Patrick’s experiences at Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp – Aaron Sansoni Review

The bootcamp is, well, possibly one of the best interesting stories of my working life. I actually got an invitation to the bootcamp that I didn’t pay for and I was literally 15 to 20 minutes into the commencement of the bootcamp and Aaron was speaking at that point and I thought, “oh my God. I’ve got a problem here. I’m getting this for nothing.” Morally the barometer was starting to go red, red, red and as the bootcamp progressed over the three days that feeling grew in me and when I left the bootcamp I said, “there is no way anyone has the moral right to get that for nothing.” To make life kosher and balanced, I couldn’t walk away from that and not pay them part of what they were worth and part of what they were worth was the asking price, cheap. I haven’t looked back in terms of rejuvenating my career, building my goals and as a consequence becoming a much better rounded person since I started that journey. Take the next leap of faith, trust in these people and you will be repaid 10 times over.