Very relevant and key in creating a new sales and new business – Aaron Sansoni Review

In terms of today I certainly think that Aaron’s session was very relevant and I’ve been in property for 20 years and a sales person in that timeframe and I think certainly some of the things that he demonstrated were really key in terms of those you know, do you mind if I ask you you know dadada, and kinda getting through those layers about the whys, as oppose to just scratch the surface, let’s get deeper but then let’s go another layer again and you really find out the why behind the transaction and I think people that care much and those who don’t, know how much you care. I think that’s sort of been said time and time again. It’s very true. I think just real, authentic communication, I think and keeping the business really simple. I mean, real estate’s not complicated, we try and complicate it and I think if you just take it really simple but do it well and come from a place of caring and really meaning what you say, I think will really do well for your business. So I’m really looking forward to doing Aaron’s stuff.