Mark at Empire Circle – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Mark. I’m part of the Empire Circle. I was pretty much in a hole, on a comfy mattress Going through some big pits in my business. And after coming to empire mastery, I had a new lease on the outlook of my business and myself. And I’m looking forward to where the journey is going to take me. A little bit more confident. My head is still spinning, Because it’s only been one week. And taking in all the information. The best thing about it is that’s it’s so structured, It’s one after another after another, And it’s pushing me and testing me a lot to push things forward. From coming back after Mastery I sort of had a new lease on the business, And I spoke to the employees and I’ve jumped straight from a 1 to a 2 permanent now. And that’s sort of just giving them the opportunity to take control. And it’s worked. And I would never have done it had I not gone to Empire Mastery.