Leanne keeps coming back for more – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Leanne, I’m from Brisbane and I’m at empire mastery in Sydney. I’m loving it. This is not my first one, But I am learning more each time. The last one that I went to, I went away, Took on board, now I’m coming back and I’m still learning more information. So it’s good. I feel really good. For me it’s about the maths at the moment. I have clarity in relation to my business But now I need to work out the figures and Really make sure I bring in the dollar values and the profits And things like that. I have to learn to love maths. Whether you have a business or not, Or you want to go into business, Or you really have no bloody idea what you want to do At least come here and get some clarity for yourself, Cause this is not just about business, This actually gives you some insight in to you as well.