growth in a business, A clear direction on our future, and where we want to go, And how we can actually get there.

Matt is a part of Empire Circle – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Matt from the Empire Circle. Now I’m in the position where I’ve probably got a lot greater idea around my own brand. Here we are at brand immersion, and also having some clarity on the direction we’re trying to take our business. MAIA is definitely one of them, and the accountability that our wonderful coach has given us During the course of the last, what is now into our third year. And we’ve really turned our business around from post-covid and a real focus On where we’re going to take it over the next 5 years.

Tanya is starting to build her empire – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Tanya, I’m from the EC, Empire Circle. I was working in our business, NDIS Company, and yeah. Still working in the company, however I was able to go back Give the company a break for a bit, go back into sales, Realised I didn’t want to do that anymore, Come back into the company, and start building my empire. Yeah, just being able to trust people, and being able trust their word and guidance And being able to run with it.

Daniel is looking at things a little bit differently – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Daniel, I’m part of the Empire Circle. In business, just sort of guessing my way through it really. Just figuring it out as I went along. There’s stepping back and new steps Aaron’s teaching you, He’s constantly out of your comfort zone, So I think it’s more, we are stepping forward, But you’re learning new things everyday. So far I think it’s just looking at things a little bit differently. There’s not a yellow brick road, so to speak, There’s plenty of options, and it’s just finding the right one for you.

Alicia is on a positive journey – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Alicia. Second time around in the Empire Circle. So I’m into my second year, so I just started my second year of Empire Circle, So I’m in a different place in that my mindset is changed, I’m open to ideas around investing, I’ve bought a business, which I didn’t own a business before. So I’m a journey, definitely on a positive journey. Look I think the network of the people that you form great strong relationships With Is really important. The learnings that you get from people that have been there, done that Is second to none. The motivation, inspiration, the accountability. All those things that come from having a fantastic mentor like Aaron.

Lee and Justin have started to design their lives – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Lee, this is Justin. We’re part of the Empire Circle. So our business before joining Aaron was very sick. We were not meeting our sales goals, And we were in a bad way. So joining Aaron has made a huge huge difference. So we’ve got 3, 4 different businesses in different areas of the real estate industry. We’re on the lookout for more businesses now, And we’re definitely a lot more in control of where we’re going And what we want to achieve. And I think we’ve started to design our life by our own design now, Not by default, so we can move forward in our life. I’m not my business, I’m completely separate from my business. I think in the past I’ve always thought my business is me, So I think that’s kind of where we are. And I think taking MAIA, not staying back in the back seats And taking a front step, and doing it. And just pushing forward, pushing the boundaries Whatever happens it’s going to happen for good reason, Just go with the flow.

Carly has tripled her turnover – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Carly and I’m part of Empire Circle. We joined Empire Circle after going to an Empire Mastery And we had kind of that lightbulb moment that Okay this is potentially going to really help us get out of a bit of rut that we’re in. I don’t think we’d be where we were if it wasn’t for having Aaron, The whole ASBT team, our coach, and just constantly having someone Kick your ass, constantly having a plan mapped out for you. And always just knowing someone’s got your back, it’s like having a net and They’re pushing you along. We’re in a position now where our business has tripled in turnover. We have gone from 3 staff to 12, and we’re looking at potentially another 3 roles We may double our team in the next 12 months. And we have really set our vision a lot higher than what we thought was possible. You don’t have to overthink stuff I think. I was always, you know, we’re going to go talk to potential partners, Like oh no, I’m going to have to research this, I’m going to have to map out a full business plan, I’m going to have to go in with a script. Whereas I think it’s just a bit of that confidence building that you can actually just go And have a conversation and don’t overthink stuff too much. And actually the power of doing something is better than overthinking and not taking the action.

Tom and Clare are part of Empire Circle – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys I’m Tom, we’re a part of the Empire Circle. I’m Clare, Tom’s wife. We had success, however we didn’t have the vision to go to the next step. So I think for us Empire Circle was we had a good business that we were happy with, But we knew we could do more with our skills And we knew we could deliver more with the business. And I think it just, everything that we were missing And that we were searching for was uncovered at Empire Circle. The awareness of how to be better and how to be stronger, And how to overcome it. Life DNA. It’s about what you learn from the lows and the highs. It’s not just the monetary values, it’s how to learn And grow and be stronger. Yeah, and I think that the impact of being around people Who are going through the same thing is invaluable Because it’s a unique group of people who Really get it. And really want to go far, And have the confidence enough in themselves that they can do it But we all need for the, just the push.

Daniel has a thirst for success – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Daniel from Bridle Bay, Brisbane, And I joined up with Empire Circle approximately a month ago. Somebody who can actually keep up, and like minded people. So previously very negative environment, Now got to a point that obviously where the family around us is a lot better, And also the mentoring is at a pace that we can keep up Which has been a big issue before. So I’ve now got the thirst for actually succeeding again, I’d probably say the clarity of direction has been a big thing. Previously had the thirst and just lost it due to obviously circumstance and time, Now we’ve got that clarity and direction and the thirst to succeed.

Christina has found a sense of belonging – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Christina, I’m part of the Empire Circle family. So I was quite lost and I didn’t really have a direction on What I wanted to do in life. I was trying different things I tried different fields, different industries, different careers, But nothing felt really fulfilling and really inspired me to do more. And so when I joined EC family I finally found something. A group, people, an environment, a safe environment where I could just be myself. And having a sense of belonging. I can just see opportunities, possibilities, and absolutely a lot of fun. Anything is possible.

Alex is now an investor and award winning entrepreneur – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Alex and I’m part of the Empire Circle. Before Empire Circle I was Steven’s handbag. He was running a successful business and I felt like I was his accessory. My very first Empire Mastery, Aaron made me realise That I am just as important, that I do bring so much to the business. And has helped both of us to grow, and continue growing. I’m now an investor, an award winning entrepreneur, Ambassador of happiness, and just in a happy place.

Kiri has found a new purpose – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Kiri, I’m in the Empire Circle. I’m from Brisbane. I have direction in my life, a new found sense of purpose, And looking forward to the future, finding it hopeful. Getting that direction back in my life, And changing my mindset to a much more positive Has given me purpose back to my life.

Jessie’s revenue has jumped by $2-3 million per year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Jessie, I’m part of Empire Circle. Before Empire Circle I had 15 staff and We were turning over two and a half to three million in revenue. Since joining I’ve jumped up my revenue by I think 2-3 million per year And right now sitting at about 22-25 staff. I have a life, me and my business need to be separated. And not just be all about business, business, business, business. And actually having a life, so yeah that’s the biggest thing I’m taking out of this. 

Lou is part of the EC Family – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Lou, I’m a part of the EC Family. I’ve been part of Aaron’s training since November last year. So before Empire Circle I was on a massive hamster wheel, And just a little bit lost in our journey. My husband and I were a bit lost in our business journey And we knew it was time for some mentoring. The most impactful thing I’ve taken from Empire Circle Is mindset, it’s a massive one for me We came in thinking we just wanted to gain some extra money in our business. And here we are just different people, mind, body, and soul. I can honestly say personally for myself, I am the best version of myself that I’ve ever been in my whole entire life, That actually makes me a little bit upset. And business is, we’re thinking and feeling things that we never actually thought possible.

Robbie finds the coaching and mentoring unbelievable – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Robbie, I’m part of Empire Circle. Before Empire Circle I was stuck in a job that I hated. And now I’ve got two companies. The most impactful thing I’ve taken from Empire Circle Would be, the coaching and mentoring is unbelievable, But I think the group of people that you actually spend time with The friends that you’re going to make for life, That’s definitely the biggest impact. You’re surrounded by like minded people, They’re on the same mission as you, And that’s definitely the most important thing I think.

Mark at Empire Circle – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Mark. I’m part of the Empire Circle. I was pretty much in a hole, on a comfy mattress Going through some big pits in my business. And after coming to empire mastery, I had a new lease on the outlook of my business and myself. And I’m looking forward to where the journey is going to take me. A little bit more confident. My head is still spinning, Because it’s only been one week. And taking in all the information. The best thing about it is that’s it’s so structured, It’s one after another after another, And it’s pushing me and testing me a lot to push things forward. From coming back after Mastery I sort of had a new lease on the business, And I spoke to the employees and I’ve jumped straight from a 1 to a 2 permanent now. And that’s sort of just giving them the opportunity to take control. And it’s worked. And I would never have done it had I not gone to Empire Mastery.

Jules’ brain is buzzing with so much information – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Jules, and I’m at Empire Mastery. And I came to this course because I was at the point of breaking Cause I was just working too hard. I knew I was at the stage of my businesses, that I had to work on them not in them. And on my fourth day now I have so much clarity about What I need to do and how I need to get there. Like my brain is actually buzzing. So much information. But it’s just been amazing. I can’t even express into word how much information I’ve learned And how I know exactly what I need to do now after this. So yeah, thank you Aaron. It’s awesome. I mean from today my biggest takeaway has been When you’ve got good people working for you, Like giving them equity in the business, That just makes so much sense if you want to have an empire. To have people loving your baby, looking after it, Because it benefiting them as much as it is you. So, that’s been a really big take from today. I don’t even think I could pinpoint my biggest takeaway Because I’ve taken so much information. To anyone thinking about coming this course, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It is just priceless information That anyone could take from and throw into Their life or business and succeed from.

Angela is super pumped – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Angela, I’m from Melbourne. I’m feeling really super pumped about everything that I’m learning in this program. I’m feeling really inspired by all the stories That everyone’s bringing. It’s just a group that inspires me. I did Empire last month, and I’ve come back this time around. And there’s just so many things that I’m learning now, That I thought that I knew a little bit when I first did it. But this time around I’m just like, there’s so much more that I’m Capturing this time around. I almost feel like I was fan-girling it last time. And now I’m actually sitting with the information. The information is sitting a lot better this time around Because I’ve come in as a different person this time around. Don’t think about coming, just come.

Ty is loving it – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Ty, I’m at Empire mastery. And today I have been learning how to build my empire. It’s empire day, day 4, and I’m loving it. I think everybody else here is loving it too. The systems here of learning here are epic. It’s just amazing, I love it so much. And I never would have imagined putting myself in this environment. If you’re in business, and if you want to start a business, There’s no way you couldn’t find value here. Because the potential gains are unlimited.

Reese has a very eye opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Reese, I’m at Empire Mastery. The experience has been very very eye opening. Definitely learning a lot about my own business, And what I need to improve and how I can improve it. And the potential to expand massively. Aaron’s just taught me that the opportunities are Pretty endless. The book is just filled with endless notes. I really need to sit down and take it all on. Definitely come check it out. It’s very well run, Everyone can apply it in their own way.

Resha says “Wow!” at her second Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Resha, and I’m here today at Empire Mastery. It’s actually day four. This is my second time I’ve returned to the event, And all I can say is, “Wow!” First time around, so much information. But second time around I got to come to the event with my ideas And I was able to implement everything that Aaron was talking about, That my notebook is actually filled with so many ideas And things that I can take immediate action on. So I’m actually so excited to wrap today up and get to work tomorrow. I guess last time around I came with more of an employee mind set, And I realize that there’s no way I’m going to move forward Without having a business owner mindset. Because of that I was able to come today And actually be able to come up with another two ideas For these businesses which I can Implement everything I’ve learned from Empire Mastery into. So, definitely so much to take away. Also, putting deals together and how to move out of the business. Because moving out of a business And becoming a number three is definitely so important In building an empire. Don’t even think twice. If you have not attended an Empire Mastery, You don’t know what your potential is Until you hear what about Aaron Sansoni has to say. And even if you have been to Empire mastery before, Go again to Empire Mastery, Because you’ll take away 10 times the amount You took away from the first event. And you’ll be more ready for it the second time around.

Darko is having breakthroughs – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Darko. I’m at empire Mastery in Sydney. It’s been amazing so far. There’s been Lots of breakthrough things that I’ve gone through. And the things that I realize I could improve on immediately after the event. I think the multiple profit streams was a big one, And identifying myself in, First of all the differences in the numbers, And where I thought I was, Versus where we are, Whether we are a 1 or a 2 or a 3. The profit streams was a big one, And the other big thing was the leadership styles. Finding myself where I am in the different levels in the Different styles then allows me to see why Something things aren’t potentially working. Don’t even hesitate, like, For me it’s been challenging, Even now, I thought before this training Where my business partner said, “Oh, let’s go for four days.” When we’ve got all these things stacked up, And how am I going to make it? And just literally after the first day I’m like, Well we should have done this a long time ago. So, short answer is, Don’t even think twice.

Liz finds certainty and confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Liz at Empire Mastery. Eye opening, I would say It’s very fulfilling seeing the congruency in Aaron’s actions and words. The fact that he acts and do, And has his own philosophy that has been working for him. It provides a level of certainty and confidence in the process. Anyone can do it. Literally, anyone can do it. Anyone that has their goal set, Or they really want something different, Like sometimes you feel the sensation that you do not belong, Or you are not where you want to be. So as long as you understand that there’s an option there, You can make it. Yeah, definitely come. It’s a different perspective in life, And for you to move on, And evolve and transform, You need to change your perception.

Natalie highly recommends the seminar – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello I’m Natalie, we are at Empire Mastery. It’s fantastic. It is the best seminar I’ve ever been to. Just looking at how differently I can run my business And how I guess I have been running my business. If you can call it a business now after listening to Aaron. If you are serious about business, whether you want to scale, Whether you want to improve your business, This is the seminar.

Lola is getting the confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Lola from Melbourne. We are at the Empire Mastery in Sydney. Oh it’s been amazing. Full of information. I lot of listening to processes but definitely opening my mind. I have problems in believing in myself, I’m working lots and I’m getting the confidence and the courage To jump and to take the risk. Definitely I would recommend it to take the experience. Lots of opportunities.

Kylie is amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Kylie, and I’m here at Empire Mastery. Fantastic. I’ve done it online. I did the whole program online with the videos and thing like that, But it really makes a huge difference being here in person. I think the energy in the room, And the excitement of the people that you’re sitting with And interacting with is amazing. But I’ve found my mojo back again by being here. I sort of, after doing it online, I thought “There”s so much to do.” Cause I was at home, stuck in an office by myself, I wasn’t motivated. But now, coming here, and writing it out again and being motivated again I can’t wait to get out of here and go start doing it. Definitely. I brought my friend along today And she’s loving it as well. She was like “what’s this all about.” I said, “just come and experience it!” And she’s loving it. So yeah, definitely come along.

Elias has many takeaway lessons – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Elias and I’m in Sydney at Empire Mastery. Absolutely amazing. There are many takeaways so it’s very hard to choose One biggest takeaway, But I was definitely able to breakthrough. It’s only the first day, so imagine how many takeaways you can get The other days. And it’s just a lot of stuff in your brain, I was able to literally go through it. Definitely do it. Do it for yourself, Or who needs you to be you, to be the best you there is out there. Like seriously, just do it.

Jim recommends Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Jim and I’m at Empire Mastery. Great, big learning curve. Highly referable. Without a doubt. Very good.

Angela at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Angela, at Empire Mastery. Very positive experience, very informative. Fun as well. Very chill, I liked Aaron’s approach. Very relatable, resonates a lot. Makes you feel very comfortable and it doesn’t matter, There’e a whole variety of people here. So, people who have no business experience And others already doing it at a higher level, But you feel like you fit it. Just all the advice he gives, all the different strategies, And things you haven’t thought of before but they make So much sense. Like “why didn’t I think of that?” All the different pillars that he goes through and Explains it. I like how he breaks it down And you take it in a step at a time. Very educational. Do come, do come, go to all of them if you can. I think he’s a great mentor. He’s good value, you’ll really learn from him. I would recommend it.

Vanessa sees the opportunities and possibilities – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Vanessa and I’m at empire mastery. So far I’m learning a few different things. Looking at different ways, perspectives, And lenses to start a business. And just to see the different opportunities and Possibilities that you can create when you have different ideas, different mentors. And the amount of people that’s here that’s able to give you What the experiences are, it’s really valuable for what you can learn And just inject into your own business. My biggest takeaway is having the structure and Having that partnership to look at your blind side And opportunity to see opportunities out there that could Grow you business, scale it to the next level, And build that empire mastery. I’d say it’s definitely worth it. I’m myself an accountant, I didn’t like the thought of coming here. A friend of mine actually had to force me to do this. But coming here, it’s given me a different perspective. It’s definitely added value to how I like to structure the business How I like to align that, and which kind of people, And how do I see that business going forward, From starting opportunities to expand. And to create that multimillion dollar business.

Sarah takes away valuable lessons – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Sarah and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been a real learning and growing experience. From day one up until now, the things I’ve taken away are such valuable lessons. And I’m sure they’re going to help me throughout my business journey. They’re things that have made me grow as a person, and made me change my perspective on how I see things. Before I came I was seeing things as a roadblock in front of me, but now I look at things as an opportunity. Believe in my business idea, make sure that it is a good scalable idea, And pretty much the sky is the limit. Just talk action, that’s the number one thing. Cause you can have a million ideas, but if you don’t take action you’re just going to stay at square one. Definitely attend empire mastery, It’s life changing. The experiences and the things that I’ve faced in the last few days have Just changed my mindset completely. So, yeah, amazing experience.

Cole finds help starting his business journey – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Cole. We’re at the empire mastery. Today is about scaling, learning about partnerships, And how we can get lifelong partners for our businesses. Currently I’m a uni student, just getting into how I can start myself as an Entrepreneur. The course so far has been really helpful in showing me where I can start my journey into becoming an entrepreneur. Where I can go, how I can become bigger and better, and start my own empire. Starting the business, starting a business, how to set those up, How to find good partners, and what things specifically I should be really be turning into to develop that. If you‘re thinking of starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur, And really give a shit about making a good business and providing a good service and product that’s unique, I would highly recommend it.

Lucas is learning a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

I am Lucas, I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m finding it so good. I learned a lot yesterday. I’ve already taken some action. I made a great decision yesterday on my business. I think it’s learning every minute. My biggest takeaway so far is take action now. And don’t wait for next week, or next month, Start doing it now, so put into practice whatever you’re learning. Put into practice now. Don’t wait for next year, next month, Or next business. Definitely come. Come open minded, come prepared to change.

Shashawna says it’s worth it – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Shashawna, and I’m at Empire Mastery. I love it actually, because I just bought a business up in Cannes, And I was unsure what I was supposed to do with managing it, And even finances. So coming to this has actually helped. Knowing that I don’t have to be there, I don’t have to do it. I can hire somebody else to do it for me. That part I just, I didn’t know I could do that. So that’s something I took away from this event. I would say do it. It’s worth it. It’s worth the money. Because you’re going to be making so much more.

Daniel at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Daniel and we are at Empire Mastery. It’s been amazing. Lots of things have been learned. Lots of breakthroughs as well. Which is amazing. Get us to the next level. Learn to look at your numbers, And make sure that you stay on top of them, And also how to reverse engineer them so you can work on the outcomes that you want to achieve. I would say not to hesitate. I just did a video actually For anybody that wants to hear me out, That they need to invest in themselves to get better people Because at the end of the day that’s what’s going to make them better business leaders, And it’s what’s going to make them successful.

Matt has his eyes opened – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Matt and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s an eye opener. Just for me, I’m very much in my business, And coming here and just freeing yourself of all the pressures of the business has opened my eyes big time. The multiple revenue streams, and that you don’t have to be on the job to make that happen. You can make that happen elsewhere. Like internet, phone calls, stuff like that. SO yeah, that’s a big takeaway for me and the business. I’d say definitely do it. I’d say be ready, be open minded, And just take it all in and watch the process happen. From the first day to the last day, there’s a lot of content, But it all starts to make sense, And you can all walk it in to what you’re doing now. So it’s great.

Georgina finds clarity – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Georgina, I’m at Empire Mastery. Yeah it’s been really good, it’s intense. You learn a lot in a small amount of time. But it’s been amazing, it’s been a few eye opening moments, So it’s been good. I think it’s the real clarity over getting from lead to the profit, And understanding when to pull what lever with. I think that’s the main thing I’ve always struggled with And that was a really simple way to put it. I’d say definitely do it, be prepared to learn though. But be really open to what you’re going to learn, And don’t come in with a closed mindset of “I know what I’m doing.” And “I already know it all.”

Belinda is inspired and motivated – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Belinda and I’m at Empire mastery here today. I’m feeling inspired and motivated, Pretty excited actually, learning lots of things. I think my biggest takeaway is letting go of my fears And backing myself. That’s been a huge learning curve for me today. I’d say you got to do this, it’s game changing, And it’s definitely for you.

Roy at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Roy and we’re at the Empire Mastery. Amazing, a lot of learning, meeting a lot of new people. I’d say don’t wait, just get on board. Get on board right away.

Jackson is empowered – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Jackson, I’m at Empire Mastery. The course has been awesome so far, really empowering. It’s perspective, being able to see things from another point of view. Being open minded. Just seeing it from another point of view that you never thought you would have seen. I’d say do it. It’s worth it. Not just from a monetary point of view, But for yourself. And just a self development kind of thing, It’s definitely worth it.

Justin overcoming his fears – Aaron Sansoni Review

Justin, we’re at empire mastery. Feeling pumped with how everything has been going so far. Learning lots. Just starting to implementing them into running my Wife’s business at the moment, all going well. Hopefully expanding. All this knowledge is really going to help. Biggest takeaway is just overcoming my fears, pushing my boundaries more. Now we’re both on the same page it’s really multiplying. I’d recommend anyone come for Empire just for the change in your mindset on what you can achieve and what is possible.

Perry at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Perry I’m at empire mastery in Sydney. It’s the first time I’ve seen Aaron Sansoni. The guy is incredible, a lot of information, A lot of understanding how to scale businesses and build an empire. Overall just been phenomenal. I think it’s more about understanding and overcoming you fears. You have to come and, I mean seeing it on video is one thing, But being here and for four days, I’ve been here for a day and a half. Cause then you’ll understand how much it’s worth for people that want run businesses. Like my rearview is fuck all in comparison to what he provides throughout the whole day. You’ve got to be here.

Fiona is having an excellent experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Fiona. I’m at the empire mastery course. Awesome, I think it’s an excellent experience for me so far. I think it’s, Aaron teaches how to face our fears, And give us the lever, we see the opportunity, And create the opportunity. I think no doubt, you should do it right now, Immediately.

Brendan is finding the confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Brendan and we’re at empire mastery. Yeah so far it’s been wonderful. I got here last night and rang my parents up and was like If this was the whole seminar I’d be stocked. So the fact that there’s still 3 more days of learning stuff it’s just terrific. For me it’s having I suppose the confidence in myself, Not only the confidence, but the clarity to know how I’m going to move forward In not just the business I currently have, but the businesses I have in mind for the future. Yeah i’d say it’s 100% worth while I mean, as I said the knowledge I Learned in the first day and a half has far, I have a business degree, And I’ve worked in three different industries, And I’ve learned more in a day and a half than I did In 4 years of a business degree. And again it’s not necessarily Just, obviously the amount you learn in a business degree is quite substantial But it’s the clarity and the construct to actually go away and implement it has Been so incredible and actually so useful.

Alison has a lot to digest – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alison. We’re at empire mastery. It’s been really good. Interesting, a lot of content to digest. I Think the biggest takeaway is that you don’t have to have all the answers yourself. There are people that can help you, you don’t have to know everything. And there’s people who can direct you to who you need to see, Especially about actually scaling your business. Go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Jason at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Jason and I’m at empire mastery. The confidence that I can scale and grow. It’s probably the most. It’s a fantastic investment in your future.

Manuel is getting the information – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello my name is Manuel and we are in Sydney at Empire Mastery. I’m feeling really great I’m getting a lot of information that I think is going to help me out. I had a lot of doubts about coming, but I realised that it’s actually worth it And I think it’s going to give us the final push to start my own business. Taking massive and immediate actions. And for me I think it’s, as told me, like I need to jump and I need to just leave my fears away and just go for it. Go for it. Yeah I would definitely recommend it.

Jag is loving the event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Jag, I’m here at the Sydney empire mastery event with Aaron Sansoni. So far I’ve loved the event, it’s day two, it’s money day. The first day was really good for the breakthroughs. I feel like I learned a lot about myself, about my fears, and what was holding me back. And I’m excited to crush it with money day and further days with scale and empire day. I didn’t realize how much I had held in fears That were holding me back. Because I’m quite a positive person I like to think, I do my affirmations. Things like that. I’d say just do it. Because you’re here for a reason, right? I mean you may as well, you get one life. If you’re thinking about business, do it. Who better to teach you than someone who’s doing it And someone who loves doing it, and someone who enjoys teaching it.

Young Michael has learned a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Michael, we’re at the empire mastery. Yeah, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Aaron Sansoni. Yeah, I reckon I’m the youngest here, I’m sixteen, and yeah I’ve learned a lot from him. And I’m Moi and I’m his mom. We decided we’d sign up for the empire mastery Essentially just to get him a good solid foundation to get Started in his life. I think mostly the mindset aspect of the conference thus far, Just working on the mindset and just trying to Put away any of the limitations that we always on a daily put on ourselves. So I think just that itself is a hug takeaway. Yeah definitely, it’s the best thing I’ve ever come to. Yeah, I’ve learnt a lot from him. As a single parent I would definitely push a lot of people to go. If you really want to invest in your child’s future, this is Probably one of the best conferences to bring them to.

Leanne keeps coming back for more – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Leanne, I’m from Brisbane and I’m at empire mastery in Sydney. I’m loving it. This is not my first one, But I am learning more each time. The last one that I went to, I went away, Took on board, now I’m coming back and I’m still learning more information. So it’s good. I feel really good. For me it’s about the maths at the moment. I have clarity in relation to my business But now I need to work out the figures and Really make sure I bring in the dollar values and the profits And things like that. I have to learn to love maths. Whether you have a business or not, Or you want to go into business, Or you really have no bloody idea what you want to do At least come here and get some clarity for yourself, Cause this is not just about business, This actually gives you some insight in to you as well.

Felix is Amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Felix, and I’m at Empire Mastery. So far so good, it’s been amazing. It’s a great experience and Aaron is just fantastic. My biggest takeaway so far is actually the numbers, Getting to know your numbers properly. And how important it is in your business. Everything else is important as well But your numbers are probably really up there. You’ve got to come. You’ve got to come 100%. 100% it’s an experience, And it’ll only grow yourself and your business.

Getting the Empire Mindset – Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re in the Perth Entrepreneur Summit. The most important thing I’ve gotten so far about the Definitions between the different mindsets The fixed mindset is more of a negative attitude To change and changes in the business The growth is taking a positive attitude to things that change But the empire mindset is taking a positive attitude, working on these Opportunities and thinking of the bigger picture. It definitely makes us think twice about how we market to our clients And deciding, helping them find the right solutions It’s not just about sales. Which we’re always very focused on giving the clients the right opportunity and the right solutions for their business, and the value of money It’s not all about the best way for them to spend their money It’s about giving them the best growth and opportunities with their money.

