He’s not like every other motivational speaker, Aaron knows his stuff – Aaron Sansoni Review

For me basically being a business owner, you think that you know it all and for me personally it’s taking a back step on all the books that I’ve read, all the motivational books even though I’ve been in sales for 15-20 years, lead teams and done all these things out there but coming here and talking to Aaron and watching him basically doing his thing I sort of thought coming here, “okay, another motivational talker, another business owner, I’m also a business owner”, those sort of things what can I learn? And when I got home last night to my wife I said, “Aaron knows his shit and he’s done his homework”. He’s not preaching something that he hasn’t already done and that’s why you find a lot of motivational talkers or business owners that get up there on the stage, they’ll try to preach to you but you know, they haven’t made it themselves. So until s, someone’s actually made it themselves, that’s the only way you can leverage anything in your life moving forward for success. So yeah, I take my head off to him and I take my head off to you guys for bringing him forward and I’m loving the event, absolutely.