$200,000 + in 5 months working with Aaron Sansoni – Aaron Sansoni Review

I started working with Aaron Sansoni about 7 months ago and in that time he has helped me develop some strategies to make me become an expert in my area, as a result of those strategies what we’ve done is, well actually what I’ve done is I have earned the same gross commission in 5 months of this calendar year. That’s what I did in the entire 12 months of last year. One of the strategies that he suggested that I implement was to start doing some seminars which I did. It was just going to be a small affair, I got a gold medal Olympian Steven Bradbury, the ice skater who I’m sure you’ve probably all heard of. He became involved in it and what grew to be something that should’ve had about 20 people in a room grew to a room that held 150 people with a really great event. Now I’m property wise education and really elevating my expert status in my area very quickly and I have Aaron to thank for all of these. It has been a really good experience and if you have the opportunity to work with Aaron I would highly recommend it.