Knowledge Overwhelming – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s fantastic, so much knowledge, overwhelming. There’s so much to absorb and take in. But in saying that I can just see the progress of my business, Now I know where to take it next. Which before was a little bit of, you “know,” But you don’t know the things that you don’t know. He’s put everything in perspective basically. Yeah, so looking forward to the next phase. I suppose believe in yourself and Know that you can accomplish what you’re actually after.

Richmond is humbled – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Richmond, and I’m at the Entrepreneur Seminar at the Perth Convention Center. I found the morning sessions to be really good. I’m sort of humbled that Aaron Sansoni would come all the way here. It’s been really good, I’ve learned a lot of new things. I guess I’ve always been a Growth Mindset, But this one is teaching us to be in a Empire Mindset So that’s something new. I hope to be able to impart this sort of knowledge And different ways of thinking for my children.

Carlos highly recommends the summit – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, this is Carlos, And I’m attending the Entrepreneur Summit With Aaron Sansoni. It’s really interesting, I’ve learned a lot already. I’m obviously going to try and implement as many Of these ideas as possible. You can take only notes, so fast. Yeah, very interesting, I’m glad that I came. I highly recommend it. I think it’s great Because there’s so much awareness. Out there you are filling out forms online And basically being a customer, on the customer side. But attending this seminar it gives you the insight From the other side.

Knoll is ready to take action – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Knoll, I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. So far so good, it’s good to see people Up close as opposed to always on social media or whatever. So it’s a nice feeling, so far it’s been very informative. Just the massive action that has to be taken straight away Is my biggest takeaway so far. It’s literally dumb waiting around waiting for the right time. Just go and do it. Yeah, strategies, I think there’s a few things there, A lot of improvements that I could definitely make. There’s good ways to improve straight up. And I think over time a lot of the strategies Can be put in place and put into play over the long term. I think in general it’s just, when you’re here and learn From the people who’ve done it, top wise, it absolutely works.

Aldan doesn’t regret it – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Aldan, I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit At the Brisbane Convention Center. If you’re thinking of coming along to an Entrepreneurs summit you will not regret it. I tell you what, Aaron will push your buttons. He’s going to say things that you may not like, However it’s through that discomfort that you will find the growth. And as much work as I’ve done on myself And as many programs as I’ve done Over the years I’ve actually invested 500,000 dollars plus in my personal business development Since 2005. That’s 17 years. And I’ve got more out of today again. So you never learn less my friends. If you want to really get inspired, And take some huge action to take your life And business to another level, Then you will love this event. I highly recommend it.

Francis has his mind blown – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Francis and I’m from Perth, And I’m here for the Entrepreneur Summit. Oh it’s fantastic, it’s mind blowing actually. I’ve learned so many things that I thought I knew already, But there’s even more to learn here. Just strategies I guess that’s been spoken about. That’s very important in a business, and Especially online. My small business is an online business And just trying to take it to the next level. So, anything that’s to do with digital marketing Is always handy for someone like me. So it’s definitely something that I’m going to take away.

Samantha enjoying the summit – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Samantha. I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit at the Brisbane Convention Center. I’ve enjoyed it so far, yeah. It’s got great content. He said that people will always judge you no matter what, So you just got to get out there and do your best And if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. Give it a go, great content here. And you won’t regret it.

Rohan has a good refresher – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Rohan, we’re at the Entrepreneur Summit, 2022. It’s been a good refresher and just kind of, I guess like Aaron said, get that motivational spark back. So, yeah, I’m enjoying it so far. Getting out of your comfort zone. Those things I do believe in. I think his MAIA concept, you know you’ve Got to make a big change, The difference between commitment, And just making a decision, And I think I do resonate with the dopamine theory Cause I do feel when people, you get motivated, And then you lose that and you’ve got to keep building That motivation. But it’s not just that. You’ve got to commit to carry that decision out.

Amelia perfecting her marketing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Amelia and I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit in Melbourne today. And I’m really excited of all the new things we can Achieve in the near future. The most I’ve learned is Facebook is the way to go, And that’s what we’re doing. And now it’s just about our perfecting it to get more out of it. Come, come, Come! It’s the best thing ever!

Sophia is excited – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Sophia and I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. I feel really excited actually. I’ve transitioned from Being an employee to being an entrepreneur So this was something that I never thought I even contemplated before. And what I’m finding is everything I’m learning here Is making me really excited for the future. I actually just talked to my 16 year old daughter And I said to her next time I’m bringing her and her brothers. Because I think this is something they should be learning, And that we weren’t ever taught in school. I have a lot of limiting beliefs disappearing, And I’m letting go of a lot of them really quickly. Yeah, I guess, Kind of all of the things I had Been taught from previous coaches and mentors Weren’t really exciting me that much But the idea of being employed again really wasn’t either. Whereas this now has just opened up my mind To other possibilities and got me really excited About what opportunities are available. It’s not motivation, it’s just really, The words excitement, yeah. If you’re curious bout business, about being an entrepreneur, You want to learn more, just come along. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Liz has an interesting day – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Liz, we’re at the Entrepreneur Summit. It’s been an interesting day really, This is the first time I’ve attended an entrepreneur summit. It’s only because I thought there would be some value in Attending this summit. And already I’ve learned So many new things, and I’ve done something that I don’t usually do. The Empire Mindset, thinking big. The to-do list for me is I’m not afraid to dream bigger, And I’ll keep telling myself that it’s okay to fail.

Jill finds the seminar priceless – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Jill and I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit in Perth. Absolutely amazing, there’s lots I’ve heard before, but Just hearing it again, and I’m at the right time right place, It’s just amazing. And what’s really really good about it is all these Snippets of information and I was lucky enough to get it For free. So oh my goodness, It’s, honestly it’s just priceless, Absolutely priceless what I’m hearing today.

Ricky has the Empire Mindset – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Ricky, I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. We’ve gained some great knowledge today, I feel pretty excited about the future and what it holds. It’s really nice to gain valuable insight on Growing as an individual and growing your business And I’m enjoying the experience. I think the biggest take away for me is the mindset. The Empire Mindset. So I think I need to shift more into that area as opposed to Being in the other mindset, a fixed mindset Or the growth mindset, so that’s been the biggest Takeaway for today.

Troy reaching the right market – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Troy, I’m at Entrepreneur Summit. Feeling very energetic and inspired. I realize I could be doing a lot more for myself and my business. How important it is to advertise correctly. You realize advertising and reaching the right market is sort of make or break. I guess it’s all those things: money, resources, time. I’m just going to try and run the business more efficiently and effectively. And free myself up for more time, and make more money. And they’re giving you the knowledge to do that. Whatever you’re sitting and deciding on, just come along and find out what it’s about. Don’t hesitate.

Andrew at Entrepreneur Summit – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Andrew. I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. I found it very informative. The speakers today have been Very succinct about what they are wanting to communicate. You need to understand your customer. Once you’ve done that you’ve got multiple opportunities And channels to tap into their sensitivities, Their wants, their needs. The customer is number one, so you need to understand them. I highly recommend it. Thus far it’s been very insightful.

Malik is enlightened – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Malik, I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. Feel pretty enlightened, it’s interesting to hear information That you hear about, even talked about, But now you’re actually listening to it. Probably the mindset, yeah the mindset that goes into running your business Going forward in how I think about investments, how i think about spending my money How I think about marketing my business, it’s going to be a lot different.

David at Entrepreneur Summit – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m David. I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit in Melbourne. And I’m really enjoying the day, I’ve learnt a lot. I always find it’s great to network with people and Make those connections that’s just as valuable as the speakers. Clearly the call to action in doing what you want to do And overcoming those limitations, really dealing with Whatever is holding you back from your big idea. And there seems to be a lot of emphasis on Getting yourself out of the way so that you can Get your own idea developed. And not listening to all of those voices in your head, Or from your past and really following your dream. I’d say it’s really fantastic from every perspective. You’re just getting a group of people who are World class at what they do, and they’re sharing ideas Really for nothing, they gave away a huge amount As part of I guess a gift back to the community that they have Benefited from as well So I would say for anyone needing, considering going into business, Or already in business, you can only learn and grow from the experience.

Aaron wants to get his brand out there – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Aaron, I’m here at the entrepreneur summit. I’ve been really really impressed by the quality of the event so far. Listening to Aaron was amazing. I think the biggest take away from this is really about the importance of Not just relying on word of mouth advertising or Organic advertising, that you really need to get your brand out there, And create a personal brand. I would definitely say that it’s the best money that you can spend, And the best full use of your day is to come along to this. What you’ll learn, you literally can’t pay anyone that sort of money to Teach you in the time you’re going to learn here. It’s really really worth it, you’ll take away a lot of gems from this And if you apply them I’m sure they’re going to make a massive Difference in your business.

Oscar is refreshed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Oscar, I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit in Brisbane. It’s been really good so far, we’ve had a couple speakers. Aaron was really good. It was good to just to refresh and get around some high quality people. Both of them have been really straight up, and confronting and good. No bull shit. I think that’s been a good thing. Biggest take away is to just create some massive action. They gave you some tools to make something happen after today. Just always go for it. If you’re afraid to come along, or scared of people or anything, Everybody is always super supportive, And everyone’s in the same boat. So get around them, ya know?

Julie has a life changing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, Julie here. I don’t have a lot of words to say, all I can say is Simply a bomb, for me especially. I learned a heap, you know , this is a life changing experience. Honestly since I started doing my Empire Mastery Seminar, From day 1 it changed my concept and I’m exploding with lots Of life changing, empowering things. So I’m gaining a lot, I’m learning a lot, so I want to say Thank you so much Aaron Sansoni for creating such a course For normal people like us to have that chance to grow ourselves And follow our dream. I would 300% recommend it because I believe that I have made a very very good decision by Making the decision to come here. This has changed my concept, on how to pursue my goals. So I would highly recommend to people that are looking For some inspiration and wanting to move on to the next level.

Alissa at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alissa and I’m at Empire Mastery. And the event’s been great, it’s like a compact day of business books All in one day. Four days really. And it’s just a good reminder to work faster and don’t be average. Mine would be Bank Zone, which is basically figure out where You want to play. I still think that I’m playing the right area, It’s more about positioning it in a way that people get it. Cause I think it gets lost in translation even though I know The value I bring to the table.

Carmel’s mind is blown – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Carmel. My mind has been blown. I’ve got so much work ahead of me. But now I feel like what have always been part dreams can now become a reality. And the solutions, I’m going to do the work, but the pathway Has been put there in front of me. It’s going to give me back more time. So learning about leadership, I loved that last session, Learning about leadership and learning how I can then bring in the right people So I can with confidence hand over, still be in control, but a different kind of control. And hand over those reigns too, so that I can free up my time. The notes that we’ve taken, I’m just going to treasure that. And want to work through it. And tick off little bits as I go. Worth every cent. Just, worth it.

Susan is amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Susan and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been pretty amazing, I’ve had some pretty big breakthroughs And just perfect timing on learning about partnerships. Which is what I was working on before coming here, But I’ve learnt so much on how to plan and prepare before. It’s been extraordinary and I’ve learned so much. I’ve been to a lot of events like this but I’ve definitely been blown away And we’re only half way into day 3. My biggest takeaway from the content so far is just about The growth that you can do by little ideas. So little partnerships, or expanding your product. Doing multiple business that may still be under the one umbrella. So it’s just how to generate multiple streams of income, And all the little tweaks that can make a big difference.

Alissa has a mind blowing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Alissa. It’s been completely mind blowing for myself, and my partner. He’s here as well. So, I’m hoping to start a new business myself, And also trying to get his sort of up and going more. Yeah, I think this is going to be a massive help. The breakthrough day, 100% the breakthrough day. That brought up a lot of things from my past that I was able to deal with. Things that I realised In the moment I needed to change and work on to be able to succeed. 100% do it. It’s amazing.

Elvis finds the experience life changing – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Elvis. I’m here at Empire Mastery. I find the experience to be pretty life changing, pretty transformational. It’s been an eye opener. I’ve been made aware of All I need to know, even though I’d actually taken a plunge into business. But I went in not knowing as much as I need to succeed. So for me it’s been empowering. Building partnerships, that’s the core material of what we’re doing today. I find it’s going to, perhaps because I am in the midst of trying To secure some partnerships, so maybe it’s what resonates with me most at this time. Don’t even think about it, don’t even think about thinking about it, Just come.

Ash is the asset and the IP – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Ash, and I’m also at Empire Mastery. I’m growing individually, which I think I wasn’t expecting so much. I thought it was more about the business, But at the end of the day it’s actually about me That then drives the business, so I think that that has been really helpful. And the information that I learned today is relevant Because I’m in a different place than I was back then. So it’s all in a different context, so yeah, Very very worth while. The biggest one for me would be that I’m the asset, And that I’m the IP, and that everything then goes out from there. I’m the person that makes the first step, Rather than it’s the actual business. And I feel like it’s changed, rather than being me about my vocation, It’s me now as a business woman. And that’s really shifted and I think that’s a really important mindset for me. Not just about the job and what you know, I feel different.

Seina is reinvigorated about her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Seina. I’m at Empire Mastery today, This is the second Empire Mastery that I’ve been to. And I’m finding that I’m still learning more. It’s made me a bit more excited and reinvigorated about our business. I think the first time the first thing that we really took away from it was that we looked at our financials a lot closer, So Aaron gave us some really good ideas on how to look at that, and how to keep track of that consistently. But then it also made us realise the stage that we were at in our business and what we needed to do to work on, step by step, To continue to grow it. I’d say there’s definitely a lot to learn, I’d say, you know, You have to work on you business, not just in your business. But I think a lot of people will have they “aha” moment at some stage, so it’s definitely worth while.

Pankaj at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Pankaj. I’m from Sydney and I’m at the Empire Mastery in Melbourne. My experience has been very amazing, and revolutionising my thinking process and the amount of learning and awareness which this event has created for me I think is going to bring results. My number one take away is in partnerships and the value of partnerships. Which we normally scared of entering into because we don’t know who we’re dealing with. Whether they’re a big fish, small fish in the business. So that fear has to have gone away and I’ve learned a new way to approach it. I would definitely recommend it. It’s an experience which every business owner should go to.

Tom learns about money – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my names Tom, here at Empire Mastery. Today I learn about money, which is the most important thing that I came here to learn. So just how to fund projects that I’ve got coming up and things like that. So yeah, today’s pretty interesting so far. Will be good to see what happens for the rest of the day. Everything just comes down to taking risks, and actually having a go. Pretty much if you just don’t do anything, nothing’s going to happen. So you’ve just got to go for it really and not hold back.

Susanne has crystallized her vision – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Susanne, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s the best four days I’ve ever invested in. It’s really crystallized my vision, It’s given me lots of different opportunities to actually expand, greater than I ever thought I could. I feel that I’m going to step away and take some more courage about entering into my business plan a lot earlier than I ever thought. And also too, kind of some really wise words around how I can do it, how I can build it, how I can exit it, maybe at some stage. I just, this is the best money I’ve ever spent when it comes to investing in me first, but then also to my business.

Claire is learning about herself – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi. I’m Claire, and I’m an Empire Mastery here in Brisbane. It’s been a great day and a half so far, learning heaps and a lot about myself, as well as a professional. So that’s been great. People I spoke with in the group, we all sort of had similar fears in business and so then they’re not so scary. If everyone’s having the same ones.

Scott has the blueprint for his business world – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, guys I’m Scott. I’m here at Empire Mastery with Aaron Sansoni. Really great experience. You know, really business focused, like minded people. One of those things where you know, you don’t feel uncomfortable talking about business. And it’s really been the blueprint for a conversation that I need to take into my, you know, business world. And have these conversations about how we can grow, evolve
and come up with new opportunities. So I’ve really enjoyed the sequence of the days. You know, breakthrough, following through with, you know, how we build a mindset. You know, now we’re into leverage on day 3. And tomorrow is empire building. So I really, really suggest anyone in the business world to you know, take it on and step outside that comfort zone. and you’ll find out more information about yourself. And then also what the world can bring.

Sam is hyped – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey my names Sam, here at Empire Mastery. It’s been very hype, to say that in the least. It’s one of the best things I’ve been to for sure. probably if you’re fearing something just, If you fear something then you’ve got to do it. Push through it.

Peter has a fantastic experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Peter I’m at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. The experience has been fantastic. It’s opened up a new way of thinking. I’ve always planned to go to those levels but really haven’t been given the tools, I guess, to to get there. And it’s probably one of the key ingredients to hold me back, really. I don’t have a lot of mentors in my life but he’s been fantastic with all the insight that he’s got. So it’s going to make hopefully the journey a little bit easier. It’s been quite thought provoking, in terms of what I actually expect out of me. So actually, I think I’ve got what it takes now and I can start to believe in myself. So that’s been invaluable, because no one’s ever talked to me the way Aaron’s talking. So it’s great.

Nick has an eye opener – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Nick, I’m here at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. This has been a bit of an eye opener for me. It’s really helped me to kind of breakthrough some of the fears and things that are holding me back to make my business really successful. Pretty excited because now I’m starting to look to the future and a couple of other things that I’ve maybe been thinking about. I’ve now put some solid plans in place. Futures looking good, being armed with the tools to realise that no matter what you do, everyone’s going to have something to say about you. And also, being able to have the tools to not really give that too much thought and not let It hold you back, was a big thing. I know that I’ve just gotten a tremendous amount of value from it. The ability to free up my time is going to be massive.

Natasha has the tools for business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Natasha I’m at Empire Mastery. The experience this weekend, or the last four days has really given me a kick in the bum, and it’s surrounded us with people that are like minded and the energy in the room is just amazing. So it really shows you how you really want to be in your whole life. Coming to the event, I think has given me the tools to be able to double what we’re currently taking. So that’s massive for us. Also, my time giving me the push I really need to be able to put in the right people in place so I can step back and have my time back, which is way more valuable than money.

Murray at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Murray I’m at Empire Mastery. Today, we’re learning about money and how to use it. So it’s been really informative, constructive, about sort of learning how easy it is to come up with the ideas, when you get a lot of people together. And sort of where you can get the funds and stuff from, to make things happen. Do more with the time you have. Yeah, It’s not that hard. It’s not that hard once you put your mind to it. It’ll definitely help us double down on all the things we’re doing. So I think it’ll help us save time, on trying different things that aren’t going to line up with what we want to achieve. So yeah, helping just really focus on what needs to happen.

Moji attents first seminar – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, this is Moji, It’s my first seminar with Mr Aaron. There was a lot of content, lots of information. I’m really enjoying, and I really recommend it to everyone. All of my friends, that how amazing it is. And definitely I’ll be back to his next seminar. Mr Aron, very knowledgeable person. You know, he knows a lot, very wise man.

Michelle is learning a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Michelle, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been… This is day two. It’s been an extremely, full on experience. We’ve learned a lot. It’s given us a lot more ideas for our small business. And how we can grow that business. And we’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of like minded people. The main takeaway is just having that, that leap of faith, just realising that you can’t do it on your own. And it’s great to reach out and get professionals to help you in business.

Julianne is excited about Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Julianne and I’m at Empire Mastery. I actually didn’t know what to expect, and it’s been very exciting and lots of knowledge that I’m learning that’s been very useful, and makes me think a lot about my business and where I can go from there and maybe, you know, in the future have an empire as well. I think the main takeaway for me would be M.A.I.A, which is to take massive change, action. I think a lot of the times we are scared to do it. And I can see now that, you know. it’s important to take that action. You can, Only when you take action You can really make a difference.

Errol enjoying the session – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Errol I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m having a great time.
Great session. Lots of learning, it’s very intense. Which is good. Main takeaway is about recognising. Some of the stories from the past and understanding that they are just stories. And then attaching meaning to those rather than having them as being emotional baggage. The reason why I came to the event was to learn how to actually get out of my business and to give myself some time. So, you know, straight away already we’re sort of looked at change for structure to give ourself a chance to exit out of that and do some other things. And yeah, we already have some good lessons learned. And some tasks, takeaways.

Debbie has ideas on how to improve her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Debbie we’re at Empire Mastery. I think it’s going to be really helpful to. Once I start implementing it into the business. There’s ideas to be able to change the way that I’m doing things, to give myself more time to do more of what I want to do. I want to buy more businesses and grow my businesses, but I couldn’t see that I could get out. I actually see that I can. I think it’s great.
I think anyone that comes out has a business gets something out of it.

Dave rates the event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Dave. I’m at Empire Mastery, been here for the last four days. It has been a fantastic event. Learned so much from Aaron and the team on about how to change not only myself, but, you know, the businesses that I working in and that I’m a part of. The big thing for me is a bit more on self reflection and what I am doing and where I need to go, and then how I need to continue to develop and work on me to get the outcomes I need. Not only in my business life but my personal life. I’d say I could get five times of what I currently have in my business and what I take my business. I think I can do a lot more, and systemise a lot of the processes and change the way I go about a lot of things to grow it and grow it quickly.

Damian at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Damian, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been a great couple of days. It’s quite valuable information We’re getting out of it, and I like the idea that It’s sort of crammed into 4 days. Long days, but yeah, that works well.

Cesar is back again for more – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Cesar, and I’m here at Empire Mastery. This is my second one, just sharing here with the guys. The first time I was a little sceptical I didn’t probably realise how much in depth the event goes, and how much I didn’t know. So then I realised that, how important it is basically to get mentorship to start knowing the things that I didn’t know. That’s why I like it, and really pleased that I came again.

Catherine rates getting a mentor – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Catherine, and I’m at Empire Mastery. So far I’m really enjoying everything that we’ve had to listen to. I do like the checklist that we were given today and all the different things to run through, just to see if it you would bother launching a business. I think that’s really handy. I actually think one of the big takeaways for me, is actually about getting a mentor. I know that sounds really weird but, I believe it would save time and money. So definitely well worth it.

Carolina is pushing herself forward – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Carolina and I’m here at, Empire Mastery in Brisbane. This last three days, this is the fourth day now, have been just amazing. Just being in a room surrounded by people that are thinking about opening a business or already have a business that want to scale. listening to their stories and also their fears. It just helps me. It has helped me to push myself forward and think that I’m not alone in this journey. There’s a lot of people going to it as well. And yeah, there’s just been so much to take, so much knowledge and the vision of actually, you know, you come here with just one idea and then it just opens up your head, so many other things that can be done. So it’s just been so amazing for me and great experience.

Angela is inspired – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Angela, I’m at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. And, yeah, I came here. This is my second time here, and I love coming back because it helps me to be able to keep really inspired and keep my conviction in all the adventures I want to do with my businesses and grow myself and scale my business and yeah, help as many people that we can. So I’m absolutely loving all the content. I always get something new out of it, and just mingling with like minded people. It’s great!

Zahrina is loving the process – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Zahrina Robertson and I am part of Aaron’s inner circle. In the last three months I’ve made $54,000 and I’ve really enjoyed the process. It’s not about the money now. It’s actually how many people I can change and their state. It’s my obligation in sharing what I know now and how I can help. So many business people in creating their brand, the personal brand they wanna create, it’s their legacy and their obligation. I’m really excited because I’m ready to rock on water. Thank you!

Stewart is putting together big deals – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Stewart Smith and in 2 months since meeting Aaron I made a pretty big deal together with my $55,000 and for us, my wife and I we’ve had our personal growth and expanding our business and Aaron’s given us the confidence and the tools to that. So thank you for all.

Adrian’s brought another 60k into his business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Adrian, I’ve known Aaron for 9 months now. I joined the inner circle and I’ve been lucky enough to bring in another extra $60,000 in my business, yeah, just all the mindset stuff, everything, being part of the inner circle’s been incredible.

Tho made nearly 1k a day in a week! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Tho Nuan I made $5000 in the last 6 days of one sale using what Aaron told me.

Moses can’t go wrong! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi Aaron, Moses here! In 3 months I made 50k unbelievable results. I learned so much, just basically implementing everything and you can’t go wrong with your training basically. You can’t go wrong.

Dave’s earned over 17k through implementing  – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Dave Beamish and since I’ve met Aaron Sansoni I have made over $17k and that was in 12 weeks and that was just applying a few different things and now I’m gonna go heart out and gonna hit my goal of a million.

Corene is achieving big in no time! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Corene so I have attended Aaron’s course since 2 months ago and this is what I have achieved so far and the power for myself and the company and we just wanna do more next year.

Jayson generating huge income! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Jayson and in the last 9 months of working with Aaron, as a direct result I’ve generated just over $95,000 of income to my business. It’s been the best.

Progress over the course of a lunch break – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Daniella, in just one day after one half of the day listening to Aaron speak I made $805,000 for a charity that I’m raising money for in just a lunch break.

Luke created his first listing on the first day of bootcamp! – Aaron Sansoni Review

On the first day of the sales bootcamp I’ve been listening to Aaron, he helped me create my first listing.

Ray is generating huge profits! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Ray. In 2 months I made $170,000 from the work that we’ve been taking on, thanks to Aaron for taking over that work and we’re gonna make this profit.

Duska made 13k in 20 days – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys. My name is Duska and in the last 20 days I’ve made $13,000

Big Goals for Kevin – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m at the sales mastery and I’ve been with Aaron for one year and a half a bit so Aaron has helped me to make, last year we made $986,000 and I am so excited to set my new goal so it’s gonna be over $2mil so excited! Thank you!

Ray Brown making big bucks! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Raymond Brown and in the last three months I’ve made $161,300

Yujin’s created 2 businesses from nothing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey Aaron it’s Yujin here, just been at the Sales Mastery, just wanted to say with the result since working with you I’ve created two businesses, the first one I made out of nothing made $20,000 with the sales in four months and this month it’s already $10,000 so I made $30,000 in 5 months technically. In those regard I have another company that’s launching soon so just from all your training and all your health. Thank you so much.

A journey of self discovery for Viviann – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Viviann Tran, I met Aaron 8 months ago and since then the journey for me has been a self-discovery, a self growth, a mental development and that to me has been priceless and from here that’s how it’s gonna prepare me to move forward and I can’t wait.

Mark’s life has changed for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Mark Burkhargt, I’ve been with Aaron for about 3 months now and in that time I’ve made $245,000 but it’s more than that, you’ve helped me fix my life Aaron in so many different ways, bringing me back to my family and I can’t thank you enough for that, thank you very much.

Neb’s back for more in his biggest year yet! – Aaron Sansoni Review

This is the second sales mastery I’ve done with Aaron and it just gets better and better every time. As a result of doing the sales mastery in the last 12 months, I’ve just had my biggest year of sales to date and I’m on the track to do something that I set out probably about three years ago which is to crack a million dollars worth of gross commission income into my business, it’s my personal business. So thank you so much Aaron, this is an absolute phenomenal experience. For anyone who’s thinking about going, you’ll literally 5, 6, 10 X your business without a doubt. The guy knows what he’s doing, he’s absolutely amazing, amazing person and just an even incredibly better mentor. So thanks again Aaron!

