26 hours face to face with Aaron, this is the next level – Aaron Sansoni Review

We’re just finishing up. It’s after 10 pm, Thursday night. So Aaron’s don’t it again. We’re gonna have to do the math, he’s done, oh geez, 26 hours or something in 2 days I think. That’s face to face, of course he’s done all the other stuff behind the scenes as well as the technical support, etc, so thank you all very much. I’ve seen Aaron a number of times, I’ve been through the Sales King program. This time we’re at the sales leadership mastery program which absolutely is next stage, next level as everyone talks about some incredible information here, definitely something that I’m ready for. I’m very grateful for the invitation. I’m verygrateful for the two days and I look forward to reporting massive results. Thank you Aaron and the team.