Lee and Justin have started to design their lives – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Lee, this is Justin. We’re part of the Empire Circle. So our business before joining Aaron was very sick. We were not meeting our sales goals, And we were in a bad way. So joining Aaron has made a huge huge difference. So we’ve got 3, 4 different businesses in different areas of the real estate industry. We’re on the lookout for more businesses now, And we’re definitely a lot more in control of where we’re going And what we want to achieve. And I think we’ve started to design our life by our own design now, Not by default, so we can move forward in our life. I’m not my business, I’m completely separate from my business. I think in the past I’ve always thought my business is me, So I think that’s kind of where we are. And I think taking MAIA, not staying back in the back seats And taking a front step, and doing it. And just pushing forward, pushing the boundaries Whatever happens it’s going to happen for good reason, Just go with the flow.