Daniela and her team are achieving big! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Daniela. I run a business of international recruiting, basically financial students to come to Australia. Since I met Aaron, so in the last 12 months this is what we made and our purpose is to achieve that without changing the number of staff members in the company. Thank you!

Jacalyn’s feeling healthier and happier with her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey everyone. My name is Jacky, since meeting Aaron two months ago my life has transformed, I’ve become healthier, happier, my relationships improved and I’m about to start a new business and I can’t wait.

John can’t wait to kill it! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day guys, my name is John and in the last three weeks of meeting Aaron I’ve earned $6,000 and I can’t wait to kill it.

Laura can’t put a price on everything she’s gained – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Laura Johnson Baker, since meeting Aaron 8 months ago I can’t put a price tag on what I have gained from being in his inner circle. The money doesn’t count when you build the mindset up to a point that you can handle anything and I know that my results are going to speak for themselves in the years to come.

Shane is loving life! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, my name is Shane Trimby. I’m from Sunny North Queensland. I’ve been working with Aaron for quite a while now. Last 12 months I did this amount but what I found really rewarding is that we’ve increased our staff by gee whiz, almost quadrupled our staff, we’ve doubled our business and our lives are going really good. I do this with my wife Samantha and we’re losing weight and improving our lives. Love it! Thanks Aaron.

Cindy’s mindset and quality of life has changed for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Cindy Drake and since working with Aaron I made $32,000 but I think most importantly getting thrilled mindset and having a better quality of life has been something you can’t put in words. Thanks Aaron!

Implementing got Buddy $2.5k in 1 day – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Buddy. I met Aaron one day in Sydney not that long ago and just implementing, leaving that event in one sitting I’ve made $2,500. It’s been absolutely amazing.

An amazing 7 months journey for Jamie – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys I’m Jamie, after working with Aaron for 7 months it’s been an amazing journey but we’ve been able to turnover now $85,000 which is an amazing thing for me but it’s only the beginning which is really, really exciting.

Natalie’s achieve a brand new mindset – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Natalie Smith and Aaron’s helped my husband and I build $55,000 in the last 6 weeks in our business. We’ve been able to achieve a new mindset to move forward and hopefully be really successful in business in the future and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

10k in 2 months is only the start for Lan – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, my name is Lan Nuan and I’m the founder of success accounting and success companies so I’ve attracted, amazing, in short term $10,000 as a result and I think this is just the start. So I’m really looking forward to being in the community and connecting with amazing people. Thank you!

100k a month for David! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m David. I’ve made $300,000 in three months since I’ve met Aaron.

Sam made 1.3 million in 8 weeks by playing full out! – Aaron Sansoni Review

So I’ve done $1.3 million in sales in 8 weeks since meeting Aaron Sansoni. It’s been amazing. The last three days, sales mastery, been playing full out, love it!

Jonathan made over 100k after bootcamp! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, it’s Jonathan here. I’m just here at Aaron Sansoni’s sales mastery. Ever since I’ve been through Empire Mastery 9 months ago I was able to make $157,000.

Steve is achieving unbelievable results – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Steve Knezic from from Del Real estate. I made $120,000 in 12 months time and the 3 nights it was amazing. It lifted me. it’s just unbelievable.

Brendan’s been implementing for 30 days and reaping the rewards – Aaron Sansoni Review

Brendan Goleby, thanks Aaron, I just wanna say in the last 30 days using the tips and tricks that you showed us I’ve been able to put an extra $10,000 in my bank account so I just wanna say thank you very much for everything you’ve taught us.

Steven has achieved his 1 year goal! – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Steven Quan. Last year I financially have made $100,000 in my first year of sale with Aaron so last year, exactly August 2016 I met Aaron in one of his bootcamps, million-dollar agent, and at that time I just started and now I made $100,000 in sales just in one year.

Karin made 40K in a year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Karin. I’ve made $40,000 in 12 months.

Andrew made 55k in one deal! – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Andrew. I met Aaron Sansoni one month ago. This is my achievement from one deal.

100k directly into Kristin’s pocket! – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result with Aaron’s training in the last 6 months I have moved $100,000 directly into my pocket.

Jacob is growing his brand and making money from nothing – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Jacob Carlile and since seeing Aaron 4 months ago I’ve grown my personal brand incredibly and made $3000 from zero before.

Daniel’s net worth has increased by $1.8 mil! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, my name is Daniel. I met Aaron 3 years in the Goldcoast and in 3 years my net worth has increased by $1.8 million dollars.

Rean’s getting to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey my name is Rean Somayhir. I’ve known Aaron now for 28 months. He has helped me so much in business, a lot mentally, a lot financially on how do we get to the next level so thanks Aaron for that, thank you.

Sharen’s made $30k in 8 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Sharen. In the 8 months with Aaron I’ve made $30,000.

Oliver is doubling down his goals! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi Aaron! Oliver Voss here from Kens. Since I first met you 10 months ago I’ve made $101,000, it’s a little bit off my goal but I’m working on that and my goal for the next 12 months will be $200,000.

Gee’s achieving phenomenal results – Aaron Sansoni Review

Sales Mastery has been amazing. Since I met Aaron 6 months ago I’ve made $75k in just under 180 days and it’s been phenomenal.

Soula has found her purpose – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Soula and I just made $5000 in 2 months but it’s more about what I’ve made personally and I’ve achieve my purpose and I’m now clear on where I’m going and that’s priceless.

Review on the Sales Mastery – Ultimate System by Anita K – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Anita. I just wanted to thank Aaron Sansoni for all of his coaching over the past year. Aaron has been a really, really great mentor. He’s taught me quite a lot and I’ve been able to implement some really efficient systems and processes. My time management has increased dramatically. He has some really, really great advance techniques particularly with his core building and client management so I just wanna say thank you Aaron for everything. Cheers!

I make $100,000 in sales after using the Sales king – Sales Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, it’s Nam here. I have absolutely no sales experience, didn’t think I’ll be able to make the sales I’ve been making through Aaron’s help, teaching me about differentiating the different buyers that there are, time management, all sorts of things. Now with the skills he’s taught me, I’ve been able to make sales up to a hundred grand a month, thanks to Aaron. I can’t be anymore happier than that and looking forward to continue my success. Thank you.

Review on the Sales Mastery – Ultimate System by Patrick – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, it’s Patrick here. Yeah, I did the Sales King program about three or four months ago and I found with this system basically, one of these is more of a holistic way of selling and it’s really understanding the wants and needs of the customer. Tying in the sales process to what it is that they actually, their core buying needs or their real reasons to buy and that’s what’s really helped me take my sales from where they were. I was doing okay but I’ve really hit most drives in the past few months and I really do attribute a lot of it to Aaron’s program and really following those processes.

Review by Patrick Logan – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, it’s Logan here. I just finished the Sales King program and needless to say I was blown away. I invested in the Sales King program quite after seeing Aaron speak on stage with Mr. Richard Brandson and I spent $5000 on the program. I thought wow! That’s a lot of money for me at that time but after having done the program it’s like it’s already repaid in my case. I can’t promise it will happen to everyone but it’s so worth it. If you don’t feel like you’ve got the money now, you’re gonna have the money later on so do it now, into it, apply it to your life, apply everything Aaron teaches, Aaron knows what he’s talking about, he’s done it for years upon years upon years and he’s done it successfully the whole time. It’s helped me become more confident in myself with the 5Cs and the way that that’s set up and the first person who actually recognized you need to learn before you go out. I experience a 60% increase in my sales after barely a month, I’m actually doing the sales king process, I haven’t even finished it yet so if I can get those sort of results – invest in this valuable skills, do it properly and reap the rewards. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thanks guys, thanks Aaron. Thanks everyone.

Simple $100 idea into $6000 return in days – Aaron Sansoni Review

So my first introduction with Aaron was when I saw him present at the seminar earlier this year in Melbourne and just by taking away one example of the multiple examples that he gave in his presentation we’re actually able to implement that within the week. It cost me an outlay of $100 which gave us a return of closer to $6000. So based on that I thought this stuff actually really works and it is really simple and easy to follow and learn so I took on the express program with Aaron and we’ve just recently completed that and I’ve learned a huge amount of information which is totally relevant, totally to our business. We’ve been in business for a while so we’ve always been busy working in the business and just to be able to have that support and have that ability to be coached through on how to make your business work for you better has been a huge, huge part of our life just for the last five weeks. Today we just actually did the launching of our program and what we’ve learned in the direction that we’re going to the rest of our team and that’s been received extremely well.

Peter Bland on getting coached by Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, Peter Bland here. I just wanna say thank you to Aaron Sansoni for all the business coaching that he’s been able to help me over the last few years. His knowledge, wisdom and expertise in the areas of taking product to market is nothing short of phenomenal, ranging from the pricing of your product to packaging, the positioning of it, the language around it, the wording, the coloring, everything actually. So if you’re looking at having a business coach come into your personal business or your corporate business, I can highly recommend Aaron and his services. Thank you!

Barbara Maneschi – jambar adventures talks on Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello, I’m Barbara and I just opened my new company, Jambar adventures where we do health and fitness, activities and events. I just came for the sales course because I think that I was lacking off over sales and marketing and I found that I really, really learned a lot so thank you Aaron.

Christopher Han from Western Energy talks on Bootcamp in Singapore

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m a salesman engineer from Western Energy and I’m gonna embark on a new business. I’m here in the Sales King program and it has been a fantastic first day and it is really a great comprehensive course whereby we learn how do we classify buyers and how we classify prospects so that we know what kind of strategies to use and those are how we think out of the box in getting new leads and how to classify our prospects according to colors as well as how we’re gonna get more leads from all the strategies that we learned today. Overall it’s been a wonderful first day, very highly energetic from Aaron so do come and you will learn a lot of things from this course.

James Mclauchlan of Rebel Bootcamp talks on Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, I’m James from Rebel Bootcamp. I’ve just finished a two-day program with Aaron. I’ve gotta say perfectly honestly before I came down, very, very skeptical. I’ve spent two days and there’s more learning than I know what to do with right now. I’m gonna spend the next two days actually digesting and going through everything and I really, really think there’s a great opportunity now where I can move my business from here to here.

Michael Ong T Global talks on The Sales King Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Michael Ong, I’m with Rex Central, the first three or four data center in Asia Pacific and the reason why I’ve joined Aaron’s program is pretty much to update myself to have learnt from Aaron from his experience as well on new ways to sell to our clients. I’ve worked for multinational corporations before and I sold a lot of services for these guys for the last 20 years or so but I think this is a really good phase wash for me and a good learning experience that I can bring to my business at Rex Central.

Shawn Tan of Easy Peasy Marketing talks Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Shawn Tan from Easy Peasy Marketing. I think one of the biggest things I actually learned right here in Aaron Sansoni’s lessons is that it’s always not about the selling, it’s always about tapping into your customers or clients’ emotions, what they really want, what they really desire because that’s precisely the core why they want to buy your service or products in the very first place. So join his cause, learn his secrets and become a greater salesman.

Syafiq Kamal of AIA Singapore talks on the Sales King Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! My name is Syafiq. I’m a financial service consultant with AIA. First thing when I saw the first seminar I was actually quite comfortable about it but I really like the presentation of Aaron and I really like the way he talked about the system, the system of the sales king. So I thought, yeah I’ll give myself a shot trying out this workshop and I believe that it’s really, really beneficial for me because I’ve learned so much and it’s given me much more of like a step by step process and a more focused approach.

Wilson of Max Generation talks on the Sales King Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Wilson. I’m a Max Generation agent, if anybody who wants to increase their sales please do, I urge them to come to Aaron’s course. It’s really mind blowing and it’s fantastic. He’s a very nice guy and he’ll teach you a lot of things.

Fahiza a Freelance Designer talks on The Sales King Bootcamp in Singapore – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Fahiza, I’m currently a freelance professional at the moment and I’m here to actually learn about how to run my future business plans in the digital world. For my first day here I actually learned a lot based on a lot of factors and I got to meet different people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and also I gained a lot of valuable experience to pursue my future business plans, hopefully.

$500,000 in Sales After 4 months using The Sales King – Aaron Sansoni Review

We launched an app development company from scratch,. We did $500,000 in sales in the first 7 months – Aaron showed us the way!

Colin Ball – Networking World – Aaron Sansoni Review

Today I’m at the Get Leads & Convert Bootcamp with Aaron Sansoni. It’s been a really interesting day, lots of really good information and more to the point it produces real results. They’ll give you a real demonstration rather than just talking the talk. You actually see the walk the walk which is really good. So great place to be, great value. If you can get to one, I recommend it.

Martin Voss from Loans Oz – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m at the Get Leads & Convert Bootcamp and I just came back from lunch and we had a great session this morning, wonderful information about generating leads and how we’re gonna convert them and I believe it’s gonna make a big impact on my business and I think in dollar terms it’s probably gonna be able to double what I’m doing now.

Mark – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good afternoon! My name is Mark Lincoln from Prime Visions Real Estate, I’m down at Eden and just finished the morning session of getting leads and converts, hosted by a monster and Aaron Sansoni. So far I’ve been able to uncover that I’m running at about 25% of our potential so there’s an increase potential 400% transactions in sales and closing more leads in our business.

Nathan Farrugia #1 Best Selling Author on getting business coaching – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey Aaron I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my first novel and it’s been number one on Apple, on Amazon and Google. Thanks to your marketing strategies it’s been able to achieve that. I just wanted to say a big thanks and I’ll be back for more.

Raving Fan – Kathy Eppley – Aaron Sansoni Review

This is Kathy Eppley with the standyourself.com and I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to hear Aaron speak. He is so energetic, so fabulous and quite frankly he is so right on the money because so often we are so focused on – there’s so much going on in business and sometimes I know I’m guilty, I’m guilty of forgetting about what’s most important and what’s most important is making sales, yes. He really helped to impact my level of confidence and he’s just great, great speaker and beyond that just a wonderful, wonderful kind person who really truly does care about helping other people and I can’t wait to attend more of his events.

Raving Fan – Randy Hancock – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Randy Hancock. I just want to say what Aaron taught me about how to distinguish the district buyers, their mentality, what they’re looking for, it was so valuable because now I know how to interact with all the different people and what they’re buying. If they’re a timid buyer, they’re aggressive, they wanna know knowledge about the product. It was so enlightening Aaron, I just wanna thank you because without it that information – I wasn’t selling to people ‘cause I wasn’t reading them right and you taught me how to read that person, to be able to really sell to that individual whatever their need vs. their personality.

Raving Fan – Carrol James from Source Property – Aaron Sansoni Review

Carrol here from Source Property services. I’m here today to share my experience with you of working with Aaron Sansoni which has been a great experience for me for over 12 months now. He’s helping me with my company. Look, pretty much basically Aaron works from his heart. He has that passion in it and for me that resonates very very well because that’s how I work with people also. I can see a lot of great changes coming for my business especially in 2013 and this year in particular Aaron has shared his time with me to implement some change and wonderful ideas and packages for my perspective clients that I know are gonna come on board and the changes we’re gonna see next year for my company is just gonna be astronomical. I feel it from here and I’m really, really excited for the time that Aaron’s given me and working with me as well. Aaron is a really down to earth young man and I say young man ‘cause he’s probably the same age as my eldest daughter and from that perspective to be able to sit with him and work with him, honestly and openly and feel totally comfortable that I’m not getting judged on anything that I say or feeling inexperienced about anything. At the end of the day everything starts from an idea and my business was an idea to start with and I work from my heart and Aaron is helping me.

Raving Fan – Lino Vera – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Lino Vera and I’m the chief financial officer of a mid-size marketing company. I’m from Toronto, Ontario Canada, I came to Australia on business and I heard that Aaron, the Sales King was speaking nearby and it immediately caught my interest and I must say that it was a very good decision by myself. I found him very knowledgeable and very, very effective and he kind of keyed in some trigger points that I wanna take back to our corporation in Canada and utilize and implement in our system and I look forward to returning again. I’ll probably see Aaron in Canada speak to a larger group from my company.

Raving Fan – Mary Ann Parkhurst – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron, we’ve just come out of this class with Joe Bar and I really learned a lot about what you can do for people, how you help us with our communication skills and how that relates marketing and sales. Watching you demonstrate some of those abilities in class was just phenomenal for me. I loved your enthusiasm the way you do that and the way you relate to the class and I really appreciate and seen how you relate to people outside of the actual presentations just in your one on one conversations with us and how that improves our own communication skills.

Raving Fan – David Simone – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, this is David Simone with Go Sell Yourself, selling is not a dirty work. I’ve been in the field of sales ever since I was about 11 years old. I won every sales contest I was ever in. I’m always surprised and thrilled when I meet another persuasion king. Aaron the Sales King did this speech at the event yesterday and he taught me a closing technique I’d never even seen about follow me to the back of the room and the way he did it is like we were all just in a training event and we were all were like, we were almost mechanically like pulled by rope to go to the back of the room, everybody started to move in their chairs. The guy is amazing. If you’re producing event, you might want to look at this guy, if you’re just wanting to learn how to close and sell, you might want to talk to Aaron, the Sales King. Really enjoyed this guy and he’s got a heart of gold.

$30,000 in 25 days from working with Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Dirk Ten Cate, I’m from Sydney. I’ve been in sales for over 25 years now. Seven of those years I’ve been in real estate with Ray White, you know, I’ve invested a lot of money in my sales over the years, I’ve done courses, I’ve read books, I’ve watched videos, I’ve listened to the tapes and they’re all been put in a box somewhere gathering dust. Why am I telling you this? Well, I met this fella by the name of Aaron Sansoni from the Sales King, one of this G up courses that I always attend to get my injection, I feel good for the next few weeks but there was something different about Aaron and his methods that I could really associate with. So I invested in his system, the Sales King Ultimate system which came complete with a one hour session with Aaron. I was pretty excited at the whole thing with the call and was expecting a huge motivational session and the call was nothing what I expected. Instead of a sales G up it was a life lesson for one hour and something that I’ll always be grateful for. You know, in 25 days since that call I brought in 30 grand in commission, stopped smoking after, I don’t even know how many years and I’m well on track for my new goal for $100,000 and I can definitely attribute these successes as a direct result of Aaron Sansoni and the Sales King system. Thanks Aaron.

$71,000 in 60 days from working with Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Janet McNeill of Harcourts Mornington. I’ve been working with Aaron for the last three months and I have to say I’ve been experiencing some amazing success. As part of our coaching I’ve been learning the 150 words of instant influence. I’ve been speaking to ladies from the gym that I attend to, having coffee mornings. I’ve got some corporate photos, some corporate videos, my webpage has been updated, my Facebook and all the social media and as a direct result of the personal coaching that I’ve been having with Aaron I have written over $71,000 of commission in just the last 60 days. Awesome training Aaron, looking forward to some more.

$200,000 + in 5 months working with Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

I started working with Aaron Sansoni about 7 months ago and in that time he has helped me develop some strategies to make me become an expert in my area, as a result of those strategies what we’ve done is, well actually what I’ve done is I have earned the same gross commission in 5 months of this calendar year. That’s what I did in the entire 12 months of last year. One of the strategies that he suggested that I implement was to start doing some seminars which I did. It was just going to be a small affair, I got a gold medal Olympian Steven Bradbury, the ice skater who I’m sure you’ve probably all heard of. He became involved in it and what grew to be something that should’ve had about 20 people in a room grew to a room that held 150 people with a really great event. Now I’m property wise education and really elevating my expert status in my area very quickly and I have Aaron to thank for all of these. It has been a really good experience and if you have the opportunity to work with Aaron I would highly recommend it.

Full Fees, 4 Auctions & 60,000 to come using The Sales King Training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I spent an hour last night with Aaron on the phone. One of the things we talked about was the wants and needs analysis using the iceberg questioning when dealing with clients. I knew this stuff, I’ve seen it before but I’ve forgotten the years at. The next day I sat down with a client that I had a really good rapport with, he was ready to list. I was able to convince him to list using the auction process which he didn’t wanna do. I was able to get full vendor funding off him, about $5000. I was able to agree to full fees. Now I know that if I hadn’t used this approach, that wouldn’t have been successful. So potentially $60, 000 worth of commission, four auctions, fantastic. Thanks Aaron! You won’t be hearing me asking for a refund.

Sebastian– over $170,000 in one month – Aaron Sansoni Review

Sebastian here from LH Hooker, we’re here at the Be Phenomenal event in Brisbane, it’s Monday the 7th of October. Now, I’ve just listened to Aaron Sansoni the fourth time and it’s one of the best presentations that I’ve seen him do since I’ve known him in the past 12 months. His sales king system has helped me produce a multiple 6 figure income and I had my best month in May 2013, grossing just over $170,000 in gross commissions and it’s thank you to that man over there. So if you’re thinking about using Aaron or if you need something to help with your business, pick up the phone, send him an email, just do it because it’s the best thing you’re ever gonna do.

Glenn Twiddle on investing $25,000 for a half day mentored by Aaron Sansoni

Hey folks, Glenn Twiddle here and I just want to say that after a day wit Aaron, you know, Aaron’s 25 grand a day so it’s heavy on the pocket, a little investment made here today but I’ll tell you, I spend a day with Aaron, The Sales King, and we weren’t talking about sales here today, we’re gonna talk about business strategy, we weren’t talking about sales, we’re gonna talk about marketing. We’re talking about business overall, you know, well, first of all I thought he was a sales guru but as I got to see how he had his business structured I thought no, no, what you’ve got is what I need so we’ve spend a day strategizing pulling apart my business, putting it back together and at a cost of 25 grand a day I promise you, you know it may sound like a lot and I suppose it is a lot when the return on investment is multimillion dollar businesses that he’s built out of businesses maybe with even less potential that mine has, wow that’s like a drop in the ocean comparatively so, my brain’s a little fried in fact, you know, a lot of people come to me for this sort of advice, well the guy I got an advice from I just spend a day with, fried my brain and now it’s my job to go back to my business, put it back together and have it go from my, you know, million dollar business to a multi, multi, multi-million dollar business. So you look at that pretty minimal investment in order to do that. He gave me all the tools, I left with strategy, I left with plan, because with a brain fried like mine, I certainly could not be trusted to go back to my business with anything but steps, do this, do that because he really does pull it all apart and put it back together again for you with a concise plan in order to triple, quadruple, any size business and he’s certainly done that with mine.

John McGregor made an extra $30,000 from listening to Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, it’s John McGregor. I just wanna say that as a direct result of working with Aaron and just even only one of his seminars I produced an extra $30,000 with him. This guy’s stuff is incredible.

Melita and Ashley Bell made $1,900,000 over lunch – Aaron Sansoni Review

Day 2 Aaron Sansoni, Million-dollar agent bootcamp at lunch time sold $1,900,000 worth of property just from implementing basically straight away his teachings. We met Aaron at the Be Phenomenal and it was just outstanding. Since then we had a conversation with him there and then we had a conversation with him on the phone and it changed our whole entire personal life, which for us we cannot thank him enough. We’re really truly grateful. Yeah, blessed to meet such a man. He’s a bargain. He certainly a bargain. I’d give him anything to do it all over again doesn’t bother me in the slightest just from what he’s done, for us personally.  Yeah, so thank you very much Aaron from the bottom of our hearts. Appreciate it mate.

$6,000,000.00 in 5 months from Aaron Sansoni’s mentoring – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello, I’m Susie. I am absolutely thrilled to say that in the last 5 months we have done $6,000,000 in gross commission and that is mostly thanks to our wonderful Aaron Sansoni so just thank you so much. We’re really looking forward to our future, it looks very bright.

I’ve made $547,000 over 18 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Danelle , I’m a real estate agent from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I’ve been working with Aaron for quite a while now and as a result of working with Aaron, I cannot believe how much of a difference he has made to my business. In the last 18 months I have earned well in excess of $500,000. I think it’s about $547,000 in gross commission. That’s probably been the best 18 months that I’ve had in my career and that’s a down market. He’s well worth to listen, if you get an opportunity to work with Aaron at anytime you need to grab it with both hands and run with it. He is fantastic!

Alister & Madeline Kay made $115,000 from Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, Alister Kay and my wife, Madeline Kay. We’re intense with time, since probably tuned $115,000 which is just awesome we’re very excited. Thank you very much and we’ll see you next time. We can’t wait to get back and implement.

Teena Gimore did $20,000 in sales in her new career thanks to Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Teena Gilmore and as a result of Aaron’s training I’ve earned $20,000 in gross commission and I’ve just appreciated the last three days, it’s been really great and not what I expected at all. It’s been awesome. Thank you!

Amanda Yates did $150,000 in sales in 6 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! This is Amanda Yates and as a result of Aaron’s training and coaching and mentoring I’ve actually made $150,000, exceeding my dreams and still working on it to go to the next level. It’s fantastic.

Ham Hassan was inspired to double his income from Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve seen Aaron last year November and since then I was just inspired by his approach to sales and being with the Sales King I see my figures go from about $60,000 to $70,000 to $125,000 increase in gross commission in the last, since then, since November. I recently took out an award and Aaron Sansoni has been instrumental and he’s inspired me to get to that level. So I just wanna say thank you to Aaron and the team that I have the opportunity to be a part of this, his training. Thank you very much.

$275,000 in 5 months as a direct result of Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Matt Jony, as a direct result of being here and doing the training with Aaron Sansoni I’ve written over $275,000 in commission in the last 5 months. It’s been a great event. I recommend it to anybody just thinking about doing it in the future. Thank you.

Tracey Henderson made $600,000 in 5 months from Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Tracey Henderson and I’m here with Aaron Sansoni, I’ve spent two days at his bootcamp and since October at from last year, both my offices have  actually made $600,000 so thank you very much Aaron and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

I’ve done $365,000 since Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, my name is Claudio and since having the opportunity to train with Aaron in the Be Phenomenal event last year in October, I had my absolute two biggest quarters so far. I’m just getting back in October, listed 27 properties for the remaining for that month, that’s what he snowballed, since then I’ve been able to achieve which is a big $365,000 in GCI as a direct result of Aaron’s systems and I’m absolute things will change and implement it’s been absolutely awesome, cheers!

Darren Bearly made $200,000 in less than 6 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Darren here from Western Australia. As a direct result of the Sales King’s training and Aaron’s program, I’ve earned $200,000 in 6 months whereas previously I did that almost in a whole year.

Daniel Imbesi made $70,000 from Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Daniel Imbesi and I met Aaron late last year and I came across [unintelligible 0:05] the Bootcamp this past three days last year I’ve made $70,000.

Michael Conrick made $70,000 EXTRA from Aaron Sansoni’s mentoring – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Michael Conrick, as a result of Aaron’s training I’ve made an extra $70,000 over the last few months and I picked up heaps and new ideas from the training over the last three days as well. So I can’t wait to implement them and see how I’ll go now.

Bruce Patterson literally doubled his sales using Aaron Sansoni’s techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, it’s Bruce Patterson. I attended Aaron Sansoni’s be phenomenal back in October, as a direct result of that I basically doubled my sales going from 2 sales a month to 4 sales a month and as a result $130,000 in gross commission. So thanks very much Aaron, much appreciate it.

