What we have learnt in 2 sessions would have taken us over 5 months – Aaron Sansoni Review

We started approximately 12 months ago and with this group and with the sessions it’s just grown us personally and just the confidence we get out of all the guys here is fantastic. So it has grown us immensely and I think it’s money well spent because from where we come from this is completely different. The industry that we’re in now is completely different from where we work and I think this has helped us in leaps and bounce. What we’ve learnt here in the last 2 sessions probably would have taken us five years to learn. He’s easy to listen to, picture this and really enjoying it and he knows what he’s talking about. This is one of the things that he says, you know, we’ve experienced in other businesses that he’s just tweaked and put us on the right track into what we’re doing now so it’s been good. It’s been excellent.