Seina is reinvigorated about her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Seina. I’m at Empire Mastery today, This is the second Empire Mastery that I’ve been to. And I’m finding that I’m still learning more. It’s made me a bit more excited and reinvigorated about our business. I think the first time the first thing that we really took away from it was that we looked at our financials a lot closer, So Aaron gave us some really good ideas on how to look at that, and how to keep track of that consistently. But then it also made us realise the stage that we were at in our business and what we needed to do to work on, step by step, To continue to grow it. I’d say there’s definitely a lot to learn, I’d say, you know, You have to work on you business, not just in your business. But I think a lot of people will have they “aha” moment at some stage, so it’s definitely worth while.