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Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an EMPIRE.

He is the founder of the Aaron Sansoni Group, an international speaker, best-selling author, and recent nominee for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 & Australian of the Year 2017. Aaron has positively impacted the lives of over 2 million people, in 41 countries from over 100 industries on and offline through his training spanning a decade of mentoring.


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Find the power to get what you want out of life – Aaron Sansoni Review 

I know everybody needs a mentor, and sometimes we actually get ourselves stuck in the rut. We need someone to actually guide us. So I think this is a great opportunity to have somebody on your side and hold your hand. Coming here, always gives you a little bit of an “AHA” moment. Which can then change your life. Also, the other thing I found is that, in life, you actually constantly keep going, keep going, and then if you hit a bottom, you need someone to actually give you the power to get yourself up again. So that’s what the Empire Mastery has done for me, I feel like I have the power!

Lisa sees a 35% markup in her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Lisa and I’m at Empire Mastery. You learn new things all the time, depending on where you are in business. If it wasn’t for the value that I receive when I come here every time, I would not be here. When we first came we were sitting at 18 percent markup. In one year with Aaron’s help, we went to a 35 percent markup! Empire Mastery will change your life, it will change your perspective on everything,
and will open up your whole world. You’re empowered, encouraged, and you’re shown things that you never knew were possible.


Kane comes back for another round of breakthroughs – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hey, my name’s Kane, I’m at Empire Mastery. The first time I did Empire Mastery I made a lot of changes in my life and business. I learnt a lot, so since all that stuff has been implemented, I think I was due for another round of breakthroughs and epiphanies, and education really.
That’s why I came back. I think anyone coming here with the right intention and a passion and just a will to learn, there’s no way they can’t benefit from this. There’s no way they can’t.

Ignatius has a life-transforming experience – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Ignatius and I’m from Sydney. I’m doing the Empire Mastery. It’s very great, I’m learning so many things from Aaron.
Learning will be a process we all know now. I will implement most of the things that I have learned and understood from her. But again, I will come back, I will learn more, and I will implement that again. Anyone who is hesitant should definitely come over because there is a lot to learn. The life of any person will be transformed when they come here and experience this.

Alina finds clarity and confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alina, I’m on day three of Empire Mastery. Today it’s scale day, so I’m really excited to be here. I think of just how much it’s going to help me with my business. I think anyone that’s thinking to come to this, do it! Take action! I think the way I got really good at what I’m doing is because I asked so many questions. I learned from people that have experience, because sometimes I don’t know things, and I might get them wrong. But when I come here I get so much more clarity, and I know more, and feel more confident and empowered to do things, and get them right the first time.

Beth finds value and saves time – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Beth and I’m doing Empire Mastery. Oh, it’s definitely worth it, definitely worth it. For me it’s the information, it’s getting all the information in four days, at a price, rather than trying to find all the information myself over the next six months.

Ivonne feels uplifted and inspired – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Ivonne and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s very informative, very uplifting, and very empowering. I would say that if anyone intends on furthering their businesses or studying, or taking on more than one business, Then this is a very good experience. It’s a live experience, an educational one, and Aaron is very inspiring.

Clarissa feels empowered and gains insights and knowledge – Aaron Sansoni Review  

Hi, my name is Clarissa from Sydney. It’s been really great, it’s been amazingly really great. I didn’t expect it to be this good, and then the first day was just really amazing. Pack full of information. It is really empowering me and giving me so much insight and knowledge and skills about something that I never knew before. If you are thinking about coming here I think you should definitely be coming because it is just a different level and it’s a different experience, you have to come here and experience it yourself!

Emma has great fun and finds networking opportunities – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Emma, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s amazing! It’s a lot of information to take in and we’re only at the start of the visit. So I haven’t started a business, but I do have plans. Yeah, it’s really good. You’ll enjoy it, you’ll meet lots of people, it’s great for networking and yeah, you’ll have fun at the same time!

Scott finds the knowledge he needed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Scott, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s given me the knowledge and the words that I need to know. Definitely do it, yeah. One hundred percent just do it, say yes and work it out later.

Alina gets a lot out of her experience – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Alina, I’m at Empire Mastery. I’ve gotten a lot out of it. It’s been pretty full on and it’s a lot to take in. But I can’t wait to get more out of the experience. If you’re thinking of coming to Empire Mastery, I’d say definitely give it a go. It’s an amazing experience, I’ve gotten so much out of it!

Rod sees a change in how he views his business – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Rod, I’m at Empire Mastery today. I think that if yesterday was all that I did, I would still think that I got extreme value, it was really really good. So the fact that I’ve got another 3 days to go! I’m really looking forward to seeing what I’ve got to learn. But what I’ve done so far has been really really good. It’s already made a big difference in how I think about my business and where I’m going to be headed going forward. I’d say don’t hesitate. Aaron is the real deal. He’s not only a very good teacher and a good motivator, but he’s also a very accomplished businessman in his own right, So you can actually learn from someone who’s actually been there, and done that. He applies everything that he teaches to his own businesses and it really comes through in the classes as well.

Revon finds great value and has an eye-opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Revon, I’m from South Australia and  I’m attending the 4-day Empire Mastery. It’s been a great experience. Really eye-opening. Great value, the knowledge that Aaron has and that he shares, you can take and apply it to build your own business. Really puts confidence in you, gives you good guidelines, and just lays out the pathway for you quite clearly.

