Kylie is amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Kylie, and I’m here at Empire Mastery. Fantastic. I’ve done it online. I did the whole program online with the videos and thing like that, But it really makes a huge difference being here in person. I think the energy in the room, And the excitement of the people that you’re sitting with And interacting with is amazing. But I’ve found my mojo back again by being here. I sort of, after doing it online, I thought “There”s so much to do.” Cause I was at home, stuck in an office by myself, I wasn’t motivated. But now, coming here, and writing it out again and being motivated again I can’t wait to get out of here and go start doing it. Definitely. I brought my friend along today And she’s loving it as well. She was like “what’s this all about.” I said, “just come and experience it!” And she’s loving it. So yeah, definitely come along.