Made $60,000 brand new into real estate because of Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Glen Clark and I fully endorse the sales king for everything that I have learned from it so far, as a direct result of Aaron and since the Be Phenomenal event I’ve made $60,000 in gross commissions. I’ve only started in real estate and so to me that’s just and cheers to better and bigger things to come.

I’ve made $178,000, lost 6 kgs and changed my life – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result from the Be Phenomenal two days with Aaron Sansoni, I’ve earned an extra $178,000, I’ve lost 6 kilos and basically it’s changed my life.

Scott Wade has made $70,000  – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Scott Wade and as a direct result of Aaron’s training I made $70,000 in gross commission

Simple – As a direct result of Aaron Sansoni I’ve made $20,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron Sansoni, I’ve made $20,000.

Sebastian Ross has done $400,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! Sebastian  as a direct result of working with Aaron Sansoni, the Sales King, I have nearly done, I’m just about to go over $400,000 in gross commission through the year and that is a phenomenal achievement so thank you Aaron and I’m looking forward to another fantastic year where we’re gonna do a million bucks.

Clinton Sipple did $73,700 using only 1 technique 6 days – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Clinton, as a direct result of working with Aaron within 6 days of learning just one technique I sold a property that I earned $73,700 in commission.

15 sales, 100% increase as a direct result of Aaron Sansoni’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I met Aaron 6 weeks ago and as a direct result of that I picked up my sales by 100%. I’ve done over 15 sales this year already.

Michelle has made more in the last 2 months than 1 year before

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’ve seen Aaron last November at the Be Phenomenal, I joined the program and I have made more money in the last two months than I did all of last year and I’m grateful. I didn’t know what to do actually, I wasn’t very good before now!

Angela took on the big guns and won– Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron, as I mentioned a lot of it, it’s slowly sinking into my head and coming out subconsciously. I managed to get a listing that was 6 suburbs away from my core are and I was up against the directors of the companies there, guns, heavy market share and they went with me and I think as a result from everything that I’ve learnt.

Bob has gotten 8 of his last ten listings after working with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron, I’ve got 8 out of 10 listing presentations that I went to. He’s magnificent, he’s really good.

Brenda Hampson made $15,620 after one phone call with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron Sansoni I made this commission check in the first week. Thanks Aaron!

Glen has added $100,000 to his business from working with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of Aaron Sansoni and his team, in just three short months I was able to transform and probably ad $100,000 onto my business. Aaron is the best that I’ve ever seen. I’ve worked with plenty mentors and coaches, he knows his stuff and instantly you’re able to add money to your business.

Jemma Turner made $25,000 after implementing Aaron’s techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron I made an extra $25,000 so thanks so much Aaron and I can’t wait to see you at the next bootcamp.

Juan has doubled his income as a direct result of working with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron I have achieved, well, my income has doubled from the year before this one.

Jodie has changed her mindset and her business is on the up – Aaron Sansoni Review

Since meeting Aaron a couple of months ago my mindset shifted and I know I’ve got the confidence and he’s gonna give me the skills in order to grow my business to huge levels, not just the next levels but above and beyond what I didn’t even thought was possible before.

Arnie & Aaron Testimonials – Aaron Sansoni Review

What a great job Aaron does, delivers every single time. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve learned so much. I’ve listened to Aaron so many times before and I have also been invested in his program but every time I listen to him I hear and I learn more. He’s a natural. I don’t know how he does it. Incredible. Unmissable. Absolutely amazing

Jacob took a leap of faith and he has never looked back – Aaron Sansoni Review

When I first met Aaron and saw his gig, you always have those doubts, is this the real thing? I don’t know, I don’t know and then you see all these stuff on top of the big screen saying these results and figures but it’s just on the screen and you know, is that true or not? And he’s promoting a video and tells his story as well and you’re always doubting but then I thought I would take a chance and enroll on his sales program and sales system and it’s changed my life unbelievably. So anyone else who wants to do that, I highly recommend it because it’s worth every single dollar ten-fold. Last year I came to one of Aaron Sansoni’s bootcamps, man, it was intense. He told us he was gonna play full out and he really did and anyone should definitely go do that. 2 months after the bootcamp Jacob was let go from his job. I thought I’m done, I’m out, what can I do? But I picked myself back up and thought about all of the things that Aaron said, how hard it was for him when he grew up so I thought to myself it can’t be that hard. There’s other people out there far worse off than I am, anyway, then I started working on a new company in January and it took me a month for that time for my results to just significantly change. In that four weeks I made ten and a half grand and it’s not hard where I’ve come from so I give that back to Aaron Sansoni and his training.

James & Barbara have changed their business for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, this is James & Barbara. We first met Aaron in 2013 and took the plunge to go to his Sales King bootcamp two-day experience. It was really excellent and not only did we get loads of value in that but he actually followed up with a complete set of DVDs providing even more information than what we’ve got on the bootcamp as well. So with those two elements combined we were able to instantly grow our business. Last year we actually decided to then go one on one with Aaron and we were able to take our business from $200,000 to over a million dollars and triple the size of our team. This year we went one step further and went for a one-day full immersion with Aaron, absolutely excellent. We got so much value for every area in our business that even though we were implementing things the day and on the day after he left as well, two months later we are still implementing a lot of what we talked about this day so we’re super excited about the coming year. This year we’ve got some amazing targets and with Aaron’s help I’m absolutely certain we’re gonna get there so if this is something you’re thinking about, both Barbara and I would absolutely, 100% recommend that you spend some time with Aaron. Good luck guys!

Bob Testimonial – Aaron Sansoni Review

A few months ago things were pretty tough, I just got 1 out 11 presentations I’ve been to. I’m a good sales man as Aaron reminded me. I’m gonna make it at this game, I’ve been selling a long time but as you can see I’m a bit older than most of you. You know, I’m still struggling I guess, still not enough confidence I guess and then Aaron rings me up, I had an hour with Aaron and you think, what can that change? You know he’s one of the most perceptive dudes I’ve ever talked to, he got me in a few minutes and he said to me, “Bob, I’ve never, in all the time I’ve been speaking, I’ve never spoken to anybody who is a world champion salesman” ‘cause that’s what I did. It was a long time ago but I sold 72 cars in a week and out of Detroit. Detroit, they made me number one salesman in the world, gave me a Rolex Cellini watch, checked me in a and that’s what’s getting me about this thing, I wasn’t winning at real estate and I know I can, I know I can so this is just magic to me because I know I’ve gotta implement. I know I gotta do things but this phone call, when he reminded me that I was good you know, now he said until I come here what I gotta do before I go to anybody and talk to anybody I gotta go “Bob! Do it! Bob, do it!” and I do that and you know it’s changed me from getting 1 out of 11, I’ve got 8 out of 10 and I’ve got another one coming so I’m gonna be 9 out of 11.

Aaron Sansoni testimonial $3M to $40M in 18 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, Brent Thompson here, best-selling northern speaker, coach and mentor of a thousand on the subject of direct response copywriting and marketing. Look, one, I wanna give a quick shout out to Aaron Sansoni, this guy is an absolute genius. I’ve had the privilege of working with him and I’ll tell you the story of what happened. So we worked, I was brought in as a contractor with the company on marketing, lead generation and copywriting point of view and Aaron was brought in from a sales point of view and what we did, we took the company from $3 million to $40 million in 18 months all right? And here’s the big lesson there, it’s okay for me to do put my marketing magic on things and bringing leads and with the copyright and all that kind of, that marketing magic but if there’s no systems in place or people in place to close the sales then it could be a fruitless exercise, right? an expensive one. So worked so well together and seeing Aaron and his magic and his gifting in sales was just I was in awe of because he took an internal team and you wouldn’t really call these guys sales people right? but Aaron came in and turned them into super selling machines and again, the numbers speaks for themselves, from $3 million to $40 million in 18 months, you can’t bluff your way to those figures. This guy is amazing. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing the stage with him and seeing him, his ability to teach other people ‘cause a lot of people are experts and they have their genius right but they’re not good at teaching it so if you ever get an opportunity to see Aaron speak or to invest in some coaching program or any way at all, if you have any opportunity to do anything with Aaron, absolutely do it ‘cause this guy knows his stuff better than I’ve known anyone in this field but he’s so excellent at teaching and getting results. I know my clients have been introduced to Aaron and their whole business and everything in their life has changed because of Aaron’s specific sales training that he’s done with them. So let me tell you, he’s the real deal. I trust him with my clients and my business and you won’t be disappointed. He will definitely change lives.

A 1 hour meeting was truly life changing for Bob – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Bob Christi, I met Aaron at the Be Phenomenal camp and got into a system where he was gonna help us and had a one hour session booked with us so we could book a one hour session with Aaron and I’ll tell you something, it’s about the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. As you can see I’m a bit older, I’m learning the new ways, I’ve been a salesman all my life, I’ve done a lot. Aaron is a very, very perceptive guy. He got into my mind very quickly and then he reminded me that I was good, that I didn’t need to come second to anybody, that I was a champion and I am, I’ve got a world record and he reminded me of this and he told me “don’t you ever go anywhere without pumping yourself up and getting yourself up on top of the world and walking like the champion you are and you tell ‘em”. The difference in results, before I talked with Aaron I got one out of eleven listing appraisals that I went to, now I’ve got 8 out of 10 in three weeks. Three weeks, my results have gone from one out of 11 to eight out of 10 and it’s about to become 9 out of 11. Magnificent! Look, if you get a chance to work with the guy just get it, just work with him.

A few revelations and plenty more to be learned at Day 1 of Aaron’s Bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

Day one and Aaron really knows how to get you pumped and working on deep thoughts on where you’re at so that he can identify your own things that are blocking you. I’ve had a few revelations and insights this morning but really excited about what I’m gonna learn this afternoon.

A privilege to be able to listen to, thank you Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

Quite privileged to be listening to what he’s gotta say. An amazing amount of information so much so that my head is exploding and it’s gonna take me weeks to go through all these sort of stuff but I’m looking forward to doing so and there’re something in there that I’ve never thought of and I think long term will be fantastic for myself and my business. So thank you very much Aaron and the team at the million dollar bootcamp.

A young entrepreneur is extremely grateful for the opportunity – Aaron Sansoni Review

I just saw Aaron speak at the Entrepreneur club, absolutely loved what he had to say, really resonated with his story and the way he was brought up and I thought it was really great that he would come in and talk to the young entrepreneurs, share his story and gave us a little bit of insight on what it takes to be a sales guru. Really love it. Really appreciate it.

Aaron will increase your income and make your life better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron Sansoni, one of the most life changing experience I’ve had in my life. The whole day was excellent. I haven’t met a trainer, someone who’s got that sort of knowledge before, who’s given that much passion and not only the inside knowledge plus he’s actually been there. Get an opportunity to work with him, don’t pass it up, he will literally increase your income and also make your life better.

The ability to interpret different personalities – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, Aaron, the way he talks is just amazing, you know? How he can interpret someone and use vocabulary to tailor towards that person. It’s just unbelievable and it’s something I’m definitely gonna take on board and learn.

Aaron’s guidance to reach my goals is truly inspiring – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, the course is really fun. I’m getting a lot out of it, it’s really inspirational. I guess it’s given me a bit more guidance of what numbers I need to sort of do daily and monthly, yearly to get me to my goals.

Aaron’s message is really helping to bring the positive beliefs to achieve – Aaron Sansoni Review

I really enjoyed the course. I got a lot out of the learning how to self-induce and just had positive beliefs that looks like could be really important so I’m looking forward to it, yeah thanks.

These techniques have give Gemma a leg up on her position – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron’s techniques have not only been career changing but absolutely life changing for me. If you ever get the opportunity to come and see him you have to, working with people like Aaron, I’ve actually been a list property for 0.7% or more higher than my competition that’s been working there for thirty plus years and I get vendor paid advertising every time. Thank you so much Aaron and if you ever get the chance just do it.

Aaron’s techniques of getting you into the right mindset are priceless – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, I always love seeing Aaron present amd he’s very different to anyone I’ve seen in the industry especially with the mind-frame, mindset sort of stuff which isn’t easy to awesome time, this morning literally no sleep, yeah, naturally having a good time.

Aaron’s training has been fantastic – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron’s training has been absolutely fantastic as well so we really enjoyed ourselves. It’s been fantastic.

Adam is convinced Aaron can take him to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

How are you guys doing? Adam Raffort from Connecticut, back here in the States, saw Aaron today for the very first time, actually very first exposure to him, whatsoever and the guy is the real deal, very phenomenal, brought some powerful information in a very short period of time and I know I’m personally gonna be looking in everything that he has to offer ‘cause he can obviously take people to the next level.

After 20 years in real estate, Aaron’s ideas have changed by life – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve just come from Aaron’s course and what he’s brought up has changed my life, as far as being in real estate for 20 years but some of his ideas are fantastic, yeah, renewing and everything.

After an epic 14-hour day, it’s clear Aaron is the best speaker I’ve seen – Aaron Sansoni Review

So yesterday we were hear from 7 ‘til 9 o’clock so it was a pretty epic 14-hour day, watching Aaron all day was really good though. He’s probably one of the best speakers I’ve seen in my 7 years.

Alex is a cancer survivor and Aaron’s story has immediate impact – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron, man, he killed it. The thing that stood out to me the most was the life message, if you have a message take it, turn your passion into money, into profit. Firstly, I’m a cancer survivor and that’s a message in itself and now look where he’s walking in life now like compared to where he was working back then, man that’s amazing. That guy is amazing. He killed it.

Alex was blown away by Aaron’s phenomenal message – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve just been here at the bootcamp Be Phenomenal and I heard Aaron Sansoni speak and he’s phenomenally good, he’s a great speaker, very innovative and he’s very real and I love that he is real and I love how he was able to connect. He’s very, very inspiring. If you’re thinking about joining go for it.

Ally is excited to start implementing Aaron’s phenomenal strategies – Aaron Sansoni Review

Absolutely phenomenal, this is our second time around doing it. The content we’ve learned is just insane, so much to implement, so much more to go but we’re absolutely excited and we can’t wait to get home to start getting things done.

You have helped me with some relationship advice– Aaron Sansoni Review

Thank you very much. As a direct result of working with you just in the first few weeks I’ve earned an extra four listings as a direct result of the advice you have given me but the most surprising thing is and the best advice that you gave me was actually relationship advice.

Amir was left speechless by Aaron’s message – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Amir, I’m from San Jose California. I flew out all the way from California just to be in this conference. Aaron, he’s a great speaker, he just really knows how to communicate with us, you know, he really connected with me from where he came from to where he got right now. I was speechless when I was up there you know and I’m definitely gonna look into his website and get in touch with him ‘cause I think he’s got a great message and everybody needs to hear it.

Andrew is excited to start working with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m from Italy. I just wanna say I’m so excited, about to start the Aaron Sansoni Sales King program. He’s such a genuine guy, the way he sells his product, he’s the best I’ve ever seen. All the other trainers out there, everyone’s rushing to go buy it. If he can do that, just imagine what he can teach us. I’m really looking forward to the future and doubling my business like he’s done for so many other people. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you.

Angela’s expectations were exceeded – Aaron Sansoni Review

This is the third day of the training, it didn’t match my expectations. It actually exceeded them by a country mile. It’s been an amazing experience, we’re buzzing. I can’t wait to get back and implement it and I know from what I’ve worked from, working with Aaron for a little while now, I’m using his stuff and it’s all happening subconsciously and I just realized that after listening to him, telling me all these things and I’m saying, “oh, I’m doing that, I’m doing that.” so it’s been amazing, I can’t wait to get into it and get into the greet and grind and really kill it this year.

Anu found immediate worth – Aaron Sansoni Review

How are you guys doing? My name is Anu, I’m from Long Island, New York. I mean, wow, the story is amazing and one day I will love to do something like that. I mean, I never saw it from that perspective, you know, I understand, hey we could all do something like this. To be able to make it that simple and just really simplify with the Ds, the 6 Ds, I say hey, everybody’s got a story you know? everybody’s got a story, everybody wants to hear it. So you could do that, you know, you just gotta formulate a plan, structure it and you don’t gotta be scared because I’m scared of public speaking but here I’m talking to you. He really simplified it and I like the way he broke it down so I can see why, he’s a survivor, worked a lot and he can charge a lot and he’s so built in his empire because he’s just working off of basically himself – naturalness, simplicity and he’s just really amazing.

Ben from New Hampshire relate to Aaron’s story and will to succeed – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Benjamin and I’m from Cannon, New Hampshire and in my opinion on Aaron’s speech, it was amazing, very smart. Like when I saw his life story I could really relate to that. Like Aaron I just wanna help people, that’s all I wanna do. He also has some really good points like with the 6 Ds, yeah, he had some really great stuff today. I know he wants to see other people succeed.

Brendan was impressed by what he saw – Aaron Sansoni Review

Here at the million dollar agent bootcamp, first time I’ve ever seen Aaron Sansoni perform, I’m really impressed by some of his skills and I can’t wait to implement this new strategies in my marketplace.

Brett learned all about improving his people skills through Aaron’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I just wanna say that I’m absolutely loving the topics we’ve been talking about the past few days and Aaron’s stuff is all about people, in fact is if you can help your people skills improve, all the rest of the stuff is easy to implement so I highly value the trainer.

Bruce is a full believer – Aaron Sansoni Review

I went to the Be Phenomenal this time last year. I met up with Aaron and yeah, that guy was sensational, he just absolutely blew me away, captivated me, so yeah, I want a part of this. It was not until we did the bootcamp back in February, March, this year. I just signed up with Aaron and I’m sort of being mentored by Aaron and my business is just going from strength to strength. I can’t recommend them more highly, so if you’re thinking about getting to the next level of your business, you’ve gotta choose Aaron.

Bucket loads of information up for offer at Aaron’s ‘fantastic’ bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

Fantastic event so far, halfway through the day and already picked up a bucket load of information and would recommend this to absolutely anyone, looking forward to the rest of the two and a half days that we’re here and I can’t wait for what’s to come ‘cause I’m sure we’ve only just scratched the surface, fantastic!

Craig and Amber would recommend this system to anyone – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Craig! and I’m Amber. We just like to say today was great. We learned so much information and yeah it’s one of the best sales events. It’s something we would recommend to everyone wanting to up their business, up their income, it is the best thing.

Danelle has more than doubled her sales by using Aaron’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Danelle Wiseman from I’ve worked with Aaron Sansoni for some time now over the last 12 months. As a direct result of working with Aaron I have more than doubled my sales from last year. I’m pass becoming an expert in my area and I haven’t had to prospect very much in all these years, as a result of some of the things that we’ve put into place after my telephone call with him. If you have an opportunity to work with Aaron, you should take it, grab it with both hands.

Daniel was motivated to use this training to earn himself some extra dollars – Aaron Sansoni Review

What I learned about him is you start young and you can do great things. It takes little dedication and his 6 Ds that he passed along will help me further myself. I didn’t come here as an entrepreneur but I’m leaving here with ideas of things that I can do at home just to make a couple of bunch of dollars and I even threw the idea passed him and he said it’s a great idea and to keep in contact with him and he might even throw a couple of suggestions back. Aaron Sansoni, great entrepreneur, start young, I did the when I was 12 years old, digging around the neighborhood. So I kinda related to him in that aspect and I’m gonna use his great, great knowledge and carry myself forward and try to make a couple of extra dollars.

Days and Days worth of Great Information – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been an awesome one and a half day. It feels like we’ve crammed 5 days or 10 days learning into one and a half day and I’m looking forward to the next of it. Thank you Aaron, great job!

Dee is looking forward to taking the next step with Aaron’s programs – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had the pleasure of hearing all the speakers today but particularly Aaron, this is the second time I have heard Aaron, very inspiring and I’m really looking forward to my future.

Eric from Texas relates to Aaron’s story and finds Inspiration – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Eric from Dallas, Texas, flew all the way in over here. You know, Aaron was amazing, you know, very motivational and he really touched me. His story was really touching. He came from nothing, just like me, just keep pushing and keep fighting and you know, you can make it one day, just believe in yourself.

Evan was blown away by the content he received from Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, today I saw Aaron Sansoni and he’s pretty much amazing. Some of the material that he was able to share was mind blowing especially in terms of sales and even motivational. So, yeah a big thanks to Aaron and I’m taking on board his training so yeah, looking forward to it.

Even if we implement in 10% of it we will be so much better off – Aaron Sansoni Review

This has just been fantastic, lot, a lot, a lot of stuff to work with but if we implement even if we implement just 10% of it we’ll probably be so much better off, yeah, really, really good.

Every second you are spending with us is priceless – Aaron Sansoni Review

Absolutely amazing and honestly every second he’s spending with us is just priceless. I can’t wait to implement it all. Thank you!

Fantastic, invigorating and full of ideas – Aaron Sansoni Review

Fantastic, invigorating, full of ideas and interesting and keeps us lively which he’s got to with the team 14-hours a day, thoroughly enjoyed it.

George’s perspective of the sales game has changed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! My name is George, I’m from Baha Body in Melbourne. I just had a listen to Aaron’s talk, really enjoyed it, especially about his comments about how the sales has changed from the 90s to today with the social media and stuff and now we have to adjust our strategies to build the trust and cut through the bullshit as he puts it. So, thank you Aaron for coming along and I’ll be seeing you online on YouTube very soon I’m sure.

Great Value Come and Do Aaron’s Bootcamp as soon as you can! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m at day two million dollar bootcamp. I’m having a fantastic time and very, very tiring. We’re learning heaps and heaps and cramming maximum amount stuff in and met some great people, just having a fantastic time. Worth the money, come and do the million dollar bootcamp as soon as you can.

Great ideas and a great personal journey – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been great so far, just really good ideas from Aaron, good personal stuff to start with which is always good to starting deep down and then working your way up I guess.

Harry’s only regrets is that it didn’t go for longer – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello guys, my name is Harry Cordero. I came all the way from New York to come and see Aaron. I had a great time. I really wish we had more time with him. His message was great. I actually spoke to him for a while and he’s a great guy, his message was huge and I really feel like you know, if he ever comes to New York I will definitely come and see him. I had a great time and hopefully he will come back to the States and I can enjoy seeing him and be a part of one of his functions.

He resonated with everyone in the audience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron Sansoni – today. I’m a pretty cynical person but I saw him made someone cry from his questions he asked and that is an incredible skill to have. He resonated with everybody in the audience today. He’s someone who’s actually believable, he’s amazing at what he does, brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

He’s just a fantastic speaker– Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve just been in the Sales King course in Melbourne, it’s just fantastic. Aaron just delivers, you know, he’s just a fantastic speaker.

Highly recommended for anyone involved in sales – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys I just wanted to let you know how much of a fantastic time I’ve had at the bootcamp. I highly recommend it for anybody involved in sales. The sky is the limit, I love it.

If you are thinking about seeing Aaron Live, don’t think and just do it – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, if you’re thinking about going and seeing Aaron Sansoni, I say don’t think, just do it. That guy today was the second time I’ve seen him, absolutely brilliant. I have taken my hand in my pocket, put the money on the table, speak with the other people too and take it from themselves seeing him today, if he doesn’t turn your business around you should find another industry. That guy will make you the easiest million dollars you’ve ever seen, just listen to what he says and follow what he does, you can’t get wrong. My aim? Not to make a million dollars in 12 months, I’m gonna do it in 6 and he’s gonna help me do it. Good luck with it guys.

Instant implementation equals instant results – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a direct result of working with Aaron and his team you know, in three short months so I’ve managed to improve my business personally right about 30% and that was instant implementation, instant results. If anybody’s thinking about jumping on board the Aaron Sansoni team don’t delay. It is definitely worth it.

James found inspiration to succeed in Aaron’s story – Aaron Sansoni Review

James from Xperience Realty, today, Aaron’s presentation today not only did it sort of touches you on a professional level but he also motivated us, you know, he came from nothing and look what he’s done. He’s the most successful person I probably met being he’s just so close to us in the country as well. He made us know there’s pretty much no excuse for not doing your best and if you take a look what he’s done, it can happen.

Jamie from Grafton is looking forward to implementing all that he has learnt – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Jamie Bryant from Grafton New South Whales and I found this program absolutely fantastic. I just hope I can implement everything that needs to be done in the course when I get home and it was really good.

Jennifer learned how to close a deal – Aaron Sansoni Review

Today the evening was kept off with Aaron. If you need to know how to close the deal, he’s the man.

Jodie is hooked – Aaron Sansoni Review

Awesome, awesome, mesmerizing. It’s got me hooked. A friend that came along, she’s also in sales, she’s been mesmerized as well. So in to it, so involved, he cares about what happens to us and you know that just translates in everything he says. Since meeting Aaron a couple of months ago my mindset shifted and I know I’ve got the confidence and he’s gonna give me the skills in order to grow my business in huge levels, not just the next levels but above and beyond what I didn’t even thought was possible before. The money’s in the bank and it’s just gonna keep flowing in and I know it’s gonna keep coming and I’m gonna keep implementing and it will just keep coming.

Jodie was blown away by The Sales King – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Jodie from Porter New Real Estate. We’ve come all the way from Darwin to Glenn Twiddle’s big day out, high energy, lots of things to implement and it was just a good day all over. Aaron Sansoni, the Sales King was absolutely amazing, absolutely blew me away.

Join it, do it and elevate your career– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, it’s Ed. Now, I haven’t seen Aaron Sansoni speak but I heard everyone talk about him and he is gonna make about 20 millionaires I think in the next 12 months. Everybody was pumped, everybody was in the edge of this thing. I can’t wait to get a hold of this guy and pick his brains and make me do his program but if you can find him and you can get his stuff, join it, do it and elevate your career.

Juan’s results have been consistently on the up– Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, it’s going great. I’ve learned a lot, actually I’ve been in the program for the last 6 months. Been implementing and getting results, results, results and there’s a lot of of course holes in my process that needs to be filled and I have filled so many gaps and yeah, and sure if we can implement and do everything that they say, we can be really successful.

Kate loved Aaron’s fresh approach – Aaron Sansoni Review

He gave me information and tips on how to run my day and you don’t have to want to be a millionaire to find out those tips. I now know the common at the office and set out what I want to achieve. Sometimes I can be guilty of kind of overanalyzing everything and overplanning everything from his events so I normally do things by the time so I really like that tip of just writing down what you want to achieve that day and who you need to call. Sometimes I will avoid calling people until two days time and it’s good just to get that shit done. I also like how he swears as well ‘cause I do that all the time and normally people kind of frown upon that but that made him more likeable, more natural, more human.

Kathryn was refreshed on some strong sales techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

I attended the Sales King today and it was fantastic. Aaron has great passion and I took away a lot of sales techniques that I have learned in the past but I just got refreshed on, so yeah, it was great.

Kyle’s introduction to his new industry has been helped – Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re on day two. I’m getting a lot out of it. I’ve been in the industry for one month so yeah, just learning a lot and learning the ropes.

