Tom and Clare are part of Empire Circle – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys I’m Tom, we’re a part of the Empire Circle. I’m Clare, Tom’s wife. We had success, however we didn’t have the vision to go to the next step. So I think for us Empire Circle was we had a good business that we were happy with, But we knew we could do more with our skills And we knew we could deliver more with the business. And I think it just, everything that we were missing And that we were searching for was uncovered at Empire Circle. The awareness of how to be better and how to be stronger, And how to overcome it. Life DNA. It’s about what you learn from the lows and the highs. It’s not just the monetary values, it’s how to learn And grow and be stronger. Yeah, and I think that the impact of being around people Who are going through the same thing is invaluable Because it’s a unique group of people who Really get it. And really want to go far, And have the confidence enough in themselves that they can do it But we all need for the, just the push.