Simple $100 idea into $6000 return in days – Aaron Sansoni Review

So my first introduction with Aaron was when I saw him present at the seminar earlier this year in Melbourne and just by taking away one example of the multiple examples that he gave in his presentation we’re actually able to implement that within the week. It cost me an outlay of $100 which gave us a return of closer to $6000. So based on that I thought this stuff actually really works and it is really simple and easy to follow and learn so I took on the express program with Aaron and we’ve just recently completed that and I’ve learned a huge amount of information which is totally relevant, totally to our business. We’ve been in business for a while so we’ve always been busy working in the business and just to be able to have that support and have that ability to be coached through on how to make your business work for you better has been a huge, huge part of our life just for the last five weeks. Today we just actually did the launching of our program and what we’ve learned in the direction that we’re going to the rest of our team and that’s been received extremely well.