Long days and plenty to learn at the bootcamp, but well worth it – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s really very, very good and we’re learning a lot. From early in the morning ‘til late in the evening but it’s all definitely worth it and I really enjoyed Aaron Sansoni and it’s a great event and never looking forward to it tomorrow, it’s the last day.

Looking forward to implementing all the ideas and techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

Wow! Two days we’ve been here for 27 hours at the moment, mind, absolutely blown away with everything that’s happening. Love to know how we’re gonna start implementing all these million ideas and looking forward to the new year putting it together.

Mary is on a high after signing up for Aaron’s program – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Mary from Success Residential and we’ve just come out of the seminar today and I’m buzzing, can’t wait to get started in the new program that we’ve just enrolled in. Thank you very much for putting us on a high. Thank you! It was amazing, sensational and all the very best in 2014.

Michael believes Aaron will 4 X your business if not more – Aaron Sansoni Review

Guys, Aaron Sansoni is a freak! You could tell how he just understands the concepts, not only understand the concepts but he’s able to and has the ability to communicate effectively so that you can grasp the concept too. A phenomenal trainer, he won’t only 2 X I think he will 4 X your business if not more. Talk to Aaron. Thanks again Aaron for all your help and I look forward to future business together. Thank you!

Nadia has been inspired to implement – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Nadia from Great White and just come out of the seminar. It was very inspiring to implement some of the changes that learnt in the course today.

Nolan is ready to implement the amazing content – Aaron Sansoni Review

I just finished listening to Aaron, the Sales King, marvelous speaker, excellent dude. Oh my goodness, if you get any chance to listen to this guy, man, take it in and absorb it. So right now I took it all in, it’s time for me to absorb it. I can actually go home and implement it. From all the steps that he’s given us from the principles and going forward, I’m taking everything home. So hey, if you have the opportunity to listen to the Sales King make sure you take advantage and just enjoy. Not only enjoy but implement also.

Patrick will earn more money through using Aaron’s Training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I find Aaron Sansoni one of the most believable trainers and mentors that I have met in my five years in the real estate industry. The bootcamp over the last two days has been extensive, it’s been well-organized. The information that I’ve got is going to enable me to do so much more with my clients, my database, my closing techniques. In short I’ll make more money.

Probably the best thing I’ve ever done – Aaron Sansoni Review

Oh, it’s been amazing, it’s overwhelming, it’s overloading. There’s so much to digest but it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

Really enlightening ideas for a new owner – Aaron Sansoni Review

Terrific! And as a new owner but being in the industry for 20 years it was really enlightening and did one on ones with all the mentors in the last day was superb. I learned a lot.

Really good ideas and enjoyable time– Aaron Sansoni Review

Look, it was really, really good, really, really informative. I really enjoyed it. We came over all the way from Perth and yeah, we learned a lot of things. Some of the stuff we were doing already, some of the stuff we’re definitely gonna implement and yeah, really, really good ideas and I just really enjoyed it. I actually would like a couple more days I think, yeah, a couple more days would be good. Oh! I love him. I wanna take him home in my suitcase.

Ranae had a fantastic experience and is ready to implement– Aaron Sansoni Review

I found Aaron absolutely fantastic, really resonated with what he said and we’ve got loads of things to implement.

Rob and Kelly find motivation– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron works, quoting entrepreneurs, marketers and business people and all these information is gonna help us grow much, much better. Yeah, Aaron was amazing and so inspiring. We were truly inspired, obviously he’s successful but he gives back to his communities in the world and it’s just awesome.

Ronald from Connecticut was touched by Aaron’s story and his teachings – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Ronald Orasco, I’m from Connecticut and I saw Aaron and you know, Aaron touched me with a lot of things he was saying on stage where you know, take my talents and use them to produce and make income, you know, my profits and what I’m good at. So you know, Aaron’s very good and he touched me a lot.

Sarah is struggling to put into words how good she feels – Aaron Sansoni Review

The amount of information I walked away with today is just, I feel like I could tip my head upside down and write a novel. It’s just been incredible. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned. That’s how full my head feels right now and having the opportunity to meet people like Aaron, even Aaron, he has just been so incredible and I’m just feeling on cloud 9 right now. I can’t even tell you how good I feel.

Saul and Denise from Texas – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Saul David, this is my wife Denise David and we’re coming in from Florida, Texas and we had a blast coming out here. We really enjoyed Aaron’s presentation, it was to the point, it wasn’t a lot of fluff. He definitely seems like he was talking from the heart, very genuine person. His success speaks for itself so we’re looking forward to get some more information about what we can do to latch on to some of that principles and put it in our own business, very excited about that.

Scott learned pretty quickly why Aaron was named The Sales King – Aaron Sansoni Review

Today I met up with Aaron, the actual Sales King. I can understand why he’s the Sales King, I heard so much about him. I was looking forward to what he was about to tell us and the man just absolutely blew me away. I signed up for his program, we’re ready to rock. I just can’t wait. I’m that excited. He’s an absolute, genuine man, what he says he’ll do he will do and he just blew our minds today. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you, thank you so much.

Seeing Aaron live adds a whole new level of learning his techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

Seeing Aaron live and going through the workbook as we go has been a really great thing because when you’re listening to it over and over again in the car you know, that’s fine but when you’re seeing it at live event and hearing it and you’re with other people that are really enrolled in the process as well, yeah, the group thing is really fantastic yeah, so I’m meeting really nice people as well. It’s fantastic, yeah, it’s really good. I’m getting a lot out of it.

Steve is having a fantastic time– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Steve Camillieri, I’m from Central coast and we’ve been down here for the last two days. It’s been absolutely fantastic. If you’re thinking about doing this, give it a shot. These guys know their shit.

Suzie is having the best time ever and looking forward to the results– Aaron Sansoni Review

The last couple of days have been absolutely amazing and I’m absolutely thrilled to be here, unbelievable content and I’m really looking forward to going back and putting it into my business in the future to make lots and lots and lots of money. I’m having the best time ever, it’s great working with everybody. I love it.

Tarryn is ready to implement and change her world– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Tarry from Brisbane and I really took a lot away from Aaron’s talk today so much so that I’ve bought the DVDs to implement into my business. So, I feel that it will do me the world of it. So thank you.

Thank you Aaron for a life changing event– Aaron Sansoni Review

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Aaron and Glenn. This event was definitely life changing. It was a real kick at the ass if I can say. I felt the evolve it was definitely something that I need to work on and I can’t wait to implement everything. Thank you so much. Spectacular!

Thank you Aaron, I’m sure my business will benefit– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron thank you so much for all your tips and help today. Well, actually over the last three days, absolute pleasure and hopefully my business does pick up. I’m sure it will. Cheers, thank you!

The best I’ve ever seen– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve worked with plenty of mentors and coaches. He knows his stuff and instantly you’re able to add money to your business. I don’t allow you, if you’re thinking about it, jump on board and get Aaron on your side.

The bootcamp is an amazing experience and is 100% recommended– Aaron Sansoni Review

There’s a lot of stuff here to implement and to learn from, look, I would really recommend being here, 100% no doubt. After lunch, tea, sweets, you name it. So the energy is there and he’s great at what he does, 100%. 100% recommend it coming here.

The bootcamp is pure value– Aaron Sansoni Review

Where are we? What’s the event called? I’m just here at the Million Dollar Agent bootcamp, Aaron Sansoni ang Glenn Twiddle put on this event. We’re just at lunch at the moment in the first day. I’ve got that much out of it within the first couple of hours. It’s gonna be a long night but looking forward to lots more to take home, value.

The knowledge Josh in gaining is really going to help his business– Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re about halfway the program now and I’m really enjoying it and getting a heap of really important information out of it. I think it’s gonna really improve my business.

The presentations of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Aaron Sansoni worked great– Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, it was really good. Aaron gave his dynamic speech which then reflected well and combined well with Arnold so it was great to see both different types of thinking but they all have the same sort of point of trying to get through to us all. So I learned a lot.

The Sales Techniques are interchangeable between industries– Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, Aaron’s work is amazing. It’s really eye opening what he can do with sales. I’m in no way so with real estate but the personal training using all his techniques, it’s mind blowing and I can’t wait to apply it.

The skills picked up from Aaron Sansoni are Absolutely Amazing– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi everyone. I saw Aaron Sansoni today at Be Phenomenal in Brisbane. Absolutely amazing. I picked up a lot of skill. I’m not even in the real estate industry and I think anyone that goes with this guy they’re gonna get to the top and he does give guarantees and once again just go for it. He’s the one to be, Aaron Sansoni.

The training from Aaron has been a real eye opener– Aaron Sansoni Review

The training so far has been a real eye opener. I’ve learned a lot of stuff and it’s shown me what I need to do, where I am at the moment and how I can change to get to where I wanna be. The courses are really, really in depth and it really talks about the psychology behind it all.

There’s more than you can learn in a lifetime– Aaron Sansoni Review

There’s more than you can learn in a lifetime right here and we’re only halfway through. I’m a bit worried. Already a little overwhelmed but very thankful for it.

This couple are inspired to increase their sales– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, yeah, it’s really good, it’s inspiring and so it motivates us to work. Really good. Very good feedback, it can increase our sales in the near future.

This is going to be the system to enhance my career– Aaron Sansoni Review

That was a really good presentation, there was a lot of insight into what we should be doing and I think the system as well is really a good value for money and I know this is really just gonna take my real estate career up to another notch again. So really great presentation, if you’re thinking about enhancing your real estate career, I think you need to get into one of these seminars very soon.

This power couple are ready to take things to the next level– Aaron Sansoni Review

This convention was awesome, this is just what we needed, as a power couple and we’re moving forward, this is just what we needed. Aaron is a passionate speaker, he believes and he’s done what he says he did. So his sincerity and his passion has put him in front of kings and magistrates now and we just wanna ride the momentum and we just thank him for his sacrifice, sacrifice of time and his family for this calling that he has upon him. – Yeah, I was just gonna say the same thing. The thing that I loved about this whole convention it was just amazing time, it was very, very high energy. Aaron Sansoni was great. This is my first time here and hearing him speak, I took a lot away from it. We’re on fire, we’re ready to run and you know what I mean, this is just the icing on the cake for us. So we’re ready to go, we’re excited.

This Sales Team is ready to implement– Aaron Sansoni Review

I think we’ve got lots of different plans to implement into our own businesses and also help our colleagues to learn and implement this weekend. It’s really amazing. everything and portrays everything. It’s perfect. A lot of communication skills that we can learn from by his side and as well, yeah, it’s really good.

Carmen changed her workplace and has been much happier– Aaron Sansoni Review

Actually, what Aaron has done to me, he’s made me shift from one company that I wasn’t doing very well at and made me move from that company to Great White, okay? And the thing is is that as soon as I walked in that office I felt so much at home and it’s all because of Aaron, because I wasn’t happy where I was and I just had enough and it just made me shift, I had to make the shift so I could make myself better.

Through Aaron’s teachings I have found my purpose in business– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron’s presentation today, personally for me it was heartfelt, it was refreshing to see someone up on the stage there was no chip off the shoulder and it really hit home, finding your purpose getting real clarity over that. I know his tools are gonna be able to help me with reaching my goals, my dreams. It was a no brainer for me to go and join with him to have him part of my team. He is someone that I wanna surround myself with because he gets as simple as that. it’s heartfelt, it’s genuine and I’ve been a business consultant for 15 years, my background, marketer, entrepreneur. For me, when someone comes along and you know that they’re the real deal, you can tell and that’s the way I see Aaron. So, I’m really glad to be about to receive his information, part of my journey, thank you Aaron.

Vanessa’s eyes were opened after seeing Aaron live– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, my name is Vanessa Tuddle and I’ve been at this event and it’s been an absolute eye opener. I’m really looking forward to being part of the team over the next 12 months and if you’re ever thinking about doing something different, hey, this is it for you.

I will easily be turning over 1 million dollars in sales– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron, I just wanna say thank you. I’ve been in real estate for 12 years and I’m doing okay but what you said today has resonated with me and I know that you’re gonna take it to the next level. I signed up for your program and I can’t wait for what’s gonna happen in the next couple of years. Easily gonna be turning over a million dollars from what you said. I already got the ideas from todays two hours that are gonna, they’re gonna work. Thank you!

Worth closing the business down for a couple of days, great experience– Aaron Sansoni Review

Yes, it’s been fabulous. It’s my first time so I really enjoyed it. I heard about it from my husband, he was at the Be Phenomenal event in Brisbane and we’re in business together and he said, yeah, you really gotta come to this one so even though we actually had to shut up our shop while we came to this, we thought it was great.

Wow! What a Phenomenal presentation– Aaron Sansoni Review

Wow! Aaron, what a phenomenal presentation. I just was blessed to see Aaron do what he does and it’s absolutely and unconditionally magical. Here’s the good news, he shares and chose very specific step by step, move by move strategies from literally learning what people’s most indelible problem, challenge, overcoming opportunities and how to serve them in such a phenomenal way. You need to know what he knows. It’s amazing. It will transform the way you interrelate with people and serve people. So Aaron Sansoni, the Sales King he is the human king as well so God bless you brother. I appreciate you. Thank you so much and wow! It’s amazing. Thank you.

You’re never to old or young to learn more– Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been in real estate for 14 years but certainly you’re never too or young to learn more and I really picked up a lot of new information today and I just revisited a lot of things that I should be doing, really need to get back into. I’ve always been pretty successful in real estate but I’m sure I’ll be a lot more when I’ve done all these course especially Aaron’s course, I signed up for that.

You’re never too old to learn new techniques– Aaron Sansoni Review

All right, first of all, how is it going? It’s Richard Hayes from LJ Hooker and I have to say that this bootcamp, the Sales King is off the chains. I tell you, it’s the best thing, it’s insight, it’s teaching me the game and you know, I’m never too old to learn how to train so I’m being a sponge and I’m getting a lot out of it. Thanks guys!

YouTube star Andrew Kyriacou is fully embracing Aaron’s Phenomenal bootcamp– Aaron Sansoni Review 

Guys, I think we’re just halfway through day one, absolutely phenomenal. I just love being around this sort of environment. Aaron, Glenn absolutely on fire. I’ve seen their work so many times, there’s always something new you get out of it. Just loving it, embracing it all.

Unmissable, looking forward to making my first million– Aaron Sansoni Review

Unmissable, learned a lot. I’m actually going in and get all his training done, talk him up on his offer and so hopefully in three years time I’ll be there in a million. Thanks!

Aaron Sansoni and Arnold Schwarzenegger equals absolutely awesome

Absolutely fantastic! Aaron, Arnie, awesome afternoon.

Aaron’s teachings are something I’ve been looking for for a long time– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron Sansoni was something that I’ve been looking for in real estate for a long time. The overcoming objections, the isolation and the closing is something that I did many, many years ago with another company and the people here just absolutely in awe of his presentation. He’s just incredible and the training package that he’s offered is just amazing so if you do get the opportunity to see Aaron again, don’t miss it.

Adam’s found his mentor – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron was just fantastic as he always was and I think he moved the audience as he always does. Love the way he gets inside with the audience and inside their heads straightaway. He’s a natural. I don’t know how he does it, how he came up with it, maybe it’s the hardships he had, whatever. It just cemented my idea and my thought. I’ve actually been going with the program several months ago. I felt even more confident that I’ve chosen him as my mentor.

Ally is blown away– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Ally from Ipswich. I’m at Aaron’s event today, fantastic, been blown away by what we’ve learned so far and halfway through but looking forward to the next half. Thanks!

Amanda is having an Absolutely Amazing time at Aaron’s event– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Amanda Gates and I’m just attending Aaron Sansoni’s bootcamp. It’s absolutely awesome!

Amy can’t wait to implement– Aaron Sansoni Review

It was really, really all right. I’m really excited. I can’t wait to implement some things for me and my business. So yeah, I can’t wait for the results to come in.

Helped Bang immensely on his selling journey – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello! My name is Bang from WA. ] I’m very interesting when I got a phone call from, coaching phone call from Aaron. It made me very excited and I think it helped me on the real estate journey.

Bell is looking forward to implementing– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi there. My name is Bell Edwards with the property exchange and I do Fremantle here in Perth. So I came today and was very impressed and I’m going to sign up and learn as much as I can learn and hopefully grow my own brand and expand the property exchange down to Fremantle.

The last 6 months has Craig’s business booming – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m up here in Brisbane listening to Aaron Sansoni. In last few months my business has really improved, I made a lot of sales and it’s been amazing

Darren is looking forward to implementing and increasing his cash flow – Aaron Sansoni Review

It was fantastic. He gave some great ideas, so I look forward to putting it into practice and making a shit load of money.

Daryl is looking forward to implementing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day! Daryl Nicholson from team Harcourts in Toowooba. Aaron, great, great presentation there mate. Really enjoyed it, I got a lot out of it. I’m taking stuff back and getting into action. So thanks for sharing and I’ll catch up with you in the future. Cheers!

David can’t wait to implement– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, I’m David from South Australia. Look, I just personally wanna thank Aaron Sansoni, met him a couple of months ago and within a short span of time, by now, he taught me two or three things that I could just take away and implement in my business straight away and I’m already making so much more money than I was before. I’ve just come back for a second and yeah, I had him for two hours this time and man, he just blew my mind, taking notes like I’m so fired up to go and implement the things that I’ve just learned. Aaron look, I just wanna thank you, really I look forward to reporting back on my success. Thanks mate!

Fantastic presentation, I’m going to sign my team up for the course– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron’s presentation was fantastic. I’m gonna buy two of his courses. Thanks!

Gabby sees the importance of investing in yourself– Aaron Sansoni Review

I have to say that investing in yourself is so important and it was actually one of my goals. I wrote down just a short while ago that I was gonna invest in myself this year and to take timeout to work on your business is absolutely crucial. So if you can invest in some training for yourself

Gail is looking forward to making more money with all of Aaron’s ideas– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Gail, I’ve come all the way from Perth over here to Queensland to watch Aaron Sansoni’s first ever bootcamp and it’s been absolutely awesome. He’s got so many ideas and I can’t wait to get back and start making money.

George would recommend Aaron to anyone– Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been pretty awesome and I recommend anybody to come over and listen to these guys and hopefully kick some ass. See you guys.

Geraldine is enjoying every minute of Aaron’s bootcamp. – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Geraldine and I’m here attending the bootcamo today, thoroughly enjoyed it. Yesterday was amazing and we’re learning so much everyday that’s really well worth it learning a lot of techniques] and I’m just really happy to know the man

Hamm is looking forward at least doubling his sales– Aaron Sansoni Review

It was fantastic and Aaron is really a professional presenter and we took away a lot from this. We, as an office, have just signed up for the program and we’re looking forward to doubling, if not quadrupling, our results. So very excited.

Helpful, informative and touching – Aaron Sansoni Review

He sounded very informative, I found it very helpful and I guess it touched me.

I can’t believe how much information he gives, would recommend to anybody – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had the most great presentation. I can’t believe how much information he gives, I would recommend it to anybody.

I’m looking forward to making my first million by implementing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I thought the event was really, really fantastic. Just coming into real estate, I took a lot out of it, I’m sort of being taught the why we’re doing it, what we need to do. I bet it was great coming into this event because it’s shown me how. It’s given my guidance and I’m really looking forward to making that first million with all the guidance that I’ve been given today and the motivation that I’ve had over the last two days. Thank you very much for holding this event.

In just a few weeks I have made $60,000 worth of sales – Aaron Sansoni Review

So, since going to the Be Phenomenal event and getting the Sales King’s CDs and all the training ive done in gross commission I earned about $65,000, $60,000 in that time as a direct result.

Jarrad feel like a kid on candy after watching Aaron speak today – Aaron Sansoni Review

I feel like a kid on candy, I’m buzzing. It’s just been amazing. I’ve learned a lot. I just can’t speak all enough of it. I’ve had a wicked day.

Jet Xavier knows this training will take you to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

What a great day, what a great job Aaron does, delivers every single time. If you’re in sales you need to talk to someone to take you to the next level and the Sales King, Aaron Sansoni, he’s your man.

Jodie brought her whole team and can’t wait to implement – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve learned so much. I’ve listened to Aaron so many times before and I have been also invested in his program but every time I listen to him I hear and I learn more. Probably the most important thing for me today the most important thing was that I brought my team down with me so I’m really excited to get back to Dawn and listen to what my team wants to implement and how we should do that together as a team. So for me that’s what I’m really excited about.

Kate left Aaron’s presentation feeling empowered and motivated – Aaron Sansoni Review

I left Aaron’s seminar feeling empowered and motivated and I can’t wait to see him again in October.

Kylie feels she has found a million things to implement – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Kylie, here I am at the Glenn Twiddle event and just seen Aaron Sansoni and once again he’s talked to us about that passion, caring commitment, having the authority and there’s a million things that you can implement from it and I think that’s the most important thing especially in real estate is bringing that care factor in and really drilling down to the people and finding out why they’re moving, what they need to achieve by selling and helping people so it’s all about helping that person.

Leanne learned heaps and had an awesome day at Aaron’s event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Absolutely amazing, learned heaps today so I really recommend it. It was awesome! I had a really great day. Thank you so much.

Lucky was inspired by Aaron’s giving nature – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Lucky, Lucky Ramilton Nicole. I attended the seminar today and it was really, really great and I picked up a lot of points, views, as well as, key notes as well. So it was very good. It’s very inspiring and also he’s a giver. So we owe a lot to him, thank you.

Mark discusses some of his results since starting Aaron’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I got by training from Remax at Burpengary. I won the number two best sales agents for Australia for Remax awards and a couple of weeks ago, this month I’ve listed over 20 properties for February so I’m having a phenomenal year and I had a great year last year and I look forward to writing a million dollars this year.

Matt is looking forward to implementing all the new techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, my name is Matt Frend. I was at Be Phenomenal at Aaron’s last seminar. It was awesome. He was informative, he was interactive, no different this time either, it’s been a pleasure learning so much from Aaron. I’m gonna be able to go back and implement a lot of this stuff straight off the bat so yeah, thank you!

Maureen was excited to learn new techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

I just really learned such a lot of things that some probably I new and haven’t used but really it’s really reinforced a few things and taught me a lot of new things that I’m gonna implement straight away. It’s fantastic, thanks!

Michael can’t wait to get back to the office and start implementing – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Michael and I had a great time in the event with Aaron this week and I can’t wait to get back to the office and start implementing. So many great ideas to start now. Thanks Aaron, it’s been great!

Nigel enjoyed every minute of Aaron’s presentation – Aaron Sansoni Review

So I came and I had a look at this and I was mystified at first but I think it makes a lot of sense and I’m really enjoying everything that I did.

I take away a new technique every time – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve seen Aaron in person maybe 5 or 6 times and I said to myself earlier, I’d never ever get bored listening to him something away, it’s always different every time whether it be a new close or a way of asking questions and things like that.

Paul’s already looking forward to the next one– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron just gave me so much knowledge and truths to take with me into taking the future and I’m excited so here it comes and watch out and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Phil urges you to get to an event to see Aaron, you won’t regret it. – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve sort of studied Aaron and some of his teachings on the internet, I heard a lot about him and had the first opportunity of actually sitting down this morning listening all about all his marketing secrets and strategies. So yeah I’ve signed up, I’ve done the paperwork and if you ever get an opportunity to listening to Aaron, book your selves in and it’s well worth your while. Thanks very much, cheers!

Really looking forward to implementing all the information I just received – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, look, just really, really good, I signed there’s a lot of things that I can take away and I’m really looking forward to getting back in the market and get going with the information I just got.

Rex and Skye are really looking forward to the future – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been in a lot of seminars, conferences, Eric and Aaron’s probably the most impressive people I’ve seen so yeah, I can imagine hopefully to transform in my career. I’m really looking forward to working with Aaron, I’ve just signed up for the sales program and I think that he’s probably one of the most influential motivators in selling so far and I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you

Rob is ready to start taking on the competition– Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, my name is Rob. I’m just here at the Sales King event, learned some great stuff with everything I’ve learned in pretty much just the first day so I can’t wait for the rest of the second day and after it all I’m going to be slaying his presentations and slaying every single person I stand in front of. Thank you Mr. Sansoni.

Scott is very grateful for the influence training has had on his life– Aaron Sansoni Review

Listening and watching the amazing Aaron Sansoni, a pure gentleman, an international trainer, the processes that he steps you trough, his time, $25,000 a day that he can charge and he comes to events like this to make the real estate a better industry, so thank you Aaron Sansoni. You certainly have an influence on my life and my career and I hope to see you in another event soon.

Sensational, Inspirational, Motivational, what more could you ask for – Aaron Sansoni Review

Sensational, motivational, inspirational, my idol, fantastic, I mean what more could you ask for?

Aaron Sansoni teaches you how to be the best person you can be – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, I’m Stephan Siegfried. I’ve just been to the Be Phenomenal event with Aaron Sansoni and I just love hearing him speak. He teaches real estate agents how to actually be people and how to be the best people they can actually be and I think that’s the secret. Thanks again Aaron for a great presentation.

Such an amazing day and I’m ready for all these skills to change my life– Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s just really amazing  the training day, big day out., this is the first time ever that I really joined in this part of this course, you know, the big event so it’s gonna change my life for sure. Thank you, cheers!

Superb presentation and really looking forward to working with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

Oh, superb! Superb! It’s been a fabulous time, got some fabulous information and really looking forward to working with the presenters to improve my business and I just can’t thank him enough for spending the time with us. It’s been great.

The techniques learned from Aaron are transferrable into any industry – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ll bring it over into I.T. which is what I am in. It’s enjoyable, it’s been so awesome I’ll bet it myself and I’ll take it all back with me.

This couple were inspired to Join Aaron’s training – Aaron Sansoni Review

Oh, it’s really good, really inspiring, really enjoyed it. So thank you.

This is the best presentation Darren has ever seen – Aaron Sansoni Review

If you don’t get one good idea at these presentations today fantastic.

Private training will take these students to the next level– Aaron Sansoni Review

So right now you’re looking at three students of Aaron Sansoni possibly gonna be three leaders in the real estate industry in Brisbane just watch and wait, be patient, wait ‘till you see us kickass. The event has been fantastic, I couldn’t thank Aaron enough and I’m really looking forward to get him one on one in the future. Definitely looking forward to get Aaron one on one. First event we’ve been to and we will come back again.

Tony is confident that he will bounce back with training– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Tony Dylan. I’m new to the real estate game. At the moment today in my bank account I’ve got $22.38 and just under a million dollars in debt, two home loans and two car loans. I came to the Be Phenomenal event to learn something. I think I’m taking something away, I’m taking a leap of faith and I’m gonna give it a shot and see what I can give back to the world. Let’s do it.

Tracy has been having an amazing time at Aaron’s event– Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Tracy and I met Aaron in Brisbane, I just like to give him a feedback and simply an awesome two days. I have learned so much and really appreciate his time. Thank you!

Trent could go on for hours explain how good Aaron was today – Aaron Sansoni Review

I could go on for hours but in the shortest time period all the speakers were brilliant and this afternoon in particular was amazing, Aaron in particular.

