Tara’s possibilities have grown – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Tara and I’m a part of the Empire Circle. So I’m a business owner of three hospitality venues on the central coast, And I’ve been in business for about 10 years, And I’ve just always felt like I was going around and around in circles And where my successes and everything were And I just needed a little bit of help on how to move forward And go onto the next level. I believe that my thinking has expanded, My possibilities have grown, And I really feel mostly like I’ve got more support than I ever have. From the people in the Empire Circle, and from you guys as well. So it’s only been a short journey for us so far, But the biggest impact for me has literally been the support. Sort of knowing that I’m not on my own, And if I have any doubts, Or any ideas, or wins or losses, I’ve got a community of people that I can come to And they can either celebrate them, Or help me work out how to get through.