Scott has the blueprint for his business world – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, guys I’m Scott. I’m here at Empire Mastery with Aaron Sansoni. Really great experience. You know, really business focused, like minded people. One of those things where you know, you don’t feel uncomfortable talking about business. And it’s really been the blueprint for a conversation that I need to take into my, you know, business world. And have these conversations about how we can grow, evolve
and come up with new opportunities. So I’ve really enjoyed the sequence of the days. You know, breakthrough, following through with, you know, how we build a mindset. You know, now we’re into leverage on day 3. And tomorrow is empire building. So I really, really suggest anyone in the business world to you know, take it on and step outside that comfort zone. and you’ll find out more information about yourself. And then also what the world can bring.