David at Entrepreneur Summit – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m David. I’m at the Entrepreneur Summit in Melbourne. And I’m really enjoying the day, I’ve learnt a lot. I always find it’s great to network with people and Make those connections that’s just as valuable as the speakers. Clearly the call to action in doing what you want to do And overcoming those limitations, really dealing with Whatever is holding you back from your big idea. And there seems to be a lot of emphasis on Getting yourself out of the way so that you can Get your own idea developed. And not listening to all of those voices in your head, Or from your past and really following your dream. I’d say it’s really fantastic from every perspective. You’re just getting a group of people who are World class at what they do, and they’re sharing ideas Really for nothing, they gave away a huge amount As part of I guess a gift back to the community that they have Benefited from as well So I would say for anyone needing, considering going into business, Or already in business, you can only learn and grow from the experience.