Helen has an “AHA” moment – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name’s Helen and I’m in the Empire Mastery. So far it’s been wonderful and today is one of the days where you actually have the life “AHA” moment. I think this morning I really really did feel like I had the “AHA” moment. I think that it’s probably really really going to kick off for the better for my business, for sure. I think if you don’t come to the Empire Mastery, you don’t know what you’ll miss out on.
And then also you won’t have the “AHA” moment that just might change your life!

Fabio has a new experience every visit – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Fabio, I am in Empire Mastery today. What brought me back? Every time that I come here I get new information, I get new ideas to apply and every time I am here I grow always positively. Don’t think about it, just come over and do it!

Morgan begins his journey to start a business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Morgan and I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m here to be able to start my business on the right foot, not make all these mistakes and then have to seek help. My goal is to have a business and start moving in the right direction. Even if you’re not certain on why you want to be here, you’ll definitely leave getting something out of it. I don’t have all these businesses, I’m not a businessman or anything like that, but being here and growing my confidence has helped me a ton.

Sharyn finds new systems within her business – Aaron Sansoni Review 

My name is Sharyn, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s incredible! I’m learning a lot. Everyone needs to do this. It would mean growth, it would mean new ideas, it would mean innovation, and potentially even creating new systems within the business that don’t exist yet. You definitely need to do it, I think everyone does. You will only grow, you’re not going to lose anything by coming. You’ll only learn, grow, and get bigger and better.

Carissa finds a change in her energy – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, my name is Carissa and I’m at Empire Mastery. It has been amazing. Really good vibes, love the content, and just love everything about the day. A huge turnaround in terms of my energy, my strategy, and my implementation to get better results and more money.

Breaking through and taking action right now! – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m doing the Empire Mastery today with Aaron Sansoni. It’s amazing actually, it’s actually a lot deeper than I thought it was going to be.
You know going through all the fears and all the underlying issues. With this course, I feel like you take action right now and not leave it for later. Don’t even think about it. Just do it!

Scarlette finds the confidence to move forwards – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Scarlette, I’m in Empire Mastery. I guess I really wanted to see what my options are, I want to see what kind of strategies I can use before I go into business. I guess this is helping me feel more confident in what I’m doing and where I’m going to go. I would definitely recommend it, it’s a good time, good people, and lots of fun.

Matt finds value beyond just business – Arron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Matt and I am here for Empire Mastery. They cover a lot of aspects. How I view myself as a business runner. How I sell my products, how I connect with people and how I connect my products to those people. So it’s not just, oh I don’t have a business, or I’ve already scaled my business. It kind of covers a lot of areas that would be helpful for anyone.

Farrah has a life-changing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Farrah, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s amazing, it’s actually life-changing as well. A lot of knowledge, the energy in the room is really out there. Networking, meeting new people, and just the support as well. A hundred percent sign up and do it. It’s worth it!

Rob has an eye-opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review  

Hi, I’m Rob, I’m attending Empire Mastery. It’s been really good actually. It’s opened my eyes up for myself. I haven’t been in business before and now I’m working with my wife, so that’s really good. Definitely do it, yeah. You’re learning more for yourself, and if you learn more about yourself then the more you’ll achieve going forward.

Natalie learns the finer points of business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Natalie, I’m at Empire Mastery. Aaron is full of lots of information, he’s very dynamic, and I like how he’s also about money-making activities. Which is like getting to the fine points of business, and what to be on track with. It’s really good.

Allesandro finds his push toward his goals – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Allesandro, I’m from Italy. I’m living here in Australia for about seven years right now. It’s quite amazing actually, quite amazing. It is so mind-blowing, so much information packed in one day. Right now it’s day one, I can’t imagine the next few days. If you’re thinking of coming, do it, if you want to grow, if you’re stuck like me right now, then I think it’s a good push toward your goals and whatever you want to do and achieve in your life or in your business.

Jake finds something new every time – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name’s Jake, here at Empire Mastery. I don’t know if you’ve been but every time it’s something new! And even the clarity, It really got me thinking this time. What real business I am? It helps me out a lot in my business and what next step I need to take. To anyone thinking about coming? I would say to them, come now. It’s not too late. Activate M.A.I.A.

New clarity in business for Dwayne – Aaron Sansoni Review 

Hi, I’m Dwayne, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s really helped me with planning, and just making sure that we are following our numbers and doing things in the right process in business. Yeah, come along, you learn heaps, and come often because it’s a great experience every time!

Motivating, Exciting & a Wealth of knowledge – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Kim from Empire Mastery. Everything has been great so far, it’s brilliant! Very motivating & exciting. Really a lot of information and definitely worth it if you’re in business, you wanted wealth creation or you want to work smarter then definitely come along. There’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s just the beginning. I’ve seen a lot in my time and this is one of the best and I highly recommend it.

Jules’ brain is buzzing with so much information – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Jules, and I’m at Empire Mastery. And I came to this course because I was at the point of breaking Cause I was just working too hard. I knew I was at the stage of my businesses, that I had to work on them not in them. And on my fourth day now I have so much clarity about What I need to do and how I need to get there. Like my brain is actually buzzing. So much information. But it’s just been amazing. I can’t even express into word how much information I’ve learned And how I know exactly what I need to do now after this. So yeah, thank you Aaron. It’s awesome. I mean from today my biggest takeaway has been When you’ve got good people working for you, Like giving them equity in the business, That just makes so much sense if you want to have an empire. To have people loving your baby, looking after it, Because it benefiting them as much as it is you. So, that’s been a really big take from today. I don’t even think I could pinpoint my biggest takeaway Because I’ve taken so much information. To anyone thinking about coming this course, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It is just priceless information That anyone could take from and throw into Their life or business and succeed from.

