Jodie’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp– Aaron Sansoni Review

I’ve been working with Aaron for a little while now. I went to his bootcamp which was the life changer for me and now I do some private work with Aaron, you read it, you listen to it and it all starts to sink in, sinking gradually for me. Some people I’m sure get it straight away but it’s an ongoing conversations with him, talking with him, listening to what he’s gonna say and re-reading, re-listening to the material and it just starts to effect and I found myself in situations where I was like oh my gosh, if I just did this or if I just did this the whole, everything changes, identifying biotypes, personalities, identifying what makes people tick, why, why are they doing what they’re doing? Understanding that and digging down to that deeper level yeah, it’s massive and without Aaron, without any of his teachings or before I met him I just wasn’t even going there, wasn’t even doing it. It was more about the transaction and then I had an underlying desire to help people and that’s why I love the business and I love getting people where they’re going but everything has changed because I see all the positive things that I do affecting others and myself and it has gone from being a job in a career that I like to just being in an amazing position to help change people’s lives.