Resha says “Wow!” at her second Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Resha, and I’m here today at Empire Mastery. It’s actually day four. This is my second time I’ve returned to the event, And all I can say is, “Wow!” First time around, so much information. But second time around I got to come to the event with my ideas And I was able to implement everything that Aaron was talking about, That my notebook is actually filled with so many ideas And things that I can take immediate action on. So I’m actually so excited to wrap today up and get to work tomorrow. I guess last time around I came with more of an employee mind set, And I realize that there’s no way I’m going to move forward Without having a business owner mindset. Because of that I was able to come today And actually be able to come up with another two ideas For these businesses which I can Implement everything I’ve learned from Empire Mastery into. So, definitely so much to take away. Also, putting deals together and how to move out of the business. Because moving out of a business And becoming a number three is definitely so important In building an empire. Don’t even think twice. If you have not attended an Empire Mastery, You don’t know what your potential is Until you hear what about Aaron Sansoni has to say. And even if you have been to Empire mastery before, Go again to Empire Mastery, Because you’ll take away 10 times the amount You took away from the first event. And you’ll be more ready for it the second time around.