Angela is super pumped – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Angela, I’m from Melbourne. I’m feeling really super pumped about everything that I’m learning in this program. I’m feeling really inspired by all the stories That everyone’s bringing. It’s just a group that inspires me. I did Empire last month, and I’ve come back this time around. And there’s just so many things that I’m learning now, That I thought that I knew a little bit when I first did it. But this time around I’m just like, there’s so much more that I’m Capturing this time around. I almost feel like I was fan-girling it last time. And now I’m actually sitting with the information. The information is sitting a lot better this time around Because I’ve come in as a different person this time around. Don’t think about coming, just come.

Ty is loving it – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Ty, I’m at Empire mastery. And today I have been learning how to build my empire. It’s empire day, day 4, and I’m loving it. I think everybody else here is loving it too. The systems here of learning here are epic. It’s just amazing, I love it so much. And I never would have imagined putting myself in this environment. If you’re in business, and if you want to start a business, There’s no way you couldn’t find value here. Because the potential gains are unlimited.

Reese has a very eye opening experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Reese, I’m at Empire Mastery. The experience has been very very eye opening. Definitely learning a lot about my own business, And what I need to improve and how I can improve it. And the potential to expand massively. Aaron’s just taught me that the opportunities are Pretty endless. The book is just filled with endless notes. I really need to sit down and take it all on. Definitely come check it out. It’s very well run, Everyone can apply it in their own way.

Resha says “Wow!” at her second Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Resha, and I’m here today at Empire Mastery. It’s actually day four. This is my second time I’ve returned to the event, And all I can say is, “Wow!” First time around, so much information. But second time around I got to come to the event with my ideas And I was able to implement everything that Aaron was talking about, That my notebook is actually filled with so many ideas And things that I can take immediate action on. So I’m actually so excited to wrap today up and get to work tomorrow. I guess last time around I came with more of an employee mind set, And I realize that there’s no way I’m going to move forward Without having a business owner mindset. Because of that I was able to come today And actually be able to come up with another two ideas For these businesses which I can Implement everything I’ve learned from Empire Mastery into. So, definitely so much to take away. Also, putting deals together and how to move out of the business. Because moving out of a business And becoming a number three is definitely so important In building an empire. Don’t even think twice. If you have not attended an Empire Mastery, You don’t know what your potential is Until you hear what about Aaron Sansoni has to say. And even if you have been to Empire mastery before, Go again to Empire Mastery, Because you’ll take away 10 times the amount You took away from the first event. And you’ll be more ready for it the second time around.

Darko is having breakthroughs – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Darko. I’m at empire Mastery in Sydney. It’s been amazing so far. There’s been Lots of breakthrough things that I’ve gone through. And the things that I realize I could improve on immediately after the event. I think the multiple profit streams was a big one, And identifying myself in, First of all the differences in the numbers, And where I thought I was, Versus where we are, Whether we are a 1 or a 2 or a 3. The profit streams was a big one, And the other big thing was the leadership styles. Finding myself where I am in the different levels in the Different styles then allows me to see why Something things aren’t potentially working. Don’t even hesitate, like, For me it’s been challenging, Even now, I thought before this training Where my business partner said, “Oh, let’s go for four days.” When we’ve got all these things stacked up, And how am I going to make it? And just literally after the first day I’m like, Well we should have done this a long time ago. So, short answer is, Don’t even think twice.

Liz finds certainty and confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Liz at Empire Mastery. Eye opening, I would say It’s very fulfilling seeing the congruency in Aaron’s actions and words. The fact that he acts and do, And has his own philosophy that has been working for him. It provides a level of certainty and confidence in the process. Anyone can do it. Literally, anyone can do it. Anyone that has their goal set, Or they really want something different, Like sometimes you feel the sensation that you do not belong, Or you are not where you want to be. So as long as you understand that there’s an option there, You can make it. Yeah, definitely come. It’s a different perspective in life, And for you to move on, And evolve and transform, You need to change your perception.

Natalie highly recommends the seminar – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello I’m Natalie, we are at Empire Mastery. It’s fantastic. It is the best seminar I’ve ever been to. Just looking at how differently I can run my business And how I guess I have been running my business. If you can call it a business now after listening to Aaron. If you are serious about business, whether you want to scale, Whether you want to improve your business, This is the seminar.

Lola is getting the confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Lola from Melbourne. We are at the Empire Mastery in Sydney. Oh it’s been amazing. Full of information. I lot of listening to processes but definitely opening my mind. I have problems in believing in myself, I’m working lots and I’m getting the confidence and the courage To jump and to take the risk. Definitely I would recommend it to take the experience. Lots of opportunities.

Kylie is amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Kylie, and I’m here at Empire Mastery. Fantastic. I’ve done it online. I did the whole program online with the videos and thing like that, But it really makes a huge difference being here in person. I think the energy in the room, And the excitement of the people that you’re sitting with And interacting with is amazing. But I’ve found my mojo back again by being here. I sort of, after doing it online, I thought “There”s so much to do.” Cause I was at home, stuck in an office by myself, I wasn’t motivated. But now, coming here, and writing it out again and being motivated again I can’t wait to get out of here and go start doing it. Definitely. I brought my friend along today And she’s loving it as well. She was like “what’s this all about.” I said, “just come and experience it!” And she’s loving it. So yeah, definitely come along.

