Kerry Doubled His income in 10 weeks – Aaron Sansoni Review

Good day, I’m Kerry Sullivan. Before meeting Aaron I was probably only writing about $10,000 a month, since meeting Aaron 10 weeks ago I’ve written $66,000 in DCI. I plan to, with what I’ve learned in the last couple of few days to try and make it to $80 grand a month and rich $320,000 in DCI. I’m in a new area, I’ve just moved in there probably 18 months ago, I felt lost, totally lost. I was starting to, I have to find out, how to rebrand, how to remarket myself as an agent in the new area, I’ve been doing it for decades in another town. I knew what I had to do, just implementing them and Aaron’s way and approach was perfect and it just all made sense and I was able to just turnaround 10 weeks ago and yeah, you can see the smile on my face. I’ve just doubled my income so far than I was doing and I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks Aaron!