Carly has tripled her turnover – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Carly and I’m part of Empire Circle. We joined Empire Circle after going to an Empire Mastery And we had kind of that lightbulb moment that Okay this is potentially going to really help us get out of a bit of rut that we’re in. I don’t think we’d be where we were if it wasn’t for having Aaron, The whole ASBT team, our coach, and just constantly having someone Kick your ass, constantly having a plan mapped out for you. And always just knowing someone’s got your back, it’s like having a net and They’re pushing you along. We’re in a position now where our business has tripled in turnover. We have gone from 3 staff to 12, and we’re looking at potentially another 3 roles We may double our team in the next 12 months. And we have really set our vision a lot higher than what we thought was possible. You don’t have to overthink stuff I think. I was always, you know, we’re going to go talk to potential partners, Like oh no, I’m going to have to research this, I’m going to have to map out a full business plan, I’m going to have to go in with a script. Whereas I think it’s just a bit of that confidence building that you can actually just go And have a conversation and don’t overthink stuff too much. And actually the power of doing something is better than overthinking and not taking the action.