Elias has many takeaway lessons – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Elias and I’m in Sydney at Empire Mastery. Absolutely amazing. There are many takeaways so it’s very hard to choose One biggest takeaway, But I was definitely able to breakthrough. It’s only the first day, so imagine how many takeaways you can get The other days. And it’s just a lot of stuff in your brain, I was able to literally go through it. Definitely do it. Do it for yourself, Or who needs you to be you, to be the best you there is out there. Like seriously, just do it.

Jim recommends Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Jim and I’m at Empire Mastery. Great, big learning curve. Highly referable. Without a doubt. Very good.

Angela at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Angela, at Empire Mastery. Very positive experience, very informative. Fun as well. Very chill, I liked Aaron’s approach. Very relatable, resonates a lot. Makes you feel very comfortable and it doesn’t matter, There’e a whole variety of people here. So, people who have no business experience And others already doing it at a higher level, But you feel like you fit it. Just all the advice he gives, all the different strategies, And things you haven’t thought of before but they make So much sense. Like “why didn’t I think of that?” All the different pillars that he goes through and Explains it. I like how he breaks it down And you take it in a step at a time. Very educational. Do come, do come, go to all of them if you can. I think he’s a great mentor. He’s good value, you’ll really learn from him. I would recommend it.

Vanessa sees the opportunities and possibilities – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Vanessa and I’m at empire mastery. So far I’m learning a few different things. Looking at different ways, perspectives, And lenses to start a business. And just to see the different opportunities and Possibilities that you can create when you have different ideas, different mentors. And the amount of people that’s here that’s able to give you What the experiences are, it’s really valuable for what you can learn And just inject into your own business. My biggest takeaway is having the structure and Having that partnership to look at your blind side And opportunity to see opportunities out there that could Grow you business, scale it to the next level, And build that empire mastery. I’d say it’s definitely worth it. I’m myself an accountant, I didn’t like the thought of coming here. A friend of mine actually had to force me to do this. But coming here, it’s given me a different perspective. It’s definitely added value to how I like to structure the business How I like to align that, and which kind of people, And how do I see that business going forward, From starting opportunities to expand. And to create that multimillion dollar business.

Sarah takes away valuable lessons – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Sarah and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been a real learning and growing experience. From day one up until now, the things I’ve taken away are such valuable lessons. And I’m sure they’re going to help me throughout my business journey. They’re things that have made me grow as a person, and made me change my perspective on how I see things. Before I came I was seeing things as a roadblock in front of me, but now I look at things as an opportunity. Believe in my business idea, make sure that it is a good scalable idea, And pretty much the sky is the limit. Just talk action, that’s the number one thing. Cause you can have a million ideas, but if you don’t take action you’re just going to stay at square one. Definitely attend empire mastery, It’s life changing. The experiences and the things that I’ve faced in the last few days have Just changed my mindset completely. So, yeah, amazing experience.

Cole finds help starting his business journey – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Cole. We’re at the empire mastery. Today is about scaling, learning about partnerships, And how we can get lifelong partners for our businesses. Currently I’m a uni student, just getting into how I can start myself as an Entrepreneur. The course so far has been really helpful in showing me where I can start my journey into becoming an entrepreneur. Where I can go, how I can become bigger and better, and start my own empire. Starting the business, starting a business, how to set those up, How to find good partners, and what things specifically I should be really be turning into to develop that. If you‘re thinking of starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur, And really give a shit about making a good business and providing a good service and product that’s unique, I would highly recommend it.

Lucas is learning a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

I am Lucas, I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m finding it so good. I learned a lot yesterday. I’ve already taken some action. I made a great decision yesterday on my business. I think it’s learning every minute. My biggest takeaway so far is take action now. And don’t wait for next week, or next month, Start doing it now, so put into practice whatever you’re learning. Put into practice now. Don’t wait for next year, next month, Or next business. Definitely come. Come open minded, come prepared to change.

Shashawna says it’s worth it – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Shashawna, and I’m at Empire Mastery. I love it actually, because I just bought a business up in Cannes, And I was unsure what I was supposed to do with managing it, And even finances. So coming to this has actually helped. Knowing that I don’t have to be there, I don’t have to do it. I can hire somebody else to do it for me. That part I just, I didn’t know I could do that. So that’s something I took away from this event. I would say do it. It’s worth it. It’s worth the money. Because you’re going to be making so much more.

Daniel at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Daniel and we are at Empire Mastery. It’s been amazing. Lots of things have been learned. Lots of breakthroughs as well. Which is amazing. Get us to the next level. Learn to look at your numbers, And make sure that you stay on top of them, And also how to reverse engineer them so you can work on the outcomes that you want to achieve. I would say not to hesitate. I just did a video actually For anybody that wants to hear me out, That they need to invest in themselves to get better people Because at the end of the day that’s what’s going to make them better business leaders, And it’s what’s going to make them successful.

Matt has his eyes opened – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Matt and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s an eye opener. Just for me, I’m very much in my business, And coming here and just freeing yourself of all the pressures of the business has opened my eyes big time. The multiple revenue streams, and that you don’t have to be on the job to make that happen. You can make that happen elsewhere. Like internet, phone calls, stuff like that. SO yeah, that’s a big takeaway for me and the business. I’d say definitely do it. I’d say be ready, be open minded, And just take it all in and watch the process happen. From the first day to the last day, there’s a lot of content, But it all starts to make sense, And you can all walk it in to what you’re doing now. So it’s great.

