Helps you in all facets of your life, Business, Personal & Sales – Mastermind Group – Aaron Sansoni Review

I always say it’s meant to happen because from the immersion day I has to commit the most amount of money I ever had to commit to anything and that was investing myself and so I’ve got a lot people telling me it’s the wrong decision and still telling me to this day but after the first immersion day, yeah, I walked away with my head high and knowing that I’ve done the right thing and that was not so much paying, you can’t think about it as paying someone amount of money. You literally have to think about it as investing in yourself and giving yourself the best opportunity so then take it, because in real estate what’s 30 grand? It’s a couple of sales, three sales and then that’s it so you’re telling me that these guys can’t get you three sales and that’s gonna broke it down yeah, now the full immersion day was good. He really gets in you personally and focuses on you and really attacks you but not like in a mean way, just attacks you to make sure that you realize that you can speak to other people and not always be fluffy whereas he’ll really break you down and then make you leave that day knowing full well what you need to do to become a better agent and a better person even in general. So he helps you in all facets of your life: personal, business and in sales so that’s it.