Raving Fan – David Simone – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, this is David Simone with Go Sell Yourself, selling is not a dirty work. I’ve been in the field of sales ever since I was about 11 years old. I won every sales contest I was ever in. I’m always surprised and thrilled when I meet another persuasion king. Aaron the Sales King did this speech at the event yesterday and he taught me a closing technique I’d never even seen about follow me to the back of the room and the way he did it is like we were all just in a training event and we were all were like, we were almost mechanically like pulled by rope to go to the back of the room, everybody started to move in their chairs. The guy is amazing. If you’re producing event, you might want to look at this guy, if you’re just wanting to learn how to close and sell, you might want to talk to Aaron, the Sales King. Really enjoyed this guy and he’s got a heart of gold.