Bob Testimonial – Aaron Sansoni Review

A few months ago things were pretty tough, I just got 1 out 11 presentations I’ve been to. I’m a good sales man as Aaron reminded me. I’m gonna make it at this game, I’ve been selling a long time but as you can see I’m a bit older than most of you. You know, I’m still struggling I guess, still not enough confidence I guess and then Aaron rings me up, I had an hour with Aaron and you think, what can that change? You know he’s one of the most perceptive dudes I’ve ever talked to, he got me in a few minutes and he said to me, “Bob, I’ve never, in all the time I’ve been speaking, I’ve never spoken to anybody who is a world champion salesman” ‘cause that’s what I did. It was a long time ago but I sold 72 cars in a week and out of Detroit. Detroit, they made me number one salesman in the world, gave me a Rolex Cellini watch, checked me in a and that’s what’s getting me about this thing, I wasn’t winning at real estate and I know I can, I know I can so this is just magic to me because I know I’ve gotta implement. I know I gotta do things but this phone call, when he reminded me that I was good you know, now he said until I come here what I gotta do before I go to anybody and talk to anybody I gotta go “Bob! Do it! Bob, do it!” and I do that and you know it’s changed me from getting 1 out of 11, I’ve got 8 out of 10 and I’ve got another one coming so I’m gonna be 9 out of 11.