Glenn Twiddle on investing $25,000 for a half day mentored by Aaron Sansoni

Hey folks, Glenn Twiddle here and I just want to say that after a day wit Aaron, you know, Aaron’s 25 grand a day so it’s heavy on the pocket, a little investment made here today but I’ll tell you, I spend a day with Aaron, The Sales King, and we weren’t talking about sales here today, we’re gonna talk about business strategy, we weren’t talking about sales, we’re gonna talk about marketing. We’re talking about business overall, you know, well, first of all I thought he was a sales guru but as I got to see how he had his business structured I thought no, no, what you’ve got is what I need so we’ve spend a day strategizing pulling apart my business, putting it back together and at a cost of 25 grand a day I promise you, you know it may sound like a lot and I suppose it is a lot when the return on investment is multimillion dollar businesses that he’s built out of businesses maybe with even less potential that mine has, wow that’s like a drop in the ocean comparatively so, my brain’s a little fried in fact, you know, a lot of people come to me for this sort of advice, well the guy I got an advice from I just spend a day with, fried my brain and now it’s my job to go back to my business, put it back together and have it go from my, you know, million dollar business to a multi, multi, multi-million dollar business. So you look at that pretty minimal investment in order to do that. He gave me all the tools, I left with strategy, I left with plan, because with a brain fried like mine, I certainly could not be trusted to go back to my business with anything but steps, do this, do that because he really does pull it all apart and put it back together again for you with a concise plan in order to triple, quadruple, any size business and he’s certainly done that with mine.