Georgina finds clarity – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Georgina, I’m at Empire Mastery. Yeah it’s been really good, it’s intense. You learn a lot in a small amount of time. But it’s been amazing, it’s been a few eye opening moments, So it’s been good. I think it’s the real clarity over getting from lead to the profit, And understanding when to pull what lever with. I think that’s the main thing I’ve always struggled with And that was a really simple way to put it. I’d say definitely do it, be prepared to learn though. But be really open to what you’re going to learn, And don’t come in with a closed mindset of “I know what I’m doing.” And “I already know it all.”

Belinda is inspired and motivated – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Belinda and I’m at Empire mastery here today. I’m feeling inspired and motivated, Pretty excited actually, learning lots of things. I think my biggest takeaway is letting go of my fears And backing myself. That’s been a huge learning curve for me today. I’d say you got to do this, it’s game changing, And it’s definitely for you.

Roy at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Roy and we’re at the Empire Mastery. Amazing, a lot of learning, meeting a lot of new people. I’d say don’t wait, just get on board. Get on board right away.

Jackson is empowered – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Jackson, I’m at Empire Mastery. The course has been awesome so far, really empowering. It’s perspective, being able to see things from another point of view. Being open minded. Just seeing it from another point of view that you never thought you would have seen. I’d say do it. It’s worth it. Not just from a monetary point of view, But for yourself. And just a self development kind of thing, It’s definitely worth it.

Justin overcoming his fears – Aaron Sansoni Review

Justin, we’re at empire mastery. Feeling pumped with how everything has been going so far. Learning lots. Just starting to implementing them into running my Wife’s business at the moment, all going well. Hopefully expanding. All this knowledge is really going to help. Biggest takeaway is just overcoming my fears, pushing my boundaries more. Now we’re both on the same page it’s really multiplying. I’d recommend anyone come for Empire just for the change in your mindset on what you can achieve and what is possible.

Perry at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Perry I’m at empire mastery in Sydney. It’s the first time I’ve seen Aaron Sansoni. The guy is incredible, a lot of information, A lot of understanding how to scale businesses and build an empire. Overall just been phenomenal. I think it’s more about understanding and overcoming you fears. You have to come and, I mean seeing it on video is one thing, But being here and for four days, I’ve been here for a day and a half. Cause then you’ll understand how much it’s worth for people that want run businesses. Like my rearview is fuck all in comparison to what he provides throughout the whole day. You’ve got to be here.

Fiona is having an excellent experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Fiona. I’m at the empire mastery course. Awesome, I think it’s an excellent experience for me so far. I think it’s, Aaron teaches how to face our fears, And give us the lever, we see the opportunity, And create the opportunity. I think no doubt, you should do it right now, Immediately.

Brendan is finding the confidence – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Brendan and we’re at empire mastery. Yeah so far it’s been wonderful. I got here last night and rang my parents up and was like If this was the whole seminar I’d be stocked. So the fact that there’s still 3 more days of learning stuff it’s just terrific. For me it’s having I suppose the confidence in myself, Not only the confidence, but the clarity to know how I’m going to move forward In not just the business I currently have, but the businesses I have in mind for the future. Yeah i’d say it’s 100% worth while I mean, as I said the knowledge I Learned in the first day and a half has far, I have a business degree, And I’ve worked in three different industries, And I’ve learned more in a day and a half than I did In 4 years of a business degree. And again it’s not necessarily Just, obviously the amount you learn in a business degree is quite substantial But it’s the clarity and the construct to actually go away and implement it has Been so incredible and actually so useful.

Alison has a lot to digest – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alison. We’re at empire mastery. It’s been really good. Interesting, a lot of content to digest. I Think the biggest takeaway is that you don’t have to have all the answers yourself. There are people that can help you, you don’t have to know everything. And there’s people who can direct you to who you need to see, Especially about actually scaling your business. Go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Jason at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Jason and I’m at empire mastery. The confidence that I can scale and grow. It’s probably the most. It’s a fantastic investment in your future.

Manuel is getting the information – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hello my name is Manuel and we are in Sydney at Empire Mastery. I’m feeling really great I’m getting a lot of information that I think is going to help me out. I had a lot of doubts about coming, but I realised that it’s actually worth it And I think it’s going to give us the final push to start my own business. Taking massive and immediate actions. And for me I think it’s, as told me, like I need to jump and I need to just leave my fears away and just go for it. Go for it. Yeah I would definitely recommend it.

Jag is loving the event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Jag, I’m here at the Sydney empire mastery event with Aaron Sansoni. So far I’ve loved the event, it’s day two, it’s money day. The first day was really good for the breakthroughs. I feel like I learned a lot about myself, about my fears, and what was holding me back. And I’m excited to crush it with money day and further days with scale and empire day. I didn’t realize how much I had held in fears That were holding me back. Because I’m quite a positive person I like to think, I do my affirmations. Things like that. I’d say just do it. Because you’re here for a reason, right? I mean you may as well, you get one life. If you’re thinking about business, do it. Who better to teach you than someone who’s doing it And someone who loves doing it, and someone who enjoys teaching it.

