James & Barbara have changed their business for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi guys, this is James & Barbara. We first met Aaron in 2013 and took the plunge to go to his Sales King bootcamp two-day experience. It was really excellent and not only did we get loads of value in that but he actually followed up with a complete set of DVDs providing even more information than what we’ve got on the bootcamp as well. So with those two elements combined we were able to instantly grow our business. Last year we actually decided to then go one on one with Aaron and we were able to take our business from $200,000 to over a million dollars and triple the size of our team. This year we went one step further and went for a one-day full immersion with Aaron, absolutely excellent. We got so much value for every area in our business that even though we were implementing things the day and on the day after he left as well, two months later we are still implementing a lot of what we talked about this day so we’re super excited about the coming year. This year we’ve got some amazing targets and with Aaron’s help I’m absolutely certain we’re gonna get there so if this is something you’re thinking about, both Barbara and I would absolutely, 100% recommend that you spend some time with Aaron. Good luck guys!