Angela at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Angela, at Empire Mastery. Very positive experience, very informative. Fun as well. Very chill, I liked Aaron’s approach. Very relatable, resonates a lot. Makes you feel very comfortable and it doesn’t matter, There’e a whole variety of people here. So, people who have no business experience And others already doing it at a higher level, But you feel like you fit it. Just all the advice he gives, all the different strategies, And things you haven’t thought of before but they make So much sense. Like “why didn’t I think of that?” All the different pillars that he goes through and Explains it. I like how he breaks it down And you take it in a step at a time. Very educational. Do come, do come, go to all of them if you can. I think he’s a great mentor. He’s good value, you’ll really learn from him. I would recommend it.