Jarrod’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent– Aaron Sansoni Review

I got a chance to do a third camp with the guy, he is a monster. All day, 16 hours a day and he doesn’t stop and at the end of the day, so already you’re tired he looks at you like you’re an alien. There is no way he’s tired, he’s monster. It was the best money I’ve ever spent. The team in half a day, I watched them click in a year, one guy went from writing $15,000 a month to writing $70,000 the following month. It was amazing and one of our other fellas who was doing maybe one to two listings a month has just listed 7. So the results are irrefutable really, and the guy, he’s not a one trick pony as a lot of trainers do maybe you know, one or two things. He can identify the holes in your business and he identified the things that I needed to work on and it’s been pretty amazing. We just had our greatest month ever and I can only thank you mate. You’re a freak.