Young Michael has learned a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Michael, we’re at the empire mastery. Yeah, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Aaron Sansoni. Yeah, I reckon I’m the youngest here, I’m sixteen, and yeah I’ve learned a lot from him. And I’m Moi and I’m his mom. We decided we’d sign up for the empire mastery Essentially just to get him a good solid foundation to get Started in his life. I think mostly the mindset aspect of the conference thus far, Just working on the mindset and just trying to Put away any of the limitations that we always on a daily put on ourselves. So I think just that itself is a hug takeaway. Yeah definitely, it’s the best thing I’ve ever come to. Yeah, I’ve learnt a lot from him. As a single parent I would definitely push a lot of people to go. If you really want to invest in your child’s future, this is Probably one of the best conferences to bring them to.

Leanne keeps coming back for more – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Leanne, I’m from Brisbane and I’m at empire mastery in Sydney. I’m loving it. This is not my first one, But I am learning more each time. The last one that I went to, I went away, Took on board, now I’m coming back and I’m still learning more information. So it’s good. I feel really good. For me it’s about the maths at the moment. I have clarity in relation to my business But now I need to work out the figures and Really make sure I bring in the dollar values and the profits And things like that. I have to learn to love maths. Whether you have a business or not, Or you want to go into business, Or you really have no bloody idea what you want to do At least come here and get some clarity for yourself, Cause this is not just about business, This actually gives you some insight in to you as well.

Felix is Amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Felix, and I’m at Empire Mastery. So far so good, it’s been amazing. It’s a great experience and Aaron is just fantastic. My biggest takeaway so far is actually the numbers, Getting to know your numbers properly. And how important it is in your business. Everything else is important as well But your numbers are probably really up there. You’ve got to come. You’ve got to come 100%. 100% it’s an experience, And it’ll only grow yourself and your business.

Knowledge Overwhelming – Aaron Sansoni Review

It’s fantastic, so much knowledge, overwhelming. There’s so much to absorb and take in. But in saying that I can just see the progress of my business, Now I know where to take it next. Which before was a little bit of, you “know,” But you don’t know the things that you don’t know. He’s put everything in perspective basically. Yeah, so looking forward to the next phase. I suppose believe in yourself and Know that you can accomplish what you’re actually after.

Julie has a life changing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, Julie here. I don’t have a lot of words to say, all I can say is Simply a bomb, for me especially. I learned a heap, you know , this is a life changing experience. Honestly since I started doing my Empire Mastery Seminar, From day 1 it changed my concept and I’m exploding with lots Of life changing, empowering things. So I’m gaining a lot, I’m learning a lot, so I want to say Thank you so much Aaron Sansoni for creating such a course For normal people like us to have that chance to grow ourselves And follow our dream. I would 300% recommend it because I believe that I have made a very very good decision by Making the decision to come here. This has changed my concept, on how to pursue my goals. So I would highly recommend to people that are looking For some inspiration and wanting to move on to the next level.

Alissa at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Alissa and I’m at Empire Mastery. And the event’s been great, it’s like a compact day of business books All in one day. Four days really. And it’s just a good reminder to work faster and don’t be average. Mine would be Bank Zone, which is basically figure out where You want to play. I still think that I’m playing the right area, It’s more about positioning it in a way that people get it. Cause I think it gets lost in translation even though I know The value I bring to the table.

Carmel’s mind is blown – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Carmel. My mind has been blown. I’ve got so much work ahead of me. But now I feel like what have always been part dreams can now become a reality. And the solutions, I’m going to do the work, but the pathway Has been put there in front of me. It’s going to give me back more time. So learning about leadership, I loved that last session, Learning about leadership and learning how I can then bring in the right people So I can with confidence hand over, still be in control, but a different kind of control. And hand over those reigns too, so that I can free up my time. The notes that we’ve taken, I’m just going to treasure that. And want to work through it. And tick off little bits as I go. Worth every cent. Just, worth it.

Susan is amazed – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Susan and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been pretty amazing, I’ve had some pretty big breakthroughs And just perfect timing on learning about partnerships. Which is what I was working on before coming here, But I’ve learnt so much on how to plan and prepare before. It’s been extraordinary and I’ve learned so much. I’ve been to a lot of events like this but I’ve definitely been blown away And we’re only half way into day 3. My biggest takeaway from the content so far is just about The growth that you can do by little ideas. So little partnerships, or expanding your product. Doing multiple business that may still be under the one umbrella. So it’s just how to generate multiple streams of income, And all the little tweaks that can make a big difference.

Alissa has a mind blowing experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name’s Alissa. It’s been completely mind blowing for myself, and my partner. He’s here as well. So, I’m hoping to start a new business myself, And also trying to get his sort of up and going more. Yeah, I think this is going to be a massive help. The breakthrough day, 100% the breakthrough day. That brought up a lot of things from my past that I was able to deal with. Things that I realised In the moment I needed to change and work on to be able to succeed. 100% do it. It’s amazing.

Elvis finds the experience life changing – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Elvis. I’m here at Empire Mastery. I find the experience to be pretty life changing, pretty transformational. It’s been an eye opener. I’ve been made aware of All I need to know, even though I’d actually taken a plunge into business. But I went in not knowing as much as I need to succeed. So for me it’s been empowering. Building partnerships, that’s the core material of what we’re doing today. I find it’s going to, perhaps because I am in the midst of trying To secure some partnerships, so maybe it’s what resonates with me most at this time. Don’t even think about it, don’t even think about thinking about it, Just come.

