The Full Immersion Days has given Jarrod Accountability and Clear Direction – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

The full immersion day with Aaron and Glenn, fantastic! I need accountability so for me to have a 90-day plan set out for my needs is fantastic. It’s exactly what I needed and to have it this quite intense and I learned a lot from the people in the room as well, so couldn’t say enough good stuff for that. It’s given me clear direction and clear focus on what I need to do and what I need to focus on and the things that are gonna make my business a lot stronger. The techniques are great. I know these sales techniques but it’s awesome to see it in play and in action and it’s helped me to become a better sales man as well ‘cause I’ve actually been able to focus and get more clarity on. And I like their approach, it’s quite engaging and it’s quite intense. It strips you back and builds you back up again. So I love it.