Wayne is looking forward to closing a lot more deals – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Wayne Hutchinson from the largest real estate in Melbourne. I’ve just been through the Aaron Sansoni presentation and wow, it really packed a lot in and we’ve got some great tips about how to do things better and probably how to close a lot more deals. I’ve signed up, looking forward to the course and all the bonuses that came along with it. So thanks Aaron, we really appreciate it.

What a presentation! I’m so excited to start working with Aaron

I just went to the presentation of Aaron Sansoni and what a fantastic presentation. The content, the information, I’m just so excited to move forward and to work with Aaron. I can’t wait.

You would be mad to miss one of Aaron’s events– Aaron Sansoni Review

If you go to one of his events you won’t waste your money, you won’t waste your time. You’ll go home with so much knowledge and if you don’t use it just try it again.

Danelle’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent– Aaron Sansoni Review

Overwhelming but fantastic. They’re full on from start to finish but I think that for me, the biggest thing for Aaron is I have never met someone so intuitive on so many different levels on different parts of your business. He’s just got his head around how to do with people, how to help your business, how to solve your problems and he just seems to – every time I come to him, he just knows exactly what stage I’m at and what I need to do to fix any problems that I’ve got, so yeah, incredibly good value. I’d say you do it even if you gotta go and borrow the money and put it on your credit card, whatever, just go and do it because you’ll get it back 10-fold.

Jarrod’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent– Aaron Sansoni Review

I got a chance to do a third camp with the guy, he is a monster. All day, 16 hours a day and he doesn’t stop and at the end of the day, so already you’re tired he looks at you like you’re an alien. There is no way he’s tired, he’s monster. It was the best money I’ve ever spent. The team in half a day, I watched them click in a year, one guy went from writing $15,000 a month to writing $70,000 the following month. It was amazing and one of our other fellas who was doing maybe one to two listings a month has just listed 7. So the results are irrefutable really, and the guy, he’s not a one trick pony as a lot of trainers do maybe you know, one or two things. He can identify the holes in your business and he identified the things that I needed to work on and it’s been pretty amazing. We just had our greatest month ever and I can only thank you mate. You’re a freak.

Jodie’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp– Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been working with Aaron for a little while now. I went to his bootcamp which was the life changer for me and now I do some private work with Aaron, you read it, you listen to it and it all starts to sink in, sinking gradually for me. Some people I’m sure get it straight away but it’s an ongoing conversations with him, talking with him, listening to what he’s gonna say and re-reading, re-listening to the material and it just starts to effect and I found myself in situations where I was like oh my gosh, if I just did this or if I just did this the whole, everything changes, identifying biotypes, personalities, identifying what makes people tick, why, why are they doing what they’re doing? Understanding that and digging down to that deeper level yeah, it’s massive and without Aaron, without any of his teachings or before I met him I just wasn’t even going there, wasn’t even doing it. It was more about the transaction and then I had an underlying desire to help people and that’s why I love the business and I love getting people where they’re going but everything has changed because I see all the positive things that I do affecting others and myself and it has gone from being a job in a career that I like to just being in an amazing position to help change people’s lives.

Lucas’ experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

I think without knowing Aaron you don’t really know what to expect. All I can say is once you’ve actually got there and you’ve been able to spend a little bit of time with Aaron, you’re probably gonna get far, far more than what you ever first thought. I think everyone that’s gone through it has achieved and experienced something that’s sort of quite unique. It gives you the opportunity to not only grow as a real estate agent but to grow your own personal sort of beliefs system and your own personal wealth and everything like that and really, nothing’s left, everything’s put out on the table so it’s been a life changing experience for me.

Melita’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

When I went to Aaron’s bootcamp it was the longest two days of my life but I went out at lunch time just to see if what he taught would work and I got four sales within that lunch break. So his stuff really does work and Aaron is just such a genuine person, there’s no bullshit with Aaron he just tells it how it is ‘cause I’m a single mom and in my first year after meeting Aaron I did just on $900,000 and in the last 12 months I just hit $1.2 million in gross income.

Patrick’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp is, well, possibly one of the best interesting stories of my working life. I actually got an invitation to the bootcamp that I didn’t pay for and I was literally 15 to 20 minutes into the commencement of the bootcamp and Aaron was speaking at that point and I thought, “oh my God. I’ve got a problem here. I’m getting this for nothing.” Morally the barometer was starting to go red, red, red and as the bootcamp progressed over the three days that feeling grew in me and when I left the bootcamp I said, “there is no way anyone has the moral right to get that for nothing.” To make life kosher and balanced, I couldn’t walk away from that and not pay them part of what they were worth and part of what they were worth was the asking price, cheap. I haven’t looked back in terms of rejuvenating my career, building my goals and as a consequence becoming a much better rounded person since I started that journey. Take the next leap of faith, trust in these people and you will be repaid 10 times over.

He’s not like every other motivational speaker, Aaron knows his stuff – Aaron Sansoni Review

For me basically being a business owner, you think that you know it all and for me personally it’s taking a back step on all the books that I’ve read, all the motivational books even though I’ve been in sales for 15-20 years, lead teams and done all these things out there but coming here and talking to Aaron and watching him basically doing his thing I sort of thought coming here, “okay, another motivational talker, another business owner, I’m also a business owner”, those sort of things what can I learn? And when I got home last night to my wife I said, “Aaron knows his shit and he’s done his homework”. He’s not preaching something that he hasn’t already done and that’s why you find a lot of motivational talkers or business owners that get up there on the stage, they’ll try to preach to you but you know, they haven’t made it themselves. So until s, someone’s actually made it themselves, that’s the only way you can leverage anything in your life moving forward for success. So yeah, I take my head off to him and I take my head off to you guys for bringing him forward and I’m loving the event, absolutely.

It just keeps getting better and better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Sales leadership mastery, it’s fantastic. This is actually the 5th time that I’ve seen Aaron live in the last 12 months and I think it just gets better and better every time. There’s always new content. The last two days has been fantastic for growing your team, hiring the right people to make sure you don’t go through the processes of getting the wrong people, faring them and costing money that way. So the process that he puts in place has been fantastic and I just know that our team is gonna grow massively from this event.

Some of the stuff we have seen here is going to change the game, worldwide– Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s fantastic. He has shown some new things that I’ve never seen before and the way that it is structured is so educational and informational. I’ve truly been blown away by Aaron, absolutely been blown away by Aaron, couldn’t recommend it highly enough and really, it’s innovating world cutting stuff and I think someone’s definitely tuned in here today is going to change the game worldwide.

Suzy speaks about her experience in the Diamond Group Mastermind – Aaron Sansoni Review

All I really wanna say is it just changed my life in every possible way like in every area, my business area, my personal area. I think a lot of the people in our group or all the people in our group we’re now lifelong friends. It created beautiful friendships and it was just an amazing experience and it’s changed my life completely.

The ideas I have extracted will add value to my business – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve enjoyed the content. Certainly got some thought-provoking ideas from it that’ll add value to my business, it’s well worth it. It’s value added. Yeah, it’ll certainly add value to my business. The ideas I’ve extracted from the last couple of days will certainly add value to my business as long as I implement tomorrow and take action, bet I will.

Jarrod got the expertise and support he needed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Guys, If you’re contemplating it, I want you to do it. It’s been the best 6 months for me because you business grew so rapidly that I need the support and the understanding and the knowledge that this guy has is just phenomenal and I actually bought everything in the context for me and the clarity but it helped me helped my family as well. Yeah, this has been phenomenal and my family, my family benefits from it.

26 hours face to face with Aaron, this is the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re just finishing up. It’s after 10 pm, Thursday night. So Aaron’s don’t it again. We’re gonna have to do the math, he’s done, oh geez, 26 hours or something in 2 days I think. That’s face to face, of course he’s done all the other stuff behind the scenes as well as the technical support, etc, so thank you all very much. I’ve seen Aaron a number of times, I’ve been through the Sales King program. This time we’re at the sales leadership mastery program which absolutely is next stage, next level as everyone talks about some incredible information here, definitely something that I’m ready for. I’m very grateful for the invitation. I’m verygrateful for the two days and I look forward to reporting massive results. Thank you Aaron and the team.

A very genuine speaker, he really cares about his clients – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah Aaron, look, I just think he’s incredible. He’s impressive, he’s a very genuine looking or sounding person. I think he really cares about helping people and got a great way of getting the message across. Do it! Yeah, I think well worth it. Terrific!

Aaron Sansoni is like an onion, he has too many layers– Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron Sansoni is like an onion, he has too many layers. Love him

Bang is excited to get the best results of his real estate business – Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re very excited with what Aaron said to me, to all of us today and some of the experience he shared on the stage. I’m very excited and waiting for the next year to get the best results in my real estate career.

Challenged my fears and asked questions of myself – Aaron Sansoni Review

Today was phenomenal and just truly inspirational. We had people come with us and they’ve just got so much out of this. He’s basically like challenging your own fears and like being honest about where you’re at. I mean, for me personally, I’ve really felt a lot more affected by this particular training than I have been in other trainings, probably because of how I related to the story but yeah, just amazing.

David has been in real estate 15 years and has picked up a few handy tips – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is David and we’ve been in real estate for 15 years, just been to the Aaron Sansoni seminar and Aaron’s definitely got a unique, smart way to proceed in negotiations and closing and I certainly picked up a good, couple of tips there I’m definitely implementing and I also signed up for his bootcamp so that should be very interesting. Thank you!

Even if you’ve been in business for 100 years, you haven’t learnt anything – Aaron Sansoni Review

Anyone who’s thinking about doing this should sign up to it today, even if you, you know, I keep thinking that my boss should be here you know, anyone, if you’ve been in business for 100 years you need to do this because you haven’t learnt anything until you see it from Aaron. I haven’t realized how much I needed to know about running businesses and I’ve been running businesses just about all my life for 20 something years. I learned a lot of stuff here today. It’s been awesome.

Gina has learnt the solutions to her recruiting process – Aaron Sansoni Review

So with our business we struggle a lot with recruitment and today I’ve noticed how badly we were recruiting so we really got now the process that we can adapt into our own business to hopefully recruit much better and I do feel like we’ve got the skills now to do that so thank you Aaron because this will be a change I’m making in our business.

Had great fun watching Aaron, he took me to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had a great time today. It was really exciting, feeling bumped. He was a very interesting guy, yeah, so he took me to the next level.

He pushes you to do what you love doing – Aaron Sansoni Review

It was amazing you know, and I could set off being in Australia as well, it always getting better every single year. It pushes you to do what you love doing, you know, and it motivates you with what you love doing.

Highly motivational to build a better business life and a better family life – Aaron Sansoni Review

It was totally motivational and filled with, full of all sorts of good ideas to take my business forward and then build a better family life.

I didn’t expect it to be that emotional, amazing day – Aaron Sansoni Review

It was way more than what I expected. It was just amazing. I really didn’t come here expecting it to be that much emotion and just appreciating what he’s seen and taking it home with me today. It’s awesome.

I just want to keep seeing Aaron over and over again, just phenomenal – Aaron Sansoni Review

What can I say? Aaron is just phenomenal, he’s a phenomenal presenter and trainer and coach and just a human being, dives totally into detail with every topic about business and doesn’t skip it until you actually get it and grasp it. So, just yeah, it’s been a privilege to sit through it today and yesterday and literally can’t wait to put everything in place and I just wanna keep seeing Aaron, talk over and over again. It’s just phenomenal.

It’s awesome to see the passion and energy that he brings live – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s just awesome to see him live, full of energy and brings all the passion and I can’t wait to just smash out more of my goals.

Activational training was something special – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Jennifer Castle, I work with Acton Fremantle. Acton is a group trained by Aaron now, doing some training with us yesterday. We had him for about four hours and I’ve gotta say that, I mean I’ve seen Aaron speak a number of times in different events but the training yesterday was something special. It was a bit beyond what you’d normally see at an event and he really gave his all and a lot of really great information but the most important thing was the team loved it and the team is working right now and implementing all the strategies, they just put forward during that day and we’re just waiting for 90 days to share the results with you.

Training helped Liz take her principal to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

The vision was there, we could see it, we just weren’t sure how we were gonna get it and then we met Aaron and the change was instantaneous, he just, he moved like four levels in one go and now we have this incredible culture that he’s built, it’s his dream and we’re following it and we’re all fulfilled by it.

Purpose. Passion. Profit. Do it. – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron Sansoni two days – purpose, passion, profit. Anyway you can get a chance to catch up with this, great, great, value.

Shane is looking forward to putting the skills learned – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had a couple of amazing days here. Quite confronting, quite amazing what information you don’t actually know and looking forward to putting it into process. It’s gonna be hard but rewarding.

The day was incredible, very relatable, motivational – Aaron Sansoni Review

The day was incredible, yeah, he’s a very relatable guy, he’s brought up a lot of emotion in me and I’m pretty fired up and ready to implement everything that he’s been talking about. I can’t thank him enough, so, highly recommend. Come and watch it.

The man is a genius, probably the best course I have ever done – Aaron Sansoni Review

Just on two days with Aaron Sansoni, the man is a genius. He’s unlocked so much in my business, my potential, he’s an absolute freak. His information, his knowledge, his ability to impart that knowledge to other people, second to none. Guys, amazing. One of the best courses, probably the best course I’ve ever done for myself, for my business. I can’t say enough positive about him. The best time, two days.

This is going to take me to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

Some of the stuff that Aaron taught me is amazing. I think that’s gonna take me to a whole new level, loved every minute of it, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve learned but more importantly I’m gonna put this into practice and I know what it’s for my family. I’ve got my wife sorted out and I’m gonna go forward 120%. Love your work guys, thanks!

Through Aaron’s training I was able to conquer my fear of public speaking – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, it’s been very, very good. Content’s been excellent and I’ve learnt an awful a lot which I can use with our clients and with myself. I made a decision yesterday that it was something I was obviously cognizant of the fact that I’d rather stick my head in a bowl of piranhas than do public speaking but I’m very pleased that Aaron got me up there and yeah I felt much better about it. The next time I won’t be anywhere near as best.

Today was a real eye opener, put a fire inside my heart – Aaron Sansoni Review

Today was amazing, great eye-opener, put a bit more fire in my heart.

Tony is learning all about leadership qualities – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m finding it life changing because before I was just an individual you know, I was like a pion, just working, doing the work and now I feel I can actually be a leader, I can discover what kind of leader I can become and just fine tune myself and then lead other people to greatness and success.

He understands you problem – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Tena. I’m here with Aaron Sansoni in one of his courses. I’ve been with Aaron for the last 90 days. Aaron’s been doing webinars with us and courses and etc. oh! What can I say? He devotes himself entirely. If he says he gives you an hour, he gives you three hours, that was our first webinar. He really devotes himself to you. He understands your problem and dedicates himself to getting results for you and I’ve already seen improvement in my business. We’re still on 60 to 90 days to go and I’m looking forward to greatness in results.

Perfect to learn more about your business and sales – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Janet and I’m from and I’m from Harcourts Mornington so I’m a real estate agent and I’m doing this program with Aaron and it’s been absolutely amazing. I just couldn’t explain how much I have learned over these 90 days and not only that, learning and getting clarity around what I need to do but actually being helped to implement everything that needs to be learnt and today we’re in the full immersion and what I’m learning here, it just blows my mind. It’s fantastic, with a really good group of people from all different kinds of industries and it’s been a really great process so I highly recommend it if you wanna learn about your business and what to do and where to go in the future, please give Aaron a call.

Midyear Mastermind member Tony is really noticing the transformations – Aaron Sansoni Review

Okay, so we’re 9 days in with the midyear mastermind, as you can see I have some ice because I literally have to cool myself down from the excitement. Basically, some examples of results last 90 days I’ve done, what is it? $2.3 million dollars in sales. The commission amount I guess we can talk about that later but more importantly I’ve also lost 6 kilos in the last 2 weeks, quite a transformation and you know, the best is yet to come.

90 days in and I have total clarity and direction – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s 90 days into our midyear mastermind group now and I’d have to say the process has been fantastic. Aaron’s content is just amazing. He’s such a clever guy. The webinars that we’ve been on, well, he promised us just 45 minutes, well I said, allocate at least a couple of hours because that’s how long we’d actually spend with him. We’re systematically going through really deep and meaningful – that sounds funny doesn’t it? But we’re really going through a very personalized process that actually is worthwhile not only to our own businesses but to everyone else that’s involved in the group. Today I’m at the full immersion day and just had my one on one group session which has really been outstanding. He helped me clarify exactly where I wanna go and exactly the results that I want to achieve over the course of the next 90 days and it’s great guns. I’m really looking forward to it. For me what’s occurred, it’s actually allowed me to get some enormous clarity around what I wanna do in the future because I’m in my 53 adventure, I’m basically starting again and up until now it’s taken me a couple of years to really figure out even the right direction and in the last 90 days, what I’ve been able to do now with Aaron is really get some clarity as I said before so the progress that I’m making is really fantastic. Two years to decide and now 3 months to actually get that clarity out of that process has been fantastic.

If you implement it, you can go 2 fold, 3 fold, 10 fold, just amazing! – Aaron Sansoni Review

The whole two days has been amazing. There’s so much to take away, the biggest thing is implementation. I’ve seen Aaron on several occasions and every time I see Aaron there’s always one more thing, one more thing, one more thing to take away so every time I see Aaron it’s always amazing. There’s something else that you can take away. So if you implement it you can go 2 fold, 3 fold, 10 fold, amazing!

He has the tricks of the trade, invest in his products, invest in yourself – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron was awesome. He’s got the tricks of the trade that we’re all prying for so why not involve yourself in his products and get it happening and improve yourself. If he can help you do that, why not?

Very enlightening & Very Motivational – Aaron Sansoni Review

Very enlightening and very motivational. Awesome day, fantastic. Actually, all the sessions today with Aaron was amazing, a lot more information.

I’m excited, I got a lot out of it, look out world – Aaron Sansoni Review

The event today was fantastic. ideas which is fantastic. And Aaron, mate, if you’re looking at this it’s fantastic. I signed up for it, I’m very excited, very happy and I’ll see where you can take me in the next couple of years and look out world, Australia, wherever it is, I’m excited. I’m gonna heavy out of it and yeah, thank you very much.

Could read my mind and my business the first day I met him – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Mark here, I just wanna let you know, really love Aaron Sansoni, the first time I met him he could read my mind, new the type of personality I was and he’s my favorite coach. See you soon!

We all have the ability to achieve anything we want to – Aaron Sansoni Review

I absolutely love it. We’re all aware of what we can do but Aaron demonstrated to us that we could totally have the ability to achieve anything we wanna do and he made a lot of sense. It was great.

hane’s Business continues to improve – Aaron Sansoni Review

Great day, great two days actually, lots of positive energy from today, learning off still and things continue to improve based on all the stuff that we’re learning. So, thanks to all the guys that we’re learning off from here and we look forward to onwards and upwards.

Best Money I’ve Ever Spent – Aaron Sansoni Review

I enjoyed it very much, I mean this is the best $2000 I spent on being this in 2 days. It’s really hard to take two days off my work but being here and being with Aaron is a wonderful experience and I’d like to see how other industrial leaders work on it.

Very relevant and key in creating new sales and new business – Aaron Sansoni Review

I think in terms of today I certainly think that Aaron’s session was very relevant and I’ve been in property for 20 years and a sales person in that timeframe and I think certainly some of the things that he demonstrated were really key in terms of those you know, do you mind if I ask you you know dadada, and kinda getting through those layers about the whys, as oppose to just scratch the surface, let’s get deeper but then let’s go another layer again and you really find out the why behind the transaction and I think people that care much and those who don’t, know how much you care. I think that’s sort of been said time and time again. It’s very true. I think just real, authentic communication, I think and keeping the business really simple. I mean, real estate’s not complicated, we try and complicate it and I think if you just take it really simple but do it well and come from a place of caring and really meaning what you say, I think will really do well for your business. So I’m really looking forward to doing Aaron’s stuff.

There has been significant changes in 90 days – Aaron Sansoni Review

It has been significant change, there is a lot of things that need to be done but we are certainly noticing the change and the change quite dramatically within our business, within our lives and within ourselves. So yeah, we’re looking forward to the next time with Aaron seeing what brings them and where that’s gonna take us. The big word of implementation, so it makes a big difference, just be accountable, yes. That is a key point to the problem. So thanks Aaron and the team.

Drove 8 hours with my team to get here and Aaron absolutely blew me away – Aaron Sansoni Review

Look, I had never heard of Aaron before and I’m so impressed with him and saw the results that he had and signed up straight away. So very excited to start the next chapter with him and yeah, just looking forward to it. Just wanna kill it. Very, very informative. I’m so glad we’ve made the trip. I’ve travelled 8 hours drive to get here with my team and look, I’m very disappointed because I lost my notes. Someone stole my book of my notes but I’ve got a lot out of it, I’ve already, I think in my head I know exactly what we’re meant to implement and so I think I’ll be okay.

Inspirational, lots of information – Aaron Sansoni Review

I learned a lot today from him. I’ll tell you, it was great, inspirational, lots of information.

Everything he says applies to businesses across all industries – Aaron Sansoni Review

Everything he says applies to businesses across all industries and that gives you a different perspective. We hear from a lot of real estate professionals and then they tell you one perspective and then you hear from a guy like Aaron and he’s just had so many successes across you know, every single industry you can think of, so yeah, great guy, we’ve bought his package and looking forward to getting to it. I’m totally going for it.

Very relevant and key in creating a new sales and new business – Aaron Sansoni Review

In terms of today I certainly think that Aaron’s session was very relevant and I’ve been in property for 20 years and a sales person in that timeframe and I think certainly some of the things that he demonstrated were really key in terms of those you know, do you mind if I ask you you know dadada, and kinda getting through those layers about the whys, as oppose to just scratch the surface, let’s get deeper but then let’s go another layer again and you really find out the why behind the transaction and I think people that care much and those who don’t, know how much you care. I think that’s sort of been said time and time again. It’s very true. I think just real, authentic communication, I think and keeping the business really simple. I mean, real estate’s not complicated, we try and complicate it and I think if you just take it really simple but do it well and come from a place of caring and really meaning what you say, I think will really do well for your business. So I’m really looking forward to doing Aaron’s stuff.

James, Australia’s #1 Real Estate Agent – Aaron Sansoni Review

I thought Aaron was inspiring today, a certainly very smooth delivery, very impressive but he’s a man that obviously has a lot of confidence in what he has to say and I think from a selling perspective, you go a long way to hear someone who knows more about selling and he’s build up a lot of confidence in what he’s been able to do with all the people that have worked with him and I think a lot of the young guys in my crew were extremely impressed so, rather he’s brilliant, was outstanding, I talked to him briefly but when I get the chance to speak to him for a bit longer I bet that’ll be very, very, very good.

Being in diamond group is really starting to amplify the results – Aaron Sansoni Review

Aaron’s really stepped up and delivered that in one set and I think working together, we’re all working together really well, really starting to jowl together and really, we’re getting a lot more out of each other and each other’s experiences and we’re just able to put that back into our business and so far it’s really starting to amplify the results.

Incredibly motivational, helpful and valuable – Aaron Sansoni Review

He’s incredibly motivational and I think the whole of it was really well laid out, really set out and really professional, very helpful.

Aaron has helped me grow my business, but also myself personally – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been very emotional for a lot of people including myself and I think we’ve all taken a real lot from it and yeah, being able to learn a lot of things that we can take back and implement directly into our business that’s what’s really exciting and I’m looking forward to hitting the rim and riding tomorrow. Aaron’s enabled me to grow as a person and not only helped my business grow but grow personally within and sort of helped me implement that to other people as well. It’s been fantastic.

The results we are getting, it’s just phenomenal – Aaron Sansoni Review

Loving it so much that I was sitting in there, I had a moment where I got upset because I thought we only have two more of these after that, that’s ‘til the end of the year and I’m like I don’t want this to end. The changes we’ve made in our business and the results we’re getting, it’s just phenomenal and it’s really exciting. Straight up to the first immersion day we had the three busiest months we’ve ever had back to back ever. So we’re loving it. We’re excited about the next three months and we can’t wait to go back and just start commiting and smashing.

A few months into Aaron’s training and my whole world has changed already – Aaron Sansoni Review

So, Mastermind Day 2, amazing! Everybody has grown so much just in the 90 days that we’ve already done and the plans for the future are huge. Everyone is implementing. Aaron is incredible, just to have a whole day with him like words can’t even describe how much further we’ve come along in these 90 days and where we’re going in the future, it’s just amazing. Propelling me into a whole new level, things I could never imagine existed, he’s teaching me, taking me through new systems in ways to approach my clients, my whole life in general and it’s just amazing. A few months in, and yeah, my whole world has changed already.

Adam learned things about himself he would have never knew existed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been shown something that I didn’t think existed about myself. I have no idea had I not been in this group whatsoever. A lot of goals set, a lot of things and a lot of accountability coming up so I’m very much looking forward to day 3.

What we have learnt in 2 sessions would have taken us over 5 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

We started approximately 12 months ago and with this group and with the sessions it’s just grown us personally and just the confidence we get out of all the guys here is fantastic. So it has grown us immensely and I think it’s money well spent because from where we come from this is completely different. The industry that we’re in now is completely different from where we work and I think this has helped us in leaps and bounce. What we’ve learnt here in the last 2 sessions probably would have taken us five years to learn. He’s easy to listen to, picture this and really enjoying it and he knows what he’s talking about. This is one of the things that he says, you know, we’ve experienced in other businesses that he’s just tweaked and put us on the right track into what we’re doing now so it’s been good. It’s been excellent.

The mastermind group setup is very powerful, bouncing ideas and solving problems – Aaron Sansoni Review

In terms of like knotting down the next 90 days and stuff like that and digging deeper into our personal lives and more people opening up, it was sensational. We’re really gelling as a group now but we’ve been together for a while and so what I noticed different in this one was just more personal stuff coming up and inevitably you’re never gonna be able to help someone until you find out the true core of the problem, so that’s just the biggest take away I like. I think the whole mastermind part of like everyone interjecting and throwing ideas you know is really helping like there was a situation where you’ve got someone going through a personal issue who thinks it’s the end of the world but it takes someone else on the same level to say, “hold on, no, stop. It’s not. You’re just going through a phase.” So I think that’s the whole mastermind comes in of stopping each other and not so much hearing solutions from Aaron but actually hearing solutions from the group itself because there were a few interjections where the group would help out with the other group members’ problems and sometimes it might be better than hearing it from Aaron himself and not to actually counter it down, it just might be more powerful sometimes. Yeah, it puts you in the right mindset and having them every 90 days I think is good. It’s not too close but it’s not too far apart so 90 days I reckon, actually after joining it this is perfect, in 3 months you should be able to take some goals in 3 months, no excuses, get it done and that’s just the whole basis. So me, personally I grew as a person, grew as a director because being a young director was tough for me and gaining respect, so I’ve just grown as a person and changed the way I look at real estate.