Ash is the asset and the IP – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Ash, and I’m also at Empire Mastery. I’m growing individually, which I think I wasn’t expecting so much. I thought it was more about the business, But at the end of the day it’s actually about me That then drives the business, so I think that that has been really helpful. And the information that I learned today is relevant Because I’m in a different place than I was back then. So it’s all in a different context, so yeah, Very very worth while. The biggest one for me would be that I’m the asset, And that I’m the IP, and that everything then goes out from there. I’m the person that makes the first step, Rather than it’s the actual business. And I feel like it’s changed, rather than being me about my vocation, It’s me now as a business woman. And that’s really shifted and I think that’s a really important mindset for me. Not just about the job and what you know, I feel different.

Seina is reinvigorated about her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Seina. I’m at Empire Mastery today, This is the second Empire Mastery that I’ve been to. And I’m finding that I’m still learning more. It’s made me a bit more excited and reinvigorated about our business. I think the first time the first thing that we really took away from it was that we looked at our financials a lot closer, So Aaron gave us some really good ideas on how to look at that, and how to keep track of that consistently. But then it also made us realise the stage that we were at in our business and what we needed to do to work on, step by step, To continue to grow it. I’d say there’s definitely a lot to learn, I’d say, you know, You have to work on you business, not just in your business. But I think a lot of people will have they “aha” moment at some stage, so it’s definitely worth while.

Pankaj at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Pankaj. I’m from Sydney and I’m at the Empire Mastery in Melbourne. My experience has been very amazing, and revolutionising my thinking process and the amount of learning and awareness which this event has created for me I think is going to bring results. My number one take away is in partnerships and the value of partnerships. Which we normally scared of entering into because we don’t know who we’re dealing with. Whether they’re a big fish, small fish in the business. So that fear has to have gone away and I’ve learned a new way to approach it. I would definitely recommend it. It’s an experience which every business owner should go to.

Tom learns about money – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my names Tom, here at Empire Mastery. Today I learn about money, which is the most important thing that I came here to learn. So just how to fund projects that I’ve got coming up and things like that. So yeah, today’s pretty interesting so far. Will be good to see what happens for the rest of the day. Everything just comes down to taking risks, and actually having a go. Pretty much if you just don’t do anything, nothing’s going to happen. So you’ve just got to go for it really and not hold back.

Susanne has crystallized her vision – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name’s Susanne, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s the best four days I’ve ever invested in. It’s really crystallized my vision, It’s given me lots of different opportunities to actually expand, greater than I ever thought I could. I feel that I’m going to step away and take some more courage about entering into my business plan a lot earlier than I ever thought. And also too, kind of some really wise words around how I can do it, how I can build it, how I can exit it, maybe at some stage. I just, this is the best money I’ve ever spent when it comes to investing in me first, but then also to my business.

Claire is learning about herself – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi. I’m Claire, and I’m an Empire Mastery here in Brisbane. It’s been a great day and a half so far, learning heaps and a lot about myself, as well as a professional. So that’s been great. People I spoke with in the group, we all sort of had similar fears in business and so then they’re not so scary. If everyone’s having the same ones.

Scott has the blueprint for his business world – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, guys I’m Scott. I’m here at Empire Mastery with Aaron Sansoni. Really great experience. You know, really business focused, like minded people. One of those things where you know, you don’t feel uncomfortable talking about business. And it’s really been the blueprint for a conversation that I need to take into my, you know, business world. And have these conversations about how we can grow, evolve
and come up with new opportunities. So I’ve really enjoyed the sequence of the days. You know, breakthrough, following through with, you know, how we build a mindset. You know, now we’re into leverage on day 3. And tomorrow is empire building. So I really, really suggest anyone in the business world to you know, take it on and step outside that comfort zone. and you’ll find out more information about yourself. And then also what the world can bring.

Sam is hyped – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey my names Sam, here at Empire Mastery. It’s been very hype, to say that in the least. It’s one of the best things I’ve been to for sure. probably if you’re fearing something just, If you fear something then you’ve got to do it. Push through it.

Peter has a fantastic experience – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Peter I’m at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. The experience has been fantastic. It’s opened up a new way of thinking. I’ve always planned to go to those levels but really haven’t been given the tools, I guess, to to get there. And it’s probably one of the key ingredients to hold me back, really. I don’t have a lot of mentors in my life but he’s been fantastic with all the insight that he’s got. So it’s going to make hopefully the journey a little bit easier. It’s been quite thought provoking, in terms of what I actually expect out of me. So actually, I think I’ve got what it takes now and I can start to believe in myself. So that’s been invaluable, because no one’s ever talked to me the way Aaron’s talking. So it’s great.

Nick has an eye opener – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey, I’m Nick, I’m here at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. This has been a bit of an eye opener for me. It’s really helped me to kind of breakthrough some of the fears and things that are holding me back to make my business really successful. Pretty excited because now I’m starting to look to the future and a couple of other things that I’ve maybe been thinking about. I’ve now put some solid plans in place. Futures looking good, being armed with the tools to realise that no matter what you do, everyone’s going to have something to say about you. And also, being able to have the tools to not really give that too much thought and not let It hold you back, was a big thing. I know that I’ve just gotten a tremendous amount of value from it. The ability to free up my time is going to be massive.

Natasha has the tools for business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Natasha I’m at Empire Mastery. The experience this weekend, or the last four days has really given me a kick in the bum, and it’s surrounded us with people that are like minded and the energy in the room is just amazing. So it really shows you how you really want to be in your whole life. Coming to the event, I think has given me the tools to be able to double what we’re currently taking. So that’s massive for us. Also, my time giving me the push I really need to be able to put in the right people in place so I can step back and have my time back, which is way more valuable than money.

