Full Fees, 4 Auctions & 60,000 to come using The Sales King Training – Aaron Sansoni Review

I spent an hour last night with Aaron on the phone. One of the things we talked about was the wants and needs analysis using the iceberg questioning when dealing with clients. I knew this stuff, I’ve seen it before but I’ve forgotten the years at. The next day I sat down with a client that I had a really good rapport with, he was ready to list. I was able to convince him to list using the auction process which he didn’t wanna do. I was able to get full vendor funding off him, about $5000. I was able to agree to full fees. Now I know that if I hadn’t used this approach, that wouldn’t have been successful. So potentially $60, 000 worth of commission, four auctions, fantastic. Thanks Aaron! You won’t be hearing me asking for a refund.