Brendan is finding the confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Brendan and we’re at empire mastery. Yeah so far it’s been wonderful. I got here last night and rang my parents up and was like If this was the whole seminar I’d be stocked. So the fact that there’s still 3 more days of learning stuff it’s just terrific. For me it’s having I suppose the confidence in myself, Not only the confidence, but the clarity to know how I’m going to move forward In not just the business I currently have, but the businesses I have in mind for the future. Yeah i’d say it’s 100% worth while I mean, as I said the knowledge I Learned in the first day and a half has far, I have a business degree, And I’ve worked in three different industries, And I’ve learned more in a day and a half than I did In 4 years of a business degree. And again it’s not necessarily Just, obviously the amount you learn in a business degree is quite substantial But it’s the clarity and the construct to actually go away and implement it has Been so incredible and actually so useful.