Murray at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, I’m Murray I’m at Empire Mastery. Today, we’re learning about money and how to use it. So it’s been really informative, constructive, about sort of learning how easy it is to come up with the ideas, when you get a lot of people together. And sort of where you can get the funds and stuff from, to make things happen. Do more with the time you have. Yeah, It’s not that hard. It’s not that hard once you put your mind to it. It’ll definitely help us double down on all the things we’re doing. So I think it’ll help us save time, on trying different things that aren’t going to line up with what we want to achieve. So yeah, helping just really focus on what needs to happen.

Moji attents first seminar – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey guys, this is Moji, It’s my first seminar with Mr Aaron. There was a lot of content, lots of information. I’m really enjoying, and I really recommend it to everyone. All of my friends, that how amazing it is. And definitely I’ll be back to his next seminar. Mr Aron, very knowledgeable person. You know, he knows a lot, very wise man.

Michelle is learning a lot – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Michelle, and I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been… This is day two. It’s been an extremely, full on experience. We’ve learned a lot. It’s given us a lot more ideas for our small business. And how we can grow that business. And we’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of like minded people. The main takeaway is just having that, that leap of faith, just realising that you can’t do it on your own. And it’s great to reach out and get professionals to help you in business.

Julianne is excited about Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi, my name is Julianne and I’m at Empire Mastery. I actually didn’t know what to expect, and it’s been very exciting and lots of knowledge that I’m learning that’s been very useful, and makes me think a lot about my business and where I can go from there and maybe, you know, in the future have an empire as well. I think the main takeaway for me would be M.A.I.A, which is to take massive change, action. I think a lot of the times we are scared to do it. And I can see now that, you know. it’s important to take that action. You can, Only when you take action You can really make a difference.

Errol enjoying the session – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Errol I’m at Empire Mastery. I’m having a great time.
Great session. Lots of learning, it’s very intense. Which is good. Main takeaway is about recognising. Some of the stories from the past and understanding that they are just stories. And then attaching meaning to those rather than having them as being emotional baggage. The reason why I came to the event was to learn how to actually get out of my business and to give myself some time. So, you know, straight away already we’re sort of looked at change for structure to give ourself a chance to exit out of that and do some other things. And yeah, we already have some good lessons learned. And some tasks, takeaways.

Debbie has ideas on how to improve her business – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Debbie we’re at Empire Mastery. I think it’s going to be really helpful to. Once I start implementing it into the business. There’s ideas to be able to change the way that I’m doing things, to give myself more time to do more of what I want to do. I want to buy more businesses and grow my businesses, but I couldn’t see that I could get out. I actually see that I can. I think it’s great.
I think anyone that comes out has a business gets something out of it.

Dave rates the event – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Dave. I’m at Empire Mastery, been here for the last four days. It has been a fantastic event. Learned so much from Aaron and the team on about how to change not only myself, but, you know, the businesses that I working in and that I’m a part of. The big thing for me is a bit more on self reflection and what I am doing and where I need to go, and then how I need to continue to develop and work on me to get the outcomes I need. Not only in my business life but my personal life. I’d say I could get five times of what I currently have in my business and what I take my business. I think I can do a lot more, and systemise a lot of the processes and change the way I go about a lot of things to grow it and grow it quickly.

Damian at Empire Mastery – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi I’m Damian, I’m at Empire Mastery. It’s been a great couple of days. It’s quite valuable information We’re getting out of it, and I like the idea that It’s sort of crammed into 4 days. Long days, but yeah, that works well.

Cesar is back again for more – Aaron Sansoni Review

My name is Cesar, and I’m here at Empire Mastery. This is my second one, just sharing here with the guys. The first time I was a little sceptical I didn’t probably realise how much in depth the event goes, and how much I didn’t know. So then I realised that, how important it is basically to get mentorship to start knowing the things that I didn’t know. That’s why I like it, and really pleased that I came again.

Catherine rates getting a mentor – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hi my name is Catherine, and I’m at Empire Mastery. So far I’m really enjoying everything that we’ve had to listen to. I do like the checklist that we were given today and all the different things to run through, just to see if it you would bother launching a business. I think that’s really handy. I actually think one of the big takeaways for me, is actually about getting a mentor. I know that sounds really weird but, I believe it would save time and money. So definitely well worth it.

Carolina is pushing herself forward – Aaron Sansoni Review

I’m Carolina and I’m here at, Empire Mastery in Brisbane. This last three days, this is the fourth day now, have been just amazing. Just being in a room surrounded by people that are thinking about opening a business or already have a business that want to scale. listening to their stories and also their fears. It just helps me. It has helped me to push myself forward and think that I’m not alone in this journey. There’s a lot of people going to it as well. And yeah, there’s just been so much to take, so much knowledge and the vision of actually, you know, you come here with just one idea and then it just opens up your head, so many other things that can be done. So it’s just been so amazing for me and great experience.

Angela is inspired – Aaron Sansoni Review

Hey I’m Angela, I’m at Empire Mastery in Brisbane. And, yeah, I came here. This is my second time here, and I love coming back because it helps me to be able to keep really inspired and keep my conviction in all the adventures I want to do with my businesses and grow myself and scale my business and yeah, help as many people that we can. So I’m absolutely loving all the content. I always get something new out of it, and just mingling with like minded people. It’s great!