Jodie’s life has drastically turned around for the better – Aaron Sansoni Review

So two years ago I was a mother taking my kids’ shoes together after my husband left and money was non-existent. I met Aaron in about August last year in the Be Phenomenal, went to the bootcamp in November and things just changed radically, drastically. In the first 6 weeks of this financial year that we just had I had more cash coming into my account than I made 2 years ago for the full year. I just bought the dream property, 7 acres with a little island, it’s astronomical. I’m the highest selling agent in my area by more than double the results of any other agent, more than doubled my income in 6 months and I’m just getting started, I’m not even 9 months into working with Aaron. What he does works, my whole life has just transformed and I’m in an area average size of the market are over a hundred, it’s not a fast pace thing but it’s the relationships, the skills and more. What I’m doing for this other people, like I’ve got my ear on the phone crying because I got her $50,000 more than another agent had listed out. She never thought it could happen anyway, and it’s just full asking price. The things that I’m doing for my clients it’s just, it’s unbelievable and I’ve got Kat on my team now. I know, I’ll stop because I could go on and on but it’s drastic, it’s radical, find the money from somewhere and do it because it will change your life.