This power couple are ready to take things to the next level– Aaron Sansoni Review

This convention was awesome, this is just what we needed, as a power couple and we’re moving forward, this is just what we needed. Aaron is a passionate speaker, he believes and he’s done what he says he did. So his sincerity and his passion has put him in front of kings and magistrates now and we just wanna ride the momentum and we just thank him for his sacrifice, sacrifice of time and his family for this calling that he has upon him. – Yeah, I was just gonna say the same thing. The thing that I loved about this whole convention it was just amazing time, it was very, very high energy. Aaron Sansoni was great. This is my first time here and hearing him speak, I took a lot away from it. We’re on fire, we’re ready to run and you know what I mean, this is just the icing on the cake for us. So we’re ready to go, we’re excited.