Mark was able to reach heights he didn’t think were possible – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

When I met Aaron about a year ago and joined up with the full-day immersion and had training with him every quarter, our sales were about $500,000 to $600,000 a year. I didn’t knew I could get to the next level which is Remax’s diamond award, I just thought it was impossible but I just changed my mindset, Aaron helped with that and we made the diamond for Remax which is the highest level you can get in Remax. We just, you know, amazing goals, we’ve got 500 property managements, our business is the best that’s ever been and that’s thanks to Aaron. I do appreciate that I joined the team and got an absolute, amazing year.

The Full Immersion Days has given Jarrod Accountability and Clear Direction – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

The full immersion day with Aaron and Glenn, fantastic! I need accountability so for me to have a 90-day plan set out for my needs is fantastic. It’s exactly what I needed and to have it this quite intense and I learned a lot from the people in the room as well, so couldn’t say enough good stuff for that. It’s given me clear direction and clear focus on what I need to do and what I need to focus on and the things that are gonna make my business a lot stronger. The techniques are great. I know these sales techniques but it’s awesome to see it in play and in action and it’s helped me to become a better sales man as well ‘cause I’ve actually been able to focus and get more clarity on. And I like their approach, it’s quite engaging and it’s quite intense. It strips you back and builds you back up again. So I love it.

Helps you in all facets of your life, Business, Personal & Sales – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

I always say it’s meant to happen because from the immersion day I has to commit the most amount of money I ever had to commit to anything and that was investing myself and so I’ve got a lot people telling me it’s the wrong decision and still telling me to this day but after the first immersion day, yeah, I walked away with my head high and knowing that I’ve done the right thing and that was not so much paying, you can’t think about it as paying someone amount of money. You literally have to think about it as investing in yourself and giving yourself the best opportunity so then take it, because in real estate what’s 30 grand? It’s a couple of sales, three sales and then that’s it so you’re telling me that these guys can’t get you three sales and that’s gonna broke it down yeah, now the full immersion day was good. He really gets in you personally and focuses on you and really attacks you but not like in a mean way, just attacks you to make sure that you realize that you can speak to other people and not always be fluffy whereas he’ll really break you down and then make you leave that day knowing full well what you need to do to become a better agent and a better person even in general. So he helps you in all facets of your life: personal, business and in sales so that’s it.

Full Immersion day will give back to your business 10 fold – Mastermind Group – – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had a great time, it’s an excellent day and I just think Aaron, he’s an incredible man and just the way that he adapts to the individual needs of each and every person or group that he meets is just incredible. I will say it is a big commitment but I highly recommend it, 110% and it’s gonna give back to your business 10 fold and you know, Aaron is the Sales King and he really gets inside of your business and helps you where you need the help and he knows what you’re doing well and what you need to work on and then yeah, that’s the difference to I guess any other sales coach that I’ve ever experienced in the past.

I had my 3 best months back to back – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, absolutely amazing, a lot people say his fee – that’s a lot of money but you know, my first 3 months straight after doing that one day with him has been the best 3 months I’ve ever had and the business is jus growing on top of that. it’s probably been a year and a half now since doing that day with him, so yeah, it’s worth every cent to be honest. Chris Gilmore.

The Full Immersion Day was everything I expected and more – Aaron Sansoni Review

I just had a full day immersion with Aaron, it was everything I expected it to be and so much more. The way he challenges and pushes and gets right down to find out what the issues are, overcome them, get everything done. Learnt so much. It was unbelievable for myself and from others and I’ve got a great plan to go forward in the next 90 days being accountable for everything that I’ve got on my list so I made a start on that already. I can’t wait for the next session and looking forward to a massive, massive year to come. Thanks Aaron!

Jodie’s life has drastically turned around for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

So two years ago I was a mother taking my kids’ shoes together after my husband left and money was non-existent. I met Aaron in about August last year in the Be Phenomenal, went to the bootcamp in November and things just changed radically, drastically. In the first 6 weeks of this financial year that we just had I had more cash coming into my account than I made 2 years ago for the full year. I just bought the dream property, 7 acres with a little island, it’s astronomical. I’m the highest selling agent in my area by more than double the results of any other agent, more than doubled my income in 6 months and I’m just getting started, I’m not even 9 months into working with Aaron. What he does works, my whole life has just transformed and I’m in an area average size of the market are over a hundred, it’s not a fast pace thing but it’s the relationships, the skills and more. What I’m doing for this other people, like I’ve got my ear on the phone crying because I got her $50,000 more than another agent had listed out. She never thought it could happen anyway, and it’s just full asking price. The things that I’m doing for my clients it’s just, it’s unbelievable and I’ve got Kat on my team now. I know, I’ll stop because I could go on and on but it’s drastic, it’s radical, find the money from somewhere and do it because it will change your life.

A very different type of training, motivational, inspirational, amazing – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Cathy. Bootcamp’s just been amazing. Completely different training, very inspirational, motivational so it’s been fantastic. Really great experience.

Awesome in delivering his content – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, First bootcamp and I’m pretty pumped actually and looking forward to acing my income over the next year in GCI and yeah, I’m certainly very inspired by Aaron and he’s been awesomely delivering his content over the last couple of days and looking forward to getting back to the office and implementing everything we know.

Aaron has been Fantastic, Loving it – Aaron Sansoni Review

I love it, really energized. We’ve travelled over from New Zealand so it’s been a bit of a journey and we’re 3 hours behind time so lunch is dinner time and we should be going to bed by now but it’s been great! Aaron’s been fantastic and loving the bald head.

Aaron has helped me learn a lot more about myself and where I’m heading – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been an experience for sure, very informative, very enlightening, intriguing, exciting. It’s revealed a lot about myself and what I need to do and what I can do and what I can achieve.

This touches on all the key factors you need to know in Sales – Aaron Sansoni Review

Yeah, look, I’ve really enjoyed bootcamp. Coming along to one of Aaron’s courses, I’ve seen him briefly in another seminar, he touches on everything you really need to know. So not just here’s a bit of theory, go ahead and do what you can but he touches on it, goes written in content, enter the scripts and dialogues and more importantly in reflection and tone which people seem to miss. So I’m really looking forward to going home and implementing it and see how we go.

Running a big Sales Team, this is the perfect training for me – Aaron Sansoni Review

I found Aaron a bit different, I bet he is really much for me to give me a feeling that he knows – he’s not just here telling you how to get this thing and how to grab another risk, he’s really teaching people in sales and I’m running a big sales team, approaching marketing from project marketing in Brisbane and I need a pretty much a sales focus training and I think Aaron could be the one to help me so that’s why I started contact with Peter and get some information and a bit of the starting project. Yeah, it’s great. It’s a good experience.

Aaron’s teachings will increase my business by 200% – Aaron Sansoni Review

I really had a really good time and basically discovered some things that I haven’t possibly ever think that I would be able to discover. It’s gonna help my business probably to grow by 200% and that’s why my goal is, I’m sure I’m gonna be here next year and achieving my goal and celebrating that again in 12 months time because what I’ve learned here, it’s helped me so much to open up my horizon to see the world differently and being able to achieve what I want to do.

Aaron’s training gives you the ability to Innovate, Activate and Motivate – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, how are you going? If you have missed the million dollar agent bootcamp you have missed out guys. The ability to innovate and activate is what you get to learn here and you gotta come for new one.  Give Aaron, you’ll be happy you did.

Absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to hit my Targets – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp mate has been absolutely fantastic. This is the number I get. I’ll see you in 12 months with this check.

Absolutely Fantastic, I recommend everyone to get to bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Samantha. To be honest I thought 30 hours of bootcamp? Oh my god, that’s just gonna be wild! But it has been absolutely fantastic, most recommend for everyone to come down and have a look next year. It’ll be absolutely awesome. I have learnt so much. Everyone is fantastic. Aaron is absolutely amazing. Come on down next year, you’ll love it.

Absolutely life changing, fantastic! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Fantastic! Fantastic! Definitely life changing. I’ll be back new year, see you guys!

Absolutely Loving it, Absolutely Brilliant – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, Gerald here – love the bootcamp, absolutely loving it, absolutely brilliant. Thank you Glen, thank you Aaron. We’re on target for our new business. Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it, love it!

An Eye Opening and Mind Opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

I found it incredible, it’s very eye opening and mind opening in terms of motivation and skills and it’s been a really big learning curve for me.

As a rookie in my business this is the perfect experience for me – Aaron Sansoni Review

As a rookie coming here, this is the best experience as a rookie to attend I pretty much become a sponge and I absorbed everything there is to know about the whole selling process and I’m just very grateful for being here and being part of it. I couldn’t ask for a better presentation, a better understanding. I think the process is good and yeah, I’m just sucking it all in and I’m pumped, I’m pumped to kill it, kill it next year and I hope you guys, I’ll see you in a year and I can share all the great stories that I will learn as a rookie from this experience.

Awesome event for someone just starting out in the Industry – Aaron Sansoni Review

This is my first bootcamp and this is also a great event so it’s very good for me. My first year goal is $200k and I hope I will get this goal next year, that’s all.

Best Bootcamp I have been to, I recommend it to anyone and everyone – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Koreen, I’ve been invited by my boss to come to this million-dollar agent bootcamp and I think it’s the best bootcamp I’ve ever been to. The learnings are great and I’ve set my goals and I’m committed to make my goals come true. Thanks Aaron and Glenn for all the learnings and I’ll definitely recommend anyone and everyone to come to the next bootcamp.

Bootcamp has been absolutely Amazing – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp has been absolutely amazing and hopefully a life changing experience.

Bootcamp has been fantastic, Thanks a Million – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp has been fantastic. I’m not even a real estate agent, I’ve come here with my brother to learn it bad, it’s really good to say I really want to get involved with real estate. I’m fueled because of the mentors and people here in this room, so thanks a million.

Bootcamp has been really brilliant, a great 3 days– Aaron Sansoni Review

I found the bootcamp really great. I feel asleep at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon I was out of shape but everything’s been really great. I woke up again and sort of took it all on board and it’s been great ever since.

Bootcamp has really shown me what I don’t know – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, found the bootcamp really awesome. It showed me, I guess, how much I really don’t know and what I need to do to improve. So hopefully use the tools going forward and the future looks exciting.

Bootcamp has taught me that Real Estate isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle choice – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp basically taught me that real estate isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle choice and I can 100% tell you that I’ll be back next year and I’m not gonna pay for the ticket because I’m gonna achieve my goals and watch my space.

Far from being just another seminar, Bootcamp is a life changing event – Aaron Sansoni Review

The whole experience has been absolutely amazing. I came into this thinking that it was going to be just another seminar but it’s been far from that and it has been life changing and it certainly does make you look at what you have been doing today and now that moving forward from this it is going to change your life and it will change the way that you handle every situation you come across from this day forward.

Following the Sales King teachings has helped me build my business – Aaron Sansoni Review

To be very honest with you I’ve really, really enjoyed the bootcamp. I really do think it is actually a bootcamp. It is pretty intensive, very physically draining but very uplifting as well at the same time, I don’t know if that’s possible and personally for me it’s been reaffirming in a lot of the things that I followed off of the sales king and it’s helped me in the last 12 months for my business. It developed my personal brand in a lot of different things as well on the way. The results have been fantastic, yeah, I’m really very happy to be here and go Sales King!

From 2 hours and then implementing, I was able to make $55,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Mary-Ann. I met Aaron a couple of months ago at Be Phenomenal, up to that point I’ve only been in the industry for 8 weeks and, just an hour and a half, 2 hours with Aaron and in the next day I picked up two listings just from what he taught me and and in the last 3 months I’ve made $55,000 in commission and that has motivated me. I didn’t think I’d be in the industry for that long based on my first two months but now I have a career and I know I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life and making a lot more money. Actually, this year I’m going to make $500,000 in commission all because of Aaron so definitely you do it too, it’s worth it.

From the skills I learnt before Lunch I was able to close a Business deal – Aaron Sansoni Review

From the very first day that I was here we learned so much about how we can actually close deals that haven’t been closed. We’ve had a few stories from other people here, what deals they’ve closed in the three days that they’ve been sitting in this room. On the very first day that had me thinking what I could do and who I haven’t closed, there was one client that came to mind and I was definitely gonna ring her that day and when we came to lunch, finally enough, there must be something a thing going on, there was a message from her on my phone and I rang her and we absolutely secured the business and the skills I learnt that day absolutely helped me do it.

Full On, Even more engaging the second time around – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s just as expected like it looked really kind of the last one and now this one and it’s just full on intense and to be honest, I’m more engaged in this time, second time around, the content I feel is a lot so much more, so much more. Just the fact that you’re full-on, nonstop all the time, 100%, Aaron is just nonstop as I expected. I even brought a couple of friends along with myself and I said, “hey, this is what you’re in for” and they’re like “no, that won’t happen” and then first break they’re like “oh my God, are you serious? This what you taught is actually what’s happening” and we’re loving this so far yeah, so I recommend more people to come.

Has absolutely blown some mindsets I had – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m James from Australian National Properties and this is the first time I’ve ever seen Aaron Sansoni and it was phenomenal and we had the very best time, and he’s absolutely blown some mindsets off me to take me to a whole other level.

High Energy with a real community feel – Aaron Sansoni Review

High energy, very positive, light-minded people and very community sort of feeling and all with an increased learning capacity, very informative and I think everyone here is gonna be taking some pretty serious action from the stuff that we’ve learned here.

High Energy, Good Content – Aaron Sansoni Review

Really quite awesome, He’s amazing, yeah, I recommend them to anyone. High energy, good crew and good content. I’m really happy.

If you come to these types of events, you will make more money – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, you need to come here. We just spent the last three days just the second bootcamp – the first one’s sales leadership mastery, March 2015 and that was intense and this one is even better. We’re gonna come back next year, my partner came to the first one, she couldn’t make it to this one. She’s coming to the next one. I’m bring my whole team to every single one, every single year. I can tell you right now you’re guaranteed to make more money, make more sales, peer relationships and just grow as an individual. You need to be here and it’s definitely worth even if it costs you a couple of thousand dollars, do it. I recommend you do it. That’s all I have to say.

I don’t usually come to these types of events – Aaron Sansoni Review

I have found the last three days absolutely amazing, I’ve definitely played full out. I don’t usually come to these things, it has been full on but definitely gonna take away a lot from the seminar, the bootcamp I should say and really implementing it into our business.

I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t here at bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

So far I found the bootcamp experience absolutely incredible, mind-blowing, much, much better than I expected. In fact, anyone that’s not here, I feel sorry for you because it’s definitely worth it. Everything that we’re being taught that we can implement into our own systems with a combination of Glenn Twiddle’s system and the sales team’s system will make you a million-dollar agent.

Bootcamp is probably the best thing I have done – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp has been fantastic, it just opened my eyes and my mind, yeah, definitely will come again next time. I’ve been to many seminars, this one is one of the best. It’s not a seminar, yes, it’s a bootcamp. I’ll see you next time.

I know this will help build my business to the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

This event is a fantastic event, I’m taking so many stuff from here which I can implement around my business and take my business into the next level which is you know, this event is phenomenal. Yeah, I really enjoyed. Aaron, I think he’s one of the best speakers so far, I’ve been to many events before, so he’s one of the best speakers since I’ve seen in the last 20 years. He’s one of the best speakers.

I have enjoyed every minute of it, Aaron is Amazing – Aaron Sansoni Review

I found it very intense. I think Aaron Sansoni’s amazing so I’ve enjoyed it and I think I’m gonna take away a lot of great skills to learn from this bootcamp and I’ll definitely come back to another one.

I was skeptical to begin with, but I have been absolutely blown away

The bootcamp, look, it’s been really amazing. I was a little bit skeptical to start with but I’m just absolutely blown away. Everything, the consolidation of what I already knew beforehand and just putting it all together has been brilliant and I’m really, really looking forward to the future. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here.

A Career Changing Event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Nobody talked me into coming up here, it wasn’t something that was on my radar. I spoke to a few people that came to the previous boot camp and they said it was career changing. I can see where they’re coming from, it really is so much to absorb and I can see where these people are coming from and I’m hoping to implement as much as I can to get myself to the next level.

I’m inspired beyond Imagination – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m pumped, I’m inspired beyond imagination, I’m not even a real estate agent yet but I’m here because I wanna become one and I will achieve my goal.

I’ve learned so much over the last few days – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp here just made me just pull my finger out and get my stuff in order. Aaron’s taught me a hell of a lot over the last two days. I’m ready to get going. I love it, I recommend this!

If you are not here, then you need to be here, this is life-changing – Aaron Sansoni Review

One word: fantastic! Absolutely mind-blowing. It’s change my whole attitude, I haven’t sold a house yet but I’ve been in real estate for nearly 5 months. This is my turning time and I tell you, this has made a big difference to my life. I’m going to turn it around and there’s my starting point, $120,000-$150,000 and in 12 months I’m going to be back agaid. If you’re not here, you need to be here ‘cause this is life changing. See you in the next bootcamp.

For those who are serious about growing your business – Aaron Sansoni Review

I think you’d be absolutely crazy if you’re really serious about growing your business, whatever that might be, whether it’s real estate or any other industry, every industry in the world has got to master the sales component which you’re learning here and I think if you’re very serious about making something of yourself and achieving what you want in life you really have to be in these sort of things. It’s not like a seminar, it’s not a seminar, it is a bootcamp and it really gets you thinking what do you have to do to be the best in your field, you’ve gotta really get further, push forward all the barriers that you’re pretty much presented here, physically, mentally, you reassess everything about yourself and you’ve gotta really take it in and then obviously implement back in reality.

If you want to get to the next level, this is the place you need to be – Aaron Sansoni Review

So guys, just, if you’re a rookie and you’re looking to go to the next level and you don’t wanna listen to your boss’ negativity and shit offers, this is where you need to be ‘cause this will get you to the next level. You’ll be surrounded by very positive and you’ll get the tools and that mindset to go to the next level. Thank you very much Aaron, Glenn and everyone involved and for the opportunity.

In 10 months Aaron has completely changed our Business, This stuff works – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been in real estate 16 years and my partner 8 years And coasted along comfortably for that period of time, last year ran into Aaron knowing who he was and in 10 months we’ve grown into early two’s, mid two’s GCI up to 500 GCI and hoping to go twice that next year.

Yeah, this stuff works. It’s just amazing. Just by simple implementation, nothing complicated onerous, just by actually doing stuff. Do what you need to do. Yeah Thanks Aaron!

Inspirational, Motivational & Challenging – Aaron Sansoni Review

Actually inspirational and motivating and actually challenging, right? To something that’s actually gonna make you go home and actually implement some of the changes. It’s gonna be exciting.

It has helped build up my faith and desire within my business – Aaron Sansoni Review

I think probably the most important thing for me is the very first part of the program which is “evolving” which is learning how to believe because I think without faith, without the passion, without the desire and without finding out what you really want and believing it’s possible, it won’t happen which is why for most people it doesn’t. It’s just an honor to be here and I just thank you so much.

It just shows what real mentoring can do – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp is fantastic! It just shows what real mentoring can do to improve your outlook and what you’re gonna do to improve with your life. It’s fantastic

It’s been a Phenomenal experience, definitely life-changing for me – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp’s been a phenomenal experience, definitely life-changing for myself. I’m looking forward to implementing everything that I’ve learned here in going forward and getting the results.

It’s learning and implementing the simple things – Aaron Sansoni Review

The biggest thing I could take out of this is really for me, come down to something pretty simple but it’s really showing your clients you actually give a shit about them and the result you’re achieving for them. I think that breaks down everything else, it comes across very genuine and I think that way you can focus on your clients, what you’re getting for them and that you really do give a shit, you’ll win on far more business than just being a standard salesman. So that’s what I take away from this whole experience.

It’s put the fire in my Belly to get the results I need – Aaron Sansoni Review

I came to this bootcamp, I just wanted an extra boost to get in my business sort of upper moving and I really, really found the topic of obligation and that’s really what’s gonna put the fire in my belly to achieve these results and just move forward.

It’s the 2nd time I have seen Aaron and already can’t wait ‘til the 3rd – Aaron Sansoni Review

It was amazing. It was my second time I’m seeing these amazing people and I really enjoyed it and it’s great experience. I’m looking forward to come for the 3rd time, definitely. Amazing, just amazing!

John would highly recommend the bootcamp to anyone in Real Estate – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, John here. The bootcamp here has been absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it to anybody that’s in real estate.

Kevin is pumped from the bootcamp, a fantastic 3 days – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Kevin Phan, I’m a Nexus real estate agent. Felt in the last 3 days it is fantastic to learn so much from the bootcamp, 16-hour, 14-hour when we’re pumped. Thank you so much Aaron and Glenn for putting things together.

Learnt a lot of new things – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, the bootcamp was fantastic, absolutely loved it! Learnt a lot of things and also just reassuring us that we’re on the right track in what we need to do.

Learnt a whole heap and can’t wait to start implementing and getting results – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp was absolutely amazing. Learnt a whole heap and I’m just – I can’t wait to get out there and just implement everything and get the results.

Loads and Loads of good content to take away – Aaron Sansoni Review

This bootcamp has been awesome, just absolutely brilliant, loads and loads of good content to take away but the really important stuff has been knowing who you are and finding out what’s really important for you, what your drives are and I love obligation that we really have an obligation to do the best we can ourselves, our families, our clients and community. So if you get a chance it’s fantastic.

Lost of Inspiration, it has changed my Mindset – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I think this is a great, great event and this is so far the best bootcamp I’ve ever been. I met a lot of amazing people here which also gave me a lot of inspiration and changed my mindset. Thank you so much.

Met some Amazing people and Learnt some Amazing Things – Aaron Sansoni Review

Everything was cool, great, amazing. I met a lot of amazing people and I learnt a lot of good stuff and I’m just happy to go back in the office and try to implement them as soon as possible and I’m just very thankful to Glenn and the whole team and also Aaron, amazing people! Thank you very much.

Michael is having a great time, Intense training but very rewarding – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, my name is Michael. Day two of the Aaron Sansoni Bootcamp, it’s been a pretty intense couple of days. Last night we face off by 11:30 pm, it was massive but took a lot out of it. So I’m not actually in real estate. I sell new homebuilt and I’m more here for the sales side of things and it’s been great. It’s been great so far. Day two has been pretty intense as well but there’s a lot more to come. But yeah, it’s been great!

Motivational and Life Changing, Looking forward to the future – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp has been motivational and very life-changing for me, so I’m looking forward to face my future.

Natalie has made $50,000 and is looking forward to doubling – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m a new property manager in the industry. I’ve been trading for 12 months and I met Aaron in the beginning and I’ve achieved $50,000 and I’m looking to double that figure in the next year.

No matter what stage you are at in your career, this is the best Training – Aaron Sansoni Review

So im at the Aaron Sansoni Bootcamp here at  has been absolutely amazing. I, myself, am a new agent, new to the industry and I think that this is definitely the best thing to consider whether you’ve been in the industry for a week, a month, 5 years, 10 years. The amount of information that I myself have learned over these last couple of days has been just amazing and now I’m really looking forward to be able to implement those things back in my hometown and hopefully soon enough I’ll be the next agent up on stage.

Probably one of the most enjoyable moments I have had – Aaron Sansoni Review

A lot of amazing material, some clever marketing ideas, also, just new business structures I guess, so yeah, probably one of the most enjoyable moments I’ve had, so yeah, thank you. Probably my third time speaking to him or hearing him speak. I’ve actually spoken to]so yeah, he’s got amazing material and pretty new I learned a lot of things.

Really good material, great new ideas – Aaron Sansoni Review

Really good material with some great new ideas. I can’t wait to go back and implement.

Robyn almost didn’t come to Bootcamp but she is glad she did – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Robyn and I almost didn’t come, I’m so glad I have and now I have the inspiration to go forward and not look back.

So inspirational I know I will hit my targets for next year – Aaron Sansoni Review

This weekend has been so inspirational for me. I’m new in the industry and really wanting the best and as much knowledge as I can to be successful as I can be. So my 12 months goal is to make $300,000 in the next year and after doing Aaron’s course and Glenn’s course I really believe this is possible.

Steve Camillieri speaks on Diamond Group Mastermind – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello, my name is Steve Camillieri. I’ve been privileged to be a part of Aaron’s group this year. I’ve learned a lot from Aaron, he’s a gentleman. He really knows how a person is feeling and how to get the best out of somebody. I think if you ever get a chance to meet with Aaron I definitely, definitely would recommend him. He is a great, great guy, he is a great mentor and he’s taught me a lot and probably given me a little bit more confidence in all the things that I was lacking and I’ll be following the man for a long time.

Takes it out of you, but Bootcamp has been well worth it – Aaron Sansoni Review

I had a really, really good time here at the bootcamp. I learnt a lot. It does definitely take it out of you but, look, you’re only here for a short time you’d might as well make the most of it.

Taking all the information in, can’t wait to implement – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m glad that I was able to take all this information in and I just can’t wait to go start door knocking and do what I can. Aaron is cool, good work, just seeing him makes me wanna be like him.

The best 3 days of my life, look forward to coming back next year – Aaron Sansoni Review

This is my first bootcamp and it’s been the best 3 days of my life, it’s gonna be changing. I’ve set my plan for the next 12 months and I’m gonna make sure I get it. So I look forward to bootcamp next year. Cheers!

The content is invaluable, Just do it – Aaron Sansoni Review

Amazing, it’s unreal that someone can stay focused and keep us really engaged for 16 hours in a day and the content’s phenomenal. Just trying to think about it, just give your credit card and pay the cash, just get here.

The Faith that Aaron instills in you is just Fantastic – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been fantastic. We’ve come over from interstate and just the faith that Aaron’s stilling back in us is just absolutely fantastic. So I feel great and I’m looking forward to next year. We were hear a year ago down south and it’s just bloody fantastic.

There is a lot to learn from Aaron about the whole sales process

I learned a lot from this bootcamp. I learned the process of how to communicate, engage the client until closing the deal. Something I haven’t thought about before is when the client says, “no” I’m always like I’m not gonna do anything further but after I joined this bootcamp I learned there’s a lot of things you can learn.

I feel like this training is going to catapult me – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello Australia, hello the world! I’m new into the industry, I was a bit uncertain about what was gonna happen but since this bootcamp it feels like I’m just being catapulted into success. This is me, this is gonna be my first year. Wooh!

This is the Dynamite I needed to start my career – Aaron Sansoni Review

He’s a dynamite, he’s nuclear powered, honestly, he really is. He’s great! Fantastic! Love it and really pleased with him. I’m new in the real estate so this is what I need. This is my dynamite.

This stuff works, we are seeing results and that is why we are back – Aaron Sansoni Review

Second time around and still learning keeps, a lot more to implement but this stuff works, it seriously works. We’ve seen results already that’s why we’re back for another current just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Tracy has got a lot of experience and new ideas from Aaron’s teachings

Hi, my name is Tracy. I’m from WA. I came here and also got a lot of experience from Aaron, thanks Aaron!

