Raving Fan – Carrol James from Source Property – Aaron Sansoni Review

Carrol here from Source Property services. I’m here today to share my experience with you of working with Aaron Sansoni which has been a great experience for me for over 12 months now. He’s helping me with my company. Look, pretty much basically Aaron works from his heart. He has that passion in it and for me that resonates very very well because that’s how I work with people also. I can see a lot of great changes coming for my business especially in 2013 and this year in particular Aaron has shared his time with me to implement some change and wonderful ideas and packages for my perspective clients that I know are gonna come on board and the changes we’re gonna see next year for my company is just gonna be astronomical. I feel it from here and I’m really, really excited for the time that Aaron’s given me and working with me as well. Aaron is a really down to earth young man and I say young man ‘cause he’s probably the same age as my eldest daughter and from that perspective to be able to sit with him and work with him, honestly and openly and feel totally comfortable that I’m not getting judged on anything that I say or feeling inexperienced about anything. At the end of the day everything starts from an idea and my business was an idea to start with and I work from my heart and Aaron is helping me.