Sophia is excited – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Sophia and I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit. I feel really excited actually. I’ve transitioned from Being an employee to being an entrepreneur So this was something that I never thought I even contemplated before. And what I’m finding is everything I’m learning here Is making me really excited for the future. I actually just talked to my 16 year old daughter And I said to her next time I’m bringing her and her brothers. Because I think this is something they should be learning, And that we weren’t ever taught in school. I have a lot of limiting beliefs disappearing, And I’m letting go of a lot of them really quickly. Yeah, I guess, Kind of all of the things I had Been taught from previous coaches and mentors Weren’t really exciting me that much But the idea of being employed again really wasn’t either. Whereas this now has just opened up my mind To other possibilities and got me really excited About what opportunities are available. It’s not motivation, it’s just really, The words excitement, yeah. If you’re curious bout business, about being an entrepreneur, You want to learn more, just come along. You’ve got nothing to lose.