With implementation I know I can grow my business to the next level

My first bootcamp experience today, been earning a couple of hundred thousand consistently for several years. I think with the implementation of what I’ve learned so far I can easily do this in the next 12 months and I thank Aaron and his team for this last three days, it’s been brilliant and I’m really looking forward to in the next 12 months.

World class Experience and Life Changing Training

My world-class experience and life changing. I’ll really implement what I’ve learned, give it a good go.

Adam made $17,000 in only eight months thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi there! Adam Dureau here. I met Aaron 8 weeks ago and so far I’ve made $17,000. I can’t wait for the next 12 months.

Adrian earned $50,000 in eight months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Adrian. I met Aaron 8 months ago and I’ve made $50,000 in that time so I just wanna say thanks Aaron!

Alea made $90,000 in only 12 months thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s meeting

Hi, my name is Alea Eng and in the 12 months since I’ve met Aaron Sansoni, I’ve mede $90,000.

Andrew made over $2.4 million in 2 years thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, my name is Andrew G. I’m an Aaron Sansoni devotee in the last 3 years. I’ve had some issues with my wife spending in and out of the hospital seven times, she’s now on chemotherapy, we have four small children and so I’ve been managing my agency pretty much by myself and in the last three years I’ve still grossed just over $2.4 million using Aaron’s techniques. So thank you very much Mr. Sansoni!

Kristin earned $500,000 in only 12 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Kristin and as a direct result of working with Aaron in the last 12 months I’ve made $500,000 in GCI.

Breeana made $86,000 since learning from Aaron Sansoni

Hi, I’m Breeana. Since I’ve met Aaron Sansoni I made $86,000.

Brian made $550,000 in just 7 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Brian Fairweather. I met Aaron 7 months ago and since that time I’ve made $550,000 in gross commission.

Dan increased his profits by $140,000 thanks to Aaron Sansoni

My name is Dan As a result of working with Aaron, his really increased my profits and my mindset to increase on where I’m gonna be heading in the future and the mindset change has been probably one of the biggest things the different areas you can go into and that’s quite to think Aaron, cheers!

Daniel made $1.9m over 4 years after learning from Aaron Sansoni

Ever since I met Aaron Sansoni right about 4 years ago in this is what I’ve been able to achieve in the last 4 years of career.

David earned $1m in 3 years – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m David Luscombe. I’ve achieved $1,065,000 in 3 years knowing Aaron as the direct result.

Dominic made $250,000 as a direct result of Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, it’s Dominic Tallon here. Since I’ve met Aaron I’ve totally made around $250,000. This stuff is probably the best sales training I’ve ever seen and this bootcamp is the first one I’ve attended and I can say that this just blow my mind.

Eli earned $16,000 in a few months – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Eli Dangerfield and I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. I’m 18. In the last few months after meeting Aaron I started with a new company and so far we’ve gone over $16,000 in sales in a couple of months just using some of the tips that he’s taught us in terms of branding and positioning that brand as a reputable, as a quality brand in the market place so thank you Aaron. This bootcamp’s been phenomenal for me. It’s taught me tremendous values, thank you and I’ll see you again next year.

Gary made $18,975 within days of attending Aaron Sansoni’s event

I’m Gary Justin, I’ve only known Aaron for the bootcamp and during that time I’ve transacted one property and this is the result here. I’m looking forward to many, many more.

Ian made $350,000 in four months with Aaron Sansoni’s expert mentoring

Hi, Ian Barnes! I met Aaron in a seminar in Perth, 3 or so months ago made the decision to get serious, join the diamond club and here I am. There’s no turning back from here.

In 6 months, Mike earned $140,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, I’m Mike T. I’ve met Aaron about 5 or 6 months ago and since then I’ve earned about $140,000. Thanks Aaron!

In 9 months, Lim earned $265,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Lim and eversince I’ve met Aaron over the last 8-9 months this is my result and I’m looking forward to do a lot more in the next 12 months.

In just a few months, David made $63,900 – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is David Christie. Since I’ve met Aaron in March this year this is how much I’ve made. It’s only scratching the surface, there’s still a lot more to come. Thank you!

Ivor made $650,000 in just 2 years thanks to learning from Aaron Sansoni

My name is Ivor Thomas. Since working alongside Aaron, learning new stuff, I’ve done $650,000 over a couple of years and it’s only just the beginning.

Jason earned $1.7m thanks to learning from Aaron Sansoni

Hey, my name is Jason Dowler and this is the direct result that I’ve got from Aaron, $1.7 million.

Kati made $1.5 million in 1 year thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s Training

Hi everyone, I’m Kati Hempenstall from Belle Property Cornubia and since meeting Aaron I have doubled my income in the last year, it’s changed my life, everything from my career, my family, my sense of obligation to everyone that I work for and everyone around me. So it’s been a truly inspirational year for me and I highly recommend if you ever have a chance to work with Aaron, don’t hesitate, take that leap of faith and trust that he will bring out the best that you can be and I’m forever grateful, so thanks Aaron.

Kym and Shane made $950,000 in 2 years – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s been 2 years since we met Aaron, about 2 years and a month and since that time we’ve made $950,000 in gross commission. It’s been an amazing journey, it’s not just about the money, it’s about life, love, work, family, everything else. Thank you very much Aaron! We appreciate being with you.

Lee made $40,000 in just 6 months by implementing Aaron Sansoni’s Strategies

Hi, it’s Lee Zehnder here. Thanks very much Aaron. I’ve known you for 6 months now and since I’ve implemented some of your strategies and systems things leaped, cheers!

Mark earned $544,000 thanks to everything he learned from Aaron Sansoni

I’m Mark Noble, Aaron, you’re an absolute bloody legend. Since I’ve known you, $544,000 more. Thank you!

Murray earned $220,000 as a result of Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, I’m Murray Steele, I’m the property. This is my result for the last 12 months since meeting Aaron – $220,000 more!

Namir earned $468,300 as a result of Aaron Sansoni’s Training

Hi, my name is Namir from Belle Property Newtown and I’m here in a bootcamp with Aaron and this is the result that I’ve achieved since I’ve seen Aaron. Thank you!

Phil made $110,000 in 14 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, my name is Phil. I’ve known Aaron for the past 14 months and since implementing what he’s taught me I’ve earned $110,000. Get here and hang around with these guys, they’ll teach you, they’ve been there, they’ve done it.

Shane and Samantha made $570,919 in 18 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Shane: I’m Shane and this is Sam and we’ve been with Aaron for about 18 months now. These are our results and our business is growing phenomenally. Samantha: And this is a direct result from the implementation that we have because we’ve actually been putting everything into place. We even got our employees here today so they can actually go through the motions with us. Thanks Aaron!

Stephen made $12,000 in his first 2 weeks – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Steven Harvey. I met Aaron 2 weeks ago and as a direct result from what he’s taught us I’ve already made $12,000 in 2 weeks.

Tim earned $130,000 in 12 months after attending Aaron Sansoni’s event

Good day, I’m Tim and I’ve known Aaron since about August this year. Well, he’s helped me implement a couple of successful strategies which helped me get to this early result. The biggest thing for me is the confidence I’m gonna get out of working with this guy. So, thanks a lot mate! I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Tracey made $30,000 in just 2 months after learning from Aaron Sansoni

Hi, my name is Tracy Monaghan, I’ve come over from New Zealand and I met Aaron 2 months ago and I’ve made $30,000 since then

Trevor doubled his income as a direct result of meeting Aaron Sansoni

My name is Trevor Holmes, since meeting Aaron and the team my income was actually doubled and I’m planning on doubling that again after I come from the bootcamp, so I look forward to that.

Vincent overcame adversity and made $283,000 in 1 year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Vincent! Results in 12 months and 23, even though it was through a lot of sickness, 5 months of work. So I’m very happy with that.

In 2 years, Terry made $840,000 thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, I’m Terry from Elders Graft and I just wanna say thank you to you Aaron for all you’ve helped me with. It’s been 2 years since I’ve met you and I use your stuff just about everyday in life, in work and it’s been a magnificent journey and more to come. Love it, cheers!

Jules earned over $1 million in just 12 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Jules Alexander and I met Aaron at a phenomenal seminar that he had over 12 months ago, happy with the results. I twit a lot of things that I already knew but around had bought back to my attention. I’m very happy to be there and I think he’s a legend and he’s helped me spiritually, emotionally and financially. Thanks Aaron!

Bernie made $180,000 since learning from Aaron Sansoni

I’m Bernadette, my nickname’s Bernie. Since I’ve met Aaron which was a couple of years ago in Auckland, New Zealand I’ve achieved $180,000 at that time and I just find him such an inspiration. I love the fact that he genuinely cares about people and he just has a fantastic way of delivering what he does and yeah, loved the buzz, it’s been fantastic! We’ll be back again. Thanks Aaron.

Darren earned $365,000 in just 1 year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, it’s Darren McCormick. I met Aaron about 3 months ago at an event. So I’m currently among his broker and growing in and moving in to real estate as well. So my goal for the next 8 months is $800,000 so I’m hoping to grow. Thanks Aaron! It’s been excellent. Thank you!

Roz made $80,000 in 7 months thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s event

Hi, my name is Roz Abraham and I just want to say how wonderful this conference has been, the bootcamp. I met Aaron in March, that’s 7 months ago and I just started my business so it’s a very new role. I’ve done $80,000 which is absolutely amazing and life changing for my whole family and I can’t wait to go for the next step. So, Aaron, thank you from the bottom of my heart and to everybody. Aaron is amazing. Thank you!

In 6 weeks, Mel earned $20,000 thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi! My name is Mel Rosamond, I haven’t been working maybe 10 years, my older son is 10 so I haven’t made 1 cent in 10 years. Since I’ve met Aaron 6 weeks ago I have made $20,000. Thank you Aaron!

In his first year, Rick made $195,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

 I’m Rick Hundling from Harcourts. I met Aaron at the bootcamp last year, absolutely mind-blowing, phenomenal. You really need to start working on those closes which he’s phenomenal at. In that 12 months I ended up writing $95,000. I’m really, really happy and I’m gonna push harder and harder than I’ve ever had before. So again, Aaron thank you so much for the event mate.

In just 4 months, Theo made $192,000 – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Theo. I met Aaron four months ago in an event and this is my result since I met him and I know it’s not a big number but I’ve also written my goal here and I think I will see Aaron again in the next bootcamp and I really appreciate what he did for us in this three days. If you’re sitting on a fence thinking about whether you need to come to any of Aaron’s events, I think you should. Thank you very much.

Maddyson and Zoran earned $400,000 with Aaron Sansoni’s help

Hi, so I’m Zoran Solano from Hot Property’s Buyers Agency and Aaron’s been helping us over the last 12 months to achieve our goals. This year we just achieved $400,000 but next year, bigger and better goals. For us this is the year to really start implementing more things that we’ve learned over the past 12 months and really leap further on to bigger and better things for our business. So much more to come from us, we’ll be here again with a much bigger check soon.

Kathryn earned $83,500 in 3 months after attending Aaron Sansoni’s event

Hi, my name is Kathryn, I’m from MFWA and I met you three months ago and this is my results, happing $83,500.

Kevin earned $165,000 in 3 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Kevin Wells from New Zealand, I met Aaron 3 months ago and this is what I’ve achieved and now I wanna achieve this the next time I see him. I’m gonna come back here next year.

Linda made $1.5 million in just 1 year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Linda. This is our result from last year and I’m hoping to get this for the next year. Aaron has been absolutely fantastic, has been an asset to our family, our business and we hope to achieve more. Thank you!

Patrick made $93,000 just by implementing Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, I’m Patrick. I’m struggling, we’ve had three amazing 17-hour days. Since I met Aaron about 3-4 months ago I’ve done $93,500 just implementing what he’s talked about, more about just believing in yourself.

Kevin made $888,000 in just 12 months. – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Phan from the Nexus Real Estate. I met Aaron last year and since I met Aaron everything turned around for our company. We’re about to open our 2nd company in Springvale, so very excited. If you haven’t joined, you got to join!

Trevor made $47,500 in just a few months thanks to Aaron Sansoni

Good day, my name is Trevor and I’m so glad I met Aaron Sansoni, he’s made a huge difference with my attitude and the way I’ve talked about myself and the people. Now since I’ve met him, it hasn’t been very long, it’s only been a few months but I’ve got $47,000 that I’ve made since then. I’m Trevor Pickens from the Quinta Real Estate, the Quinta-ssential agent.

Varinder made $60,000 in 3 months thanks to Aaron Sansoni

Hi, my name is Varinder. I’ve met Aaron 3 months ago, it’s nearly 3 months and within the last 3 months I’ve made $60,000, so I really can’t – there’s no words to express to thank him. I really, with all of my heart, thank him very much.

Paul and Julie Anderson made $40,000 in only 6 weeks – Aaron Sansoni Review

We just wanna thank Aaron for showing us the way actually, we’ve probably been lost before we met Aaron but he’s given us a pathway to show us the way to the future and what we can do for our clients as well. We’re just really grateful and we just can’t wait to get into it and implement it, and we’ve only known Aaron for about 6 weeks and this is what we’ve got, so bring it on!

Andrew Gee made over $2.4 million in 2 years thanks to Aaron Sansoni’s training

Hi, my name is Andrew Gee. and I’m an Aaron Sansoni devotee in the last 3 years. I’ve had some issues, my wife spending in and out of hospital about seven times and she’s now on chemotherapy, we have four small children and so I’ve been managing my agency pretty much by myself and in the last 3 years I’ve still grossed just by the $2.4 million using Aaron’s techniques so thank you very much Mr. Sansoni.

Pauline made $40,000 in 4 weeks thanks to Aaron Sansoni

Hi, my name is Pauline. Since having my hours chat to Aaron at right about 4 or 5 weeks ago, I have achieved $40,000 in gross commission.

Paul earned $750,000 in just 18 months starting a business after learning from Aaron Sansoni

Hi, my name is Paul Kelly and I just like to say thank you to Aaron Sansoni, quite an achievement, the guy is a legend. He’s helped me go from – I started out 18 months ago $750,000 in that 18 months and I just like to say thanks to Aaron.

Mark and Maree made $550,000 in 1 year – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Mary Lawler and I’m Maree Lawler And we just wanna say we’ve met Aaron a year ago. At sales, we’re around the quarter of million-dollar mark and since meeting Aaron we’ve eclipsed to even half a million dollars which is exciting and we’re ready for the next huge step to take it to two million-dollar mark. Let’s all hope.

Lorena made $58,000 in only 3 months after taking Aaron Sansoni’s course

Hi! My name is Lorena Chiappara, I actually got Aaron’s home course about 3 months ago, I started with that and so far I’ve had $58,000 and now we’re at bootcamp hoping for a lot more in the next 12 months. Thank you!

Adam is getting results money can’t buy – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Adam, I’m a business owner in Western Sydney. What I got out of this weekend is that I discovered that I was running my business to impress people rather than running it to empower people and that is amazing and that is the result that will change my life. I’ve been to many real estate trainings and none of them got to the core of what was driving my behavior. In three days Aaron has done that and it’s changed my life, so thanks Aaron! You’re a legend, mate.

Arch has doubled his earnings in 4 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good morning, my name is Arch Montgomery. Since I’ve met Aaron I have increased my earnings by approximately double and that’s putting an amount of about $100,000 up to about $200,000, not bad for a guy who’s been in the industry for only in his fourth year and right in my agent winner agent of the year two years in a row, this is definitely gonna take me to superior results.

Brad’s Team is already implementing! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi there! My name is Brad from Harcourts real estate in Narre Warren South. I’ve known Aaron for the past two and a half days which has been at a bootcamp so far, during that time my team’s made $56,700 and I’m really, really excited what the future’s gonna bring to us now, what we can deliver and the kind of money we can make now for being here for two and a half days and we’ll come back next year to show our results .

Caelum’s ready to trust the process – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Caelum from Blue Mountains in Sydney. Coming to this conference tonight I met Aaron for the first time, studying the past 4 weeks I’ve been, understanding him, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Now I just have to trust the process. I can’t wait for next year.

Chantal and her team are ready to achieve greatness – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’ve known Aaron for about 2 months and during that time the principles and procedures of which we’ve implemented has set us up in order to achieve greatness this year. So I can’t say thank you enough. Thanks Aaron!

Colin is back on the map! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Colin and I’ve known Aaron for a very short time, this is the first time, as far as I’m concerned he’s put me back on the map again. I’ve got the figures to prove it and there’s more to come. I have my back here next year. Thank you!

Compassion, Empathy and Good Sales Techniques – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day Aaron and your team, it’s John Barsas here from Melbourne, great three days, incredible event. I’ve learned a lot for myself personally how to connect closer with people just compassion, empathy and just using effective sales talks to really motivate buyers to really trust and value you and value them and that’s what’s most important. Thanks so much Aaron, keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see you again. Have a great day, thank you!

Exponential Growth all year for Craig and Cathy – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! Craig and Cathy, we’re from Wellington New Zealand, we’ve been exposed this week with Aaron for just over a year and our business is growing exponentially, so really, really pleased. Thank you!

George made over 10k in 2 days! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m George. I had the privilege of meeting Aaron only a couple of days ago. This is my first conference with him, since then I’ve made $10,890. Awesome experience, I can’t recommend it enough. You’re the best!

Graham is exceeding expectations – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Graham from South Australia and Aaron’s systems are pretty impressive. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it, really breaking my molds and exceeding last 2 years’ expectations by 50%, 60%, 70% or more. I’m really looking forward to getting started. Thank you Aaron!

Hamzeh is choosing his own worth! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Hamzeh, I’ve met Aaron for 11 months. My goal for the next 12 months was $1.1, this is achievable. If I implement what Aaron has taught us in this which I’ve already implemented these 10 minutes ago, guys, I’ve achieved 50% more commission from a vendor who was trying to put a price tag on me. I’ve refused it. I’ve got 50% more commission 10 minutes ago while applying some of the stuff that Aaron has taught us in the last 2 days. Thank you Aaron.

Ian Saved a Deal Though Obligation – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Ian. It’s only been about a month since I’ve started working with Aaron and I’ve got $8200 and the words that Aaron taught me or taught us all in the first seminar was actually save the deal that was gonna crash and that’s when I started using the words naturally and that’s what Aaron taught me and I’m leaving with the obligation wrist band with me also.

It’s not about the money for Ryan – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, Ryan here! Truth be told, this is my first million-dollar agent bootcamp but through the teachings that Aaron’s taught me in the last 3 days I can really say that with this you can make more money than you though you could definitely could have. It’s not about the money, it’s about helping people and making sure they get what they want and through his teachings, his closes, his – you know, everything that he’s taught us in the last 3 days , I’m so grateful. I can really see a whole new path of making money and making this really work, so thanks very much Aaron, thanks very much to this team.

Jarryd is helping people achieve their dreams through Real Estate – Aaron Sansoni Review

After 14 hours, 3 days in a row you would assume you’d be tired, overwhelmed, stressed, the knowledge that Aaron brings to the table, the closing, the pitching, all that sort of stuff, the result that I’ve experienced is phenomenal, make your money through real estate, helping people achieve their dreams through real estate. So guys, if you wanna do it, get ahead, you’re gonna do well. Thank you very much and thank you to team

Jeremy is back in the game and already winning – Aaron Sansoni Review

I actually met Aaron 12 months ago all the way to Sydney and he actually inspired me to give up real estate to try something I was really passionate about, I went away for 12 months, came back to real estate a month ago, $23 grand and then hopefully over the next 12 months I can make it in $300,000.

Joanne has increased her earnings in only 3 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, since meeting Aaron about 3 months ago on a road trip, I’m probably gonna accredit about $15,000 difference in my earnings just because of the energy that I took away from that and now after 40 hours with him in here and all these lovely people I’m really pumped to change things in my life to make more like this sort of result.

Kate and her team are already implementing and achieving! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Kate from Ascot and Banyo here in Brisbane. I first met Aaron at the beginning of the conference here a couple of days ago. While I started being here, my team calls us back working at the office my bank $35,000 first commission income in that time. It’s been a fabulous, fabulous event but so much out of it, really excited to be going back to the team to share what we’ve learned here and big goals for the next year. Thanks guys!

Kerry Doubled His income in 10 weeks – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, I’m Kerry Sullivan. Before meeting Aaron I was probably only writing about $10,000 a month, since meeting Aaron 10 weeks ago I’ve written $66,000 in DCI. I plan to, with what I’ve learned in the last couple of few days to try and make it to $80 grand a month and rich $320,000 in DCI. I’m in a new area, I’ve just moved in there probably 18 months ago, I felt lost, totally lost. I was starting to, I have to find out, how to rebrand, how to remarket myself as an agent in the new area, I’ve been doing it for decades in another town. I knew what I had to do, just implementing them and Aaron’s way and approach was perfect and it just all made sense and I was able to just turnaround 10 weeks ago and yeah, you can see the smile on my face. I’ve just doubled my income so far than I was doing and I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks Aaron!

Leanne has made 200k where she might not have – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Leanne, It’s been an incredibly challenging year with multiple ups and downs throughout the year but I wanna say that this has given me a huge encouragement to excel and keep pushing forward and thanks very much. $200,000 where I probably wouldn’t have.

Lisa closed a lagging deal after only 2 days with Aaron – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Lisa, I’m from Newcastle, New South Wales. I’ve know Aaron for two days since my first experience. I’ve had a deal that was lagging for 3 weeks several months of the stalemate and what Aaron taught me enabled me to close that deal while I was here today and it’s exchanging unconditionally here today so thank you Aaron and I’m looking forward to having a sensational next 12 months.

M A I A works! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Seph & I’m Tina and we met Aaron in June at the bootcamp here in Brisbane and we were doing 3-4 sales a month. After really implementing his training about always be closing, in September we did 9 sales a month and it’s really changed how we’re doing our business. Massive and immediate action, it works!

Manny made nearly 200k in 3 days – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Manny Medel, yes, from Sydney. In the last 3 days I just made $195,000 commissions, $6.5 million listings and it changed my life, changed the way I’m thinking, think positive and of course, the way I will be conducting my personality, my beliefs.

Mark has become a Million Dollar earner– Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m from Coolum Beach, I came to the boot camp last year in Sydney to see Aaron. I was doing about $500,000 and changed our lives, doubled our income. I just hit the million-dollar mark so it’s really good to be going to the million-dollar agent boot camp and already doing a million. I’m looking forward to trying to crack $1.8 million next year, unbelievable how it’s changed our lives, family, the block of land we just bought and the dream house we’re gonna build, I just can’t thank you enough Aaron!

Newcomer Rebecca made over 60k in 11 weeks – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Rebecca Donald and I’m just new to the industry, I’ve only been in the industry 2 years. I’ve only been in sales only a short period of time. I’ve known Aaron for approximately 11 weeks and I’ve made $63,000. I didn’t actually believe that I was able to make these sales but with his help and encouragement and belief in myself, that’s where I am today. Thank you.

Nick Chose His Own Worth – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Nick from Sydney, my experience this day was absolutely fantastic, in fact, I’ve used one of the sales techniques that Aaron has taught, I evaluated myself, so one of the developers I have at the moment, I’ve got a listing at the moment, I gave him a call in the last, I said, “I’ve popped up my price to 4%, what do you think about that?” he didn’t like it. He gave me a call this morning and he said, “no problems at all, let’s do it.” In fact, he gave me another listing as well at 4%. Thank you very much Aaron!

Over 100k in commissions in 12 months for Oliver – Aaron Sansoni Review

All right, well, listen, I’ve had a fantastic year. When I first started in real estate I came to one of these boot camps, since then my first complete year real estate I’ve managed to get $104,000 in commission which I’m very proud of. So what I’ll be doing is I’ll be aiming to get at least $300k from October this year to October next year, implementing a lot of the stuff that I’ve learned. I’ve been using it already which has been quite successful and now the sky is the limit for me, I’m out there and I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna special, cheers!

Over 200k in 95 Days for Andrew – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Andrew. I met Aaron about 95 days ago and I’ve made $208,000 in just a piece of time.

Paul is ready to achieve big! – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Paul May from Narre Warren in Victoria. I met Aaron about 3 months ago and he got me so excited during the next 3 months I did $192,000 in commission and the goal for the next 12 months is to break that million-dollar mark and to get to $1.2 million which really excites me. Thanks very much Aaron!

Rory and Beth are aligned and achieving big things – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi! I’m Rory and this is Beth. We’re from Yeppoon, Central Queensland, known Aaron now for 3 days. Thankfully in the last couple of days we sold our highest ever listing at $1.6 million which would be a total commission of $40,000. In that time, we decided to take a step back ‘cause it was a hard couple of days trying to get the deal together, we took a step back and thought about both parties rather than just rushing the deal getting more aligned within our sales within our brand and within the community and we really do thank Aaron.

Sky’s The Limit When You Implement – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Toby. I’ve known Aaron for about 6 months. I’ve been in real estate for about a year now. I started on a good budget but now it’s progressing since I met him. It’s been coming $18,400 a month and now from, I’m trying to achieve that but in real estate if I implement and follow the process, the sky is the limit.

Steph has made 60k in only 7 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Steph. I met Aaron when I’ve been in real estate for five months, since then, which is 7 months, I’ve made $60,000. I’m really proud of that and this year I wanna do $300k. Thank you Aaron!

Techniques and Training made Brendan 60k in only 3 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

So in the last 3 months since I met Aaron I’ve made an extra $60,000 on my annual salary and yes, Aaron, I can’t thank you enough and it all comes down to the techniques and things that we learned during your Sales Mastery, so thank you very much.

The Sheriff of Real Estate Smashing Goals Through Obligation – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I met Aaron actually 12 months ago in one of these events. I’ve just finished from one office and started a new office, back then I only made $100k on my first year of real estate, my goal back then was $250k, at that time I only took a couple of things out and one of them was obligation and obligation to myself, my family, my friends, my church and I pushed beyond even what my goal was and I made $300k in my life in a year or so. So I’m very proud and thankful for what Aaron taught me and it’s really worth all the obligation work, so thank you Aaron!

Tim’s Got the Fire Back – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Tim! I came to Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp last year, I, in the last 12 months since some of the things he’s taught me has greatly impacted me this year but $608,000 in the last 12 months. I’m up about 35% on my business and there’s no question I’m gonna go back just a refresher, it just puts the fire back in your belly and I’m really looking forward for the next 12 months.


Tony Took the Plunge – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Tony. I met Aaron about 4 months ago in Melbourne and I thought that Aaron was something a bit different and I’ve never really enrolled into a conference like this but I took the plunge this time around and haven’t been disappointed. Aaron has taught me a lot of things about, not just real estate but about myself and my mindset and I’m hoping to implement all that stuff when I get back home to Melbourne in the next day or two. I’m currently on about $800,000 in 12 months but I’m hoping to improve that to at least $1,200,000 and I’m hoping that that’s at least an achievable goal and hopefully I’ll do even better than that for the next 12 months.