The mastermind group setup is very powerful, bouncing ideas and solving problems – Aaron Sansoni Review

In terms of like knotting down the next 90 days and stuff like that and digging deeper into our personal lives and more people opening up, it was sensational. We’re really gelling as a group now but we’ve been together for a while and so what I noticed different in this one was just more personal stuff coming up and inevitably you’re never gonna be able to help someone until you find out the true core of the problem, so that’s just the biggest take away I like. I think the whole mastermind part of like everyone interjecting and throwing ideas you know is really helping like there was a situation where you’ve got someone going through a personal issue who thinks it’s the end of the world but it takes someone else on the same level to say, “hold on, no, stop. It’s not. You’re just going through a phase.” So I think that’s the whole mastermind comes in of stopping each other and not so much hearing solutions from Aaron but actually hearing solutions from the group itself because there were a few interjections where the group would help out with the other group members’ problems and sometimes it might be better than hearing it from Aaron himself and not to actually counter it down, it just might be more powerful sometimes. Yeah, it puts you in the right mindset and having them every 90 days I think is good. It’s not too close but it’s not too far apart so 90 days I reckon, actually after joining it this is perfect, in 3 months you should be able to take some goals in 3 months, no excuses, get it done and that’s just the whole basis. So me, personally I grew as a person, grew as a director because being a young director was tough for me and gaining respect, so I’ve just grown as a person and changed the way I look at real estate.