Ash is the asset and the IP – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Ash, and I’m also at Empire Mastery. I’m growing individually, which I think I wasn’t expecting so much. I thought it was more about the business, But at the end of the day it’s actually about me That then drives the business, so I think that that has been really helpful. And the information that I learned today is relevant Because I’m in a different place than I was back then. So it’s all in a different context, so yeah, Very very worth while. The biggest one for me would be that I’m the asset, And that I’m the IP, and that everything then goes out from there. I’m the person that makes the first step, Rather than it’s the actual business. And I feel like it’s changed, rather than being me about my vocation, It’s me now as a business woman. And that’s really shifted and I think that’s a really important mindset for me. Not just